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  1. I'm confused, you said bros before hoes but it's ok for GTY going after his friend's ex? I totally understand if ML is the last girl on earth (since QH and ML had clean break and if QH has no feeling at all to ML, so QH can't be so selfish). I'm genuinely confused, there's so many fights and hates because of this thing, like is it ok since it's in drama but not ok in real life?
  2. Thank you for honest answer, for myself, I'll feel sad too (maybe upset, maybe angry, depends on my mood and mind at that time) and everyone will handle things differently, I just want people try to understand. I watch drama because of the story (NIF is still the best story and better than this drama imo), the more complicated the characters, the more interesting, I try to enjoy the story episode by episode not jump straight to the end (like "i know the ending, so i don't care how the story goes, i just want to see this person with this person, full stop"), I like how we can feel the love without sex scenes, without kissing on the lips, I like deep story that required understanding and brain, I like the quality of the acting, but it just me, maybe I watch drama differently from others.
  3. I'm not talking about ML, I'm talking about QH's feeling, how he feels when his friend going after the person he love, and for ML, it doesn't mean there are no other good man beside GTY, it will be unfair for ML if GTY is the only man left, and QH block GTY so ML can't get any man, if you get what I mean.
  4. I haven't reach that episode to knowing what exact words QH say to GTY, I just feel uneasy when people start judging QH, we all know at the end ML with GTY, but no need to say bad things about QH to prove that QH is not the right person for ML, like I said before, the script give GTY a lot of favour (he has very smooth career, always at the right time to be the same place where ML need help, got closed relationship with new king, he clean up his mess, etc) so even me also start liking GTY. Just give QH a fair understanding rather than mocking him "you're stupid, you're wrong" etc like many people do
  5. I understand why QH got upset with GTY (for chasing ML), I ask a question to you all, how do you feel if your friend (I'm not sure how close QH with GTY, but the closer the worst) going after your ex (we can say ML is QH's ex) who you still have feeling for? like there are so many girl out there but why you want mine, and in this case, GTY knows exactly QH's case (gave up ML because for her safety, not because he doesn't love/want her anymore). I'm not taking any side (GTY or QH) just not biased toward certain character.
  6. Hahaha.... should send a photo or screenshot or a painting of ML's wedding outfit to Molan, and secretly recording her reaction using drone
  7. Or that^ or.... she might given up the idea of getting married, she mention it a few times to people (grandma, da niang, hualan, sis in law), she doesn't need to get married, she just want to stay with grandma (and her loyal servants) live peacefully. I really want to see the episode where ML's looks so happy on her wedding day, what makes her so happy, don't trust trailer, most of the time, it misleads us
  8. Or maybe ML still not interested with GTY, if she likes him, she wont say that "GTY wanted to marry you" to Rulan, she gonna cry because she's sad and when ML said "he didn't want me", sounds like light reply, just remember her case with QH, ML was so sad when she knows that QH had to marry someone, not like "(it's ok) he doesn't want me anymore" something like that.
  9. I agree, too bad they made her death so easy, I mean, she can live a bit longer to see ML's wedding, live without coal, sick without a doctor and to see her precious daughter suffer in her marriage, like killing her slowly
  10. Jealousy makes people's brain shrink, molan smirk when she got told that madam Wu agreed to marry her with her son, not knowing she's going to live in hell smh.
  11. It's good that their character's are like that, if not, the title become "The Story of Minglan, Rulan, Molan, QH and GTY"
  12. I think Molan doesn't think that marriage is the beginning of lifetime suffering (or happiness), she just don't want to lose to ML (and RL), she doesn't like Liang's 6th son but her only focus is how to get into Liang's family so she can win and her sibling will bow to her because of her new status.
  13. Um, I'll say from ep 5 to ep 73.... Zhao Liying is a female lead in this drama, and she is a good actress, so she'll be in every episode and in every episode, she always do her best acting
  14. Grandma is the best , for me, she is the best character in this drama, love you Zǔmǔ (have to copy paste from google translate hahaha...)
  15. If she isn't favored from her husband, she wasted her mother's secret tricks lol, guess crying and sweet talk only works for a decent stupid man not a playboy sorry for being so sarcastic, this is the chance for me to slap slap her and her parent since they annoyed me for along time, I can't wait to watch that episode and I'll scream "eat that s***", once again sorry for my rudeness
  16. So many spoilers..... while I'm still stuck at ep 28 ..... so Molan got married as a legal wife to Liang's family? she gets what she wants then.
  17. Is it possible that GTY throw such a generous gifts for ML because he wants to shut the gossiper's mouth (like what he told ML to not pay any attention to any gossip people might talk) that her reputation ruined (because of QH's mum's saga), like he want to show the world that ML is worth and he is the luckiest man?
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