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  1. I like LCY because of the actor, but I don't like LCY's character itself, he is immature and a hypocrite. Ep 41, he said (to the queen) " I'm just a pawn for you to keep your position....... My life means nothing to you, you never thought of me as your son....", it sounds like, he hates that the queen used him, he hates that the queen is a very selfish person, yet he did the same thing to XF. Talking about doing everything for a reason, I guess, Sese is not a bad person either, LCY mislead her by telling her, "she is the only one", "i would not betray you", etc, he brainwashed her with his promises, so she acts badly because of jealousy. So I understand why the writer tries so hard to make LCY's character less bad. Lucky LCY (CXX) is handsome and cute, if not, people have already thrown rotten eggs to his face since the beginning
  2. GJ indeed pitiful, he loves XF, but he's weak, that's why he can't get XF's love in the first place, if he's strong enough, he won't listen to his godfather, he will take XF run away when XF begs him in the beginning, then XF won't meet GXW and fall in love but then there'll not be a "goodbye my princess" drama But I understand why he mislead XF, his health is getting worse, he has only 1 chance left so he wants to use it to spend time with XF as much as he can. Why he betrayed XF? he has a mission to complete (to revenge for wiping out his whole family) but since he's a small potato, he can't do much to kill Gao's clan that's why he must collaborate with LCY and his godfather and follow through their's plans. The other hand, LCY just wants power, his revenge only to the queen, he has the choice either to betray XF or not, but he likes power. So, talking about who is evil, I don't think GJ is evil, he's just weak, how about GXW/LCY?, I think he is, he supposedly is a smart prince, he can think his way how to kill Danchis without using XF (try to get close to her, do something to make XF fall in love to him, when he knows from the beginning that he just want to used XF). That's why (from the spoilers) XF forgive GJ, but she can't forgive LCY.
  3. I agree with you. I dont get what is the purpose of Sese to LCY, if the purpose just to annoy the queen, why he still cares for her after the queen's downfall? unless he has feeling for Sese. And I dont think LCY loves XF, or if he loves XF, it's not a mature love but more like a crush love (very shallow love). The only person who truly loves XF is Ah Du. So this tragic love story actually apply only for XF, she doesn't have any enemy until she love GXW/LCY who become her only enemy.
  4. I don't why but I like to ship Peng XiaoRan with Shawn Wei (GJ) , they are more suitable by age (Shawn older around 3 years than XiaoRan) and I feel that XiaoRan is comfortable with Chen XingXu as a younger brother not as a prospect bf
  5. She is actually not a newcomer, she's been around for a while (I notice her in 2016 The Mystic Nine for a small role) but never get popular, we might see her again in The Legend of Ba Qing (Win the World) but not sure when it'll release (filming ended October 2017).
  6. From the end of spoiler, does he regained (a bit of) his memory? (remembering some bit of him and xiao feng)
  7. @Golden Flower Hi , glad to see you again after TSOML, thanks for your informative story as always
  8. I think the maid already prego when the queen found out (I'm not sure who's the father since i barely understand chinese), so the queen decided to give the maid to Chengyin (she made Chengyin drunk, so the maid can sneakily into his bed, pretending that she and Chengyin sleep together), so this is the queen's scheme, but maybe I'm wrong, please correct me if so.
  9. Does anyone here know where to watch this drama with eng subs beside viki?, I'm just up to ep 9, thanks
  10. Of course he can't because of his personality, why don't you get it, each character represent each personality that's why each character do/react differently, QH's nature totally opposite than GTY's. Ok, I just dropped it, I know I wont be able to make you understand since I'm not good with explaining and I don't want people become hostile. I want to say thank you to all the people who get what I meant, thank you for understand my point, happy watching
  11. If you applaud him, maybe you are the only one who do that, and base on his character, I will shocked if he can do it, it's like imagining CB become playboy like Liang's 6th son
  12. I dont know why it become who is suitable for ML, If I remember correctly, it start when people criticized QH how wrong he is for going after ML again, people criticized QH that he shouldn't be angry with GTY, etc, and I try to make people understand QH's pov, I never forced my idea, I just try to point something, what if your friend who knows about your love history going after the person who you still have feeling for, how do you feel?, some people actually get what I meant, and when I said taking side, because I feel people dont judge fairly. I'm not expect people will say "yeah QH is the best", no! he is not, he has many flaws, but also GTY, he is not the best either, and this is nothing to do with WHO IS THE BEST FOR ML, it's just the character itself. I dont know, I think maybe I'm not good with explaining something.
  13. So, it's ok for GTY to mislead his best friend?, it's ok to scheme the family?. About GTY knowing RL has bf it doesn't mean she can not change her mind, he is not GOD who can read people's mind. If this thing done by QH, I dont know what people going to say. This is why I said, some people just biased, for certain character it's ok for doing bad thing and have an excuses. I'm not against GTY, I just want people judge each character fairly.
  14. you are one of the people who understand QH's character, if you read the previous comments, you'll get what I mean with my post.
  15. Now, talk about GTY, people say his best friend is CB, my question, why GTY have to mislead his bestie about marrying his sister, he can honestly say, "hey bro, I like your 6th sister and I plan to marry her, give me your blessing please", instead he just say (I don't know what his exact word, since I'm not up to that episode) I want to marry your sis (even though what he wants is ML), he should knows that his words will mislead CB and the whole Sheng family, lucky enough that RL doesn't like him, can you imagine what happen if RL likes him too, and they agree to let GTY marry RL, and then GTY will tell them, "um... actually I dont want RL, I want ML", if he is a gentlemen with good moral, he won't do that, how RL can live her life after that rejection, isn't he trashing RL reputation (purposely).
  16. I think I should moved on from discussing QH, it's very clear that people taking side, it sounds to me, when GTY acting cunning and manipulative to ML, people always find an excuse, but keep saying QH is bad, trashing ML reputation, like he do it in purpose, please look at the whole story and characters, I'm happy that some people already try to understand QH's character without squeeze him to death, once again, I'm not pro QH.
  17. I agree, people get jealous because they feel insecured, that's the bad thing watching the trailer, you dont know the whole story. Like Lin niang's whole life filled with insecurity and greed that cause her done evil things, good thing is GTY is not a villain so must be some explanation behind his anger, while I'm on ep 36, people already talking about ep 40 something.
  18. Gawd... I keep making so many typos (just realised when i read back my post, so I have to edit it) my apologise
  19. Hahaha.... I'm not in QH's camp, and I do like GTY (now, not the beginning when he is nothing but trouble), I just try to be neutral and follow the story and try to understand each character, I said in the (much) previous comment, people like GTY soooo much, so no matter how bad he is, he's still the hero, and people dislike QH, no matter how he did/do/will do (in his term, base on his personality), he end up zero, no effort, nothing good, etc, it's kinda unfair. I understand why GTY has to trick ML, because it suit his personalty.
  20. Thank you that you are understand why he get angry, if he keeps angry after they're married and become salty, I'll say he is wrong, he shouldn't do that, then I'll agree with the comments "if he really love ML, he should let her go". Like I said, I just want people to understand his feeling (why he get angry to GTY) but I'm not supporting his action after that, if he's still holding a grudge toward GTY (I dont know yet, since I'm not up to that episode), he is wrong, specially if he can see, GTY truly love ML and he can give the best life for her, he should moved on and be happy for ML and GTY.
  21. Are they friends? I think they are (GTY offered to help QH for kidnapping the princess, people wont offer such dangerous idea if they are not friend, toooooo risky) but how close are they, I dont know. About marry the girl, QH was forced to marry that princess (he want to kill himself so he wont marry her, but the princess's mother threaten him for killing his lover if he kill himself), not because he choose to marry the princess willingly, like if your mum forced you to marry someone you dont love (at that time, you dont know that your husband/wife life will be short and you become a widow/widower), you have to say goodbye to your lover to free him/her, but thing's changed, suddenly you have the opportunity to go back to your lover and you know he/she is still available (you dont know that he/she is actually engage to someone else), so you chase him/her again but to find out that your friend (the friend that know your love history) is your lover fiance, do you feel like that friend is stabbing your back?, maybe if the fiance is a random people, you might not that angry.
  22. Finally, I saw comments say that ML is manipulative person, yes she is, not because she is fl, she always right, pure and innocent, this story is about a person, each character represent a person (not an angel) with their mind and flaws, with their own goals, I have no pity for the villains but I do understand their reasons. Thank you to all the people here who are not biased and thank you for the comments that makes this discussion colourful and interesting.
  23. Thank you for your honest answer. In this case as you mention ( So he didn't say that GTY was not good enough, he's just convinced that (1) he loves her first, GTY knows his love, so GTY is wrong for coming between them and (2) GTY doesn't love ML as much as him and (3) ML also doesn't want to marry GTY. I guess that this lead to QH go to find ML but was rejected by Grandmother. Probably, at this point, both ML and Grandma has accepted GTY's proposal. QH probably didn't know this, he just thought she was forced because Sheng house ran out of daughters. ) do you think you are wrong? because you don't know certain things, you just know what you think.
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