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  1. I'm so surprised how people start hating XF (I read from another thread), calling her too stubborn, naive untalented girl, etc, for not submitted herself to LCY, like WHAT?. Human mind and feeling are so complex, I thought people loved XF and hate either LCY or GJ but guess I'm wrong. No mater how good you are, some people still think you are bad, no matter how worst you are, some people still think you are saintly. Never take seriously what other people may say about you, just believe yourself, that's enough.
  2. Peng XiaoRan is actually a funny/hilarious and happy person, I saw her in the 1 reality show (just short appearance) she just so funny, keep joking and laughing a lot.
  3. That is LCY's biggest mistake as LCY the crown prince, he has made XF misunderstood him since the beginning. He should be honest with XF when he starts has feeling for her. XF loves GXW not LCY as a character, GXW expressed his feeling to her, always treat her and the people surrounding her very well, totally opposite to LCY's character, that's the difference between LCY and GXW. During for 3-4 years into their marriage, XF only sees that LCY's heart belongs to Sese, and now he said, he just used Sese, how XF suppose to feel?, either I'm married a monster or I'm married a big liar who I shouldn't trust.
  4. Finally!!!! he says "I LOVE YOU" to XF, but way.... too.... late......
  5. LCY... LCY.... if it's true that LCY bring the army to start the war, he is the most idiotic person in this drama, XF already hates you and you bring an army to kill more of her people?, if he smart, he can use a diplomatic approach to ask XF nicely to come back (he is the crown prince from the central plains after all), well... I can't say too much, just wait until more episode come. My mind keeps saying "what the heck!!! what the heck!!!" and my head keep shaking, I almost fainted
  6. If XF gets the chance to run away and finds out that her mother was dead and her father kinda mentally ill, it was never GJ fault, his fault only for letting GXW enter into her life, knowing that GXW will use her (for killing Danchis) and he did not tell her, also GJ did not kill her granddad. She threw the wand because she feels betrayed by him, she just doesn't want anything to do with him, cut off the teacher-disciple relationship, but she never hates him. Ah Du, she stabbed GJ because GJ hurt XF for his betrayal, she doesn't hate him too. No matter what, Ah Du still relaying on GJ for XF protection, like when XF were sick (from poisoning), she asked GJ for help, when XF sad because no letter from her parent, Ah Du seek GJ help. And I don't think Ah Du has feeling for GJ since she knows that GJ only loves XF, she just feels pity and sad for him.
  7. She vaguely remembers during the first run away (being kidnapped), but she clearly remembers everything during second time try to escape from the palace.
  8. For the people who hate LCY-Sese relationship, you can skip ep 46, during the XF's disappearance, LCY slept with Sese.
  9. If you want to watch it, just prepare a box of tissue I think we will have swollen eyes until ep 52
  10. She lost family and a close friend in the hand of LCY, if she lives, it'll kill her inside, living with the man she loves and also hate (she say that on a few occasion, that she hate LCY).
  11. Have you watched ep 48?, XF already remembers everything but she still decided to leave the palace with GJ and Ah Du. XF stay with GJ until his last breath, it means she forgave GJ.
  12. Lol... I used half of box of tissue because of that. He has nice death, in XF's arm, in his love's arm.
  13. GJ indeed weak and pity, but I don't find him annoying, at least he always protects XF (I find how LCY protects XF is weird, either slapping, cursing, yell at her or fight with her, like xuniang wasn't favor at all but still got harmed, Sese was favoring a lot, but what worse thing she got? only demoted, so people got harmed not because they got most favor or not), he treats XF's important people very well, he keeps his promise to take XF back to her homeland, and he gentle to XF.
  14. For the people who hate LCY in the first place, DO NOT watch ep 45-48, it will make you hate him to the core. People say, LCY has reasons for his actions, I agree, so do other people, they have their own reasons too, but dont justified LCY's action because he's the male lead. The queen has her own reason to kill LCY birth mother, the Gao's clan has their own reason to wiping out Gu's clan, Sese has her own reason for her action, but people condemn their evil action, how about LCY?, he kill XF's granddad, he kill XF's teacher/best friend/ GJ, he even try to kill XF's sister Ah Du (XF think of Ah Du as her own sister), and he's still a good guy, just because he's handsome and the male lead?. Let say, in real life, your handsome and cute husband (with his own reason) kill your own family and friend, and people just say "your friend deserves to die", "just get back to your husband, he loves you", "we do understand why he do what he did", what will you do?. After watching (raw) up to ep 48, I like sad ending, it's better in my opinion. XF fall in love with the wrong person, if LCY is not a prince (just tea merchant) then XF will live happily, too bad LCY is a hungry power prince who only wants vengeance, too bad LCY doesn't know what love really is, too bad LCY is a useless crown prince (just like what he claimed). If LCY ended up lonely and regretful until old (just like what we saw and thought from spoilers), karma served him the best. His sins way too much, from killing and deceiving people who not just his enemy, but his blood relative and his own wives.
  15. Lol... welcome to the club. The forum title should be changed to "Frustrated Fans of Goodbye My Princess".
  16. If GJ died when he fell from the cliff, then XF might die as well, he's the one who saves XF from poisoning. They should follow the book, but tweak a bit of LCY's character (less evil, but still evil), so no lovely dovey scenes between LCY-Sese and GJ-XF.
  17. And for LCY killing GJ, he has done a good job wiping out the last descendant of his mother's family, his blood related family, just for the reason of what? jealousy? why bother about XF when you're busy with Sese, why bother about who's XF love when you have Sese who love you wholehearted?, his sins can't be paid off for 3 life incarnations.
  18. I know right... It means all the man in this drama, none is good enough for XF. If XF is my daughter, I'll buy her a puppy (lots of them) and let her raise them, a dog can be more loyal and faithful to their master than human. No more tears and painful memories.
  19. Maybe he just want 1 last chance to feel loved by XF before he die.
  20. @Andzekevery time you say "the heck", I lol so hard, you must be very frustrated.
  21. From the weibo link, it showed LCY has dark heart, he can kill GJ silently, but instead he forces XF to watch it, to watch GJ die, so he can feel victory, I wonder if he really loves XF or he doesn't like losing (like he must get everything what he wants) if he can't have it, others too.
  22. LCY marry XF for political reason. LCY took Sese as a concubine with many reasons, first to annoy the queen, second, he (might) have feeling for her (I forgot where and when I saw the spoiler that he told GenPei that his love for Sese already gone, it means he did love her), third for support from her family (her father and her brother). LCY in modern time can be called as playboy, he speaks with sweet words and give sweet promises.
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