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  1. annyeong chingus! how's your heart rn? is it ady okay? mine? hmm I guess not yet lol it's still so blue thank you vm since tomorrow, I think about many reasons why they made it as an open ending and show Jin Woo as a silhouette in the end. I try to connect the ending with SJJ interview and my expectation, so I can give up to feel mad and disappointed. however, I love MoA vvvvm I can't take it any other way. that's why my fragile soul broken into pieces when it ends. I can't express my theories rn, so yeah.. maybe later I will, dunno. anyway, I wanna thank all the friends here bcz the first reason why I decided to join this is all of you. read all your thoughts is very entertaining, the convo is always full of colorful feelings. I hope we can meet on another thread someday. I need time against my withdrawal syndrome, till then.. annyeong folks!
  2. If I take SJJ's interview from another point of view, can I conclude she will not sacrifice Jin Woo for the fantastic ending? bcz Jin Woo is the ultimate hero in this story, this is Jin Woo's story. and also her ultimate hero/heroine in her story for fantasy dramas that I've watched before always get one. so maybe I still can hope? no? yes? yes for me. bcz Jin Woo is more than worthy to get it. ok. let's wait tonight.
  3. uh oh how do you guys know me so well? OFC the kiss scenes are on top of all thank you vm you haven't any idea how many times I replay it for the sake of -that 0.1x slow-mo.gif- which I post on MoA thread after trial and error LOL so which one do you prefer? the first or the second? me? BOTH OFC. I CAN'T CHOOSE. Min Joo never failed to surprise Jin Woo with her fresh idea, and I really saw her as Jin Woo and Hee Joo love child! @rori0711 I'm so proud of your imagination! we are on a same level lmao altho he's only -my type of ajeossi- for Min Joo, but both of them ady have this cute affection for each other. @hyuuhikari this girl too! I imagined how Hee Joo will scold both Jin Woo and Se Joo bcz they (again) skipped meal bcz of the game. ahh domestic life of them is the most beautiful thing which I hope we'll get for the ending :")
  4. @rori0711 @hyuuhikari @sandhya05 bear group hugs darls! after read SJJ's interview I feel numb lol bcz this is my runaway thread (the MoA thread makes me kinda feel blue rn, it makes me have a not so good feeling for the ending), let's talk about Jin Woo and Hee Joo only yeah! today, I show my friend -who also watched MoA- their BTS of ep 13 and 14. I show her the trans too and she smiles happily while watching it (it's her first time watch the MoA BTS). she told me that the couple is so funny and playful irl uwu tru tru they are and then she was amazed by how they showed the kiss scene taken lol tonight, I want to tell you Jin Woo and Hee Joo scene which I play more and more. 1. the "you're asking for trouble" scene. imo, this is the first time Jin Woo genuinely feels something to Hee Joo. I like it when Jin Woo stunned and then smiling while said that words. altho it has double meaning, but there Jin Woo ady feel that Hee Joo is different. 2. the "it was just the two of us again" scene. for me this is an important words from Jin Woo. as if he acknowledge that there is no other person by his side other than Hee Joo. I love how Jin Woo just look at her sleep, and then turn off the AC and give her blanket. that stares, his stares.. are a thankful one but really, he means it. the character development of Jin Woo starts here. 3. the "I couldn't even afford to think about someone else's feelings.. However.." scene I wanna know what's in his mind atm. I'm really curious about it. but maybe it's a regret, bcz he should thank her more than just buy her flower bouquet or maybe he feels like lost someone again. idk I'm not sure. 4. the "I missed you" scene. after watch her sleeping (twice now), Jin Woo feels complicated bcz Hee Joo told him to not come and call her again. then he have an urge to say his real feeling, altho he knows Hee Joo is mad at him. Jin Woo always very upfront about almost everything but not his real feeling. this is a precious moment (beside for romantic feels), bcz he's being honest to himself. 5. the "is he your betrothed?" scene. I like it vm when he said that he will not approve Sang Beom to have a relationship with Hee Joo bcz he lacks of battle skill. lmao. what an ajeossi. just tell her that you are jealous ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ he's so childish, but again being honest with his feeling. the "I wipe your tears" scene is a bonus which make my heart flutters. 6. the "that's why I stayed today" scene. tbqh, Hee Joo is really a modest girl. she always stay with Jin Woo in his lowest situation and condition but she said that words as if she only do it once. her courage and sincerity finally make Jin Woo realized that he can't hold his feeling anymore. this is about time. 7. the "take off the lens. give it to me" scene. guhhhh Jin Woo being so soft to Hee Joo in this scene, my hearts can take it. after scold her a lil, he kneels over her, try to talk with her with a calm tone, make sure she goes home and be safe. his love for Hee Joo is growing bigger here since their first antimainstream date. 8. the "you have been attacked. you will be log out" scene. Hee Joo proves she is not a princess who only cry and cry again. I feel her desperate soul vm. I feel her braveness. and the moment she cried when she remember how Jin Woo kiss her in that fitting room pain my soul too. so this is it. woah what long list lol except those, I also replay all of Jin Woo and Min Joo scenes. my most favorite is when Jin Woo comes to accompany her at home. ahhh what a duo. when will my sweet Min Joo reunite again with his ajeossi? I hope soon. ok then chingus, tell me which one your favorite scene of Jin Woo and Hee Joo? and with Min Joo too. kindly share them to make your life better xoxo
  5. /deep sigh/ I only want a HAPPY ENDING for Jin Woo and Hee Joo and their squad too, pls be happy Yang Ju, Park, Halmeoni, Se Joo and Min Joo that's all I want for my long running for this drama
  6. so far there's no info about the price yet. they still do the preliminary demand survey for it, if the quota is fulfilled then there's a possibility that the DVD will be released. I'm waiting for it too.
  7. annyeong chingus withdrawal syndrome dances in my mind. I ady imagine how my days will become so dull without this two cutie pies. only 2 more eps and my soul will be lonely :"""( I've never thought that HB and PSH could be my most favorite kdrama couple, at least for now. I watched so many kdramas. and I ship Gong Yoo-Kim Go Eun before, but it's far away from how I adore HB and PSH together. maybe bcz I love them personally before MoA happened. I love HB since Secret Garden and PSH since You're Beautiful. so it's kinda easy for me to love them more when they are being a screen couple. I'm really hope the preliminary for the DVD makes it possible to be released. I will buy it for sure. actually I want to buy the script book as well, but I still think a lot about it. but hey, I've never been like this before. this is Jin Woo and Hee Joo power orz and now me on my bed, open youtube, type my precious keyword Hyun Bin Park Shin Hye and re-watch every thing that shown as the results for the nth time lol what a good way to end your exhausted day
  8. thanks always! you are jjang!!! indeed. they are very comfortable with each other. PSH is a touchy and expressive person. she laughs and smile for almost every thing. she is being herself. but to know she still be like that to HB is a lil bit surprised me. HB sure always takes care of his co star very well. he is always sweet. but it depends on his co star who will take the mood in any ways. so in this case, it's PSH who make it sweet and lovely. she respons every single thing from HB cutely. I'm grateful to this couple.
  9. look at this cutie I think HB adores her for this. he said in many interviews about MoA that PSH's sunny bright attitude make the mood on set is sunny bright like her. I'm really curious what's the convo between them bcz they seem not in the middle of shoot (I mean they are just chatting). HB (Jin Woo) sure loves to tease PSH (Hee Joo) vm, altho the reaction is different irl and in drama lol
  10. I really this "now my love pls sit down be calm and listen to me carefully" gesture Jin Woo (everytime he's with Hee Joo and Min Joo) is a dream man of my life despite I don't want the game involve
  11. omg. I just realized that HB teased PSH, that's why she hides behind him lol this ajeossi. cmiiw he said "Jin Woo is in hurry right now. it's like he lost his lips." which PSH respons "the lips line is dissapear." and he said again "Jin Woo is really in hurry" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL and why did the PD-nim embarrassed lmao they are all so cute
  12. look at this cute ajeossi ugh before call him ajeossi, PSH call him eoreusin which means elderly lol not the official MV, but Eddy Kim voice is lovely, the lyrics are sweet too.
  13. THE BTS IS SO CUTE MUKYAAAAAA PSH legit call HB ajeossi ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ look how comfortable she leans her head on HB's back duh
  14. ugh I love how Jin Woo wrap Hee Joo's hand with his. Hee Joo's hand is tiny and delicate. after the kiss Jin Woo looks hestitate for a bit. I appreciate this scene a lot.
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