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  1. six days ago Naeun went to Japan and 2 days ago Taemin went to Japan. is there any chance they've met in Japan then the next day Naeun went to Vietnam in order to people will not think they met in Japan. hmm... okey it's just my delulu wish cause I miss their "code" and "coincidence" so much
  2. I wish this is for a collab not for dating news. but if Taemin is really dating with other girl not Naeun I'll be happy too as long as he is happy and so is Naeun
  3. I'm so happy you're back. yes this thread has been quiete recently. I keep looking to this thread but the page is still same. welcome back for you
  4. yeaaaayyyy!!! Taemin wear that Rosary Ring again uwuuu my heart. I thought he has lost it. but I still wonder where Naeun's silver rosary bracelet is? if she doesn't wear that bracelet again I hope because it's broken
  5. guys this is so interesting!! do you remember when eunhyuk mentioned momison on Taemin's event? yes maybe he refered to mamison (merk of glove) then some Taeunians guessed he mentioned Mommy Son(Naeun). after i saw that tweet, I just know that Mommy Son is also a name of rapper in SK (I searched on Google immediately) and Naeun tried Mommy Son style on their FM waaah if that's just a coincidence. it's a really interesting coincidence
  6. Holla everyone^^ I see this thread is so quiete recently but since we have our own activities and our couple aren't giving any hints so that's nope. and here I wanna give you links to watch (and I wanna say sorry because maybe some of you have watched them before) but sometimes if I lose my hope to uri Taeun, I always watch some videos which related about them. I hope it will fulfill your thirst about uri Taeun and keep supporting them^^
  7. I just saw a tweet which stated that Naeun is attending Taeyeon's concert today. I hope this is true. we had interaction between Naeun and Suho yesterday, and now Naeun and Taeyeon. hm... why Naeun is so close with SM family if she doesn't have any relation with one of sm family (taemin) before? I wish Naeun and Taemin are fine and still continue their relationship and also Taemin and Namjoo are in Seoul Fashion Week guys hahaha
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/BvRaT4PBHQ5/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=13zzukkyucsj0 is that our Nangni? really?
  9. aaah I see^^ thankyou for your explanation. I'm so happy to see your comments on every Taeun youtube content. you're so kind, detailed and enthusiastic when you explained about Taeun's details. I always read your comments to have more details^^
  10. Hello guys!! this is my first time commenting here but I'm a Taeun shipper who always check this thread evey day since the first thread hehe I think the new pict from naeun is not the same place from wgm. cause I saw that place is maybe like restaurant or something. you can see on instagram username milkhall_ and the view from window also different from the first pict where naeun wore pink cardigan. but sorry if I'm wrong^^
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