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  1. Agree. ZYL wasn't famous back then and QH was the best role he could get his hands on, and I see no problems, he did a good job.
  2. If that was all she wanted then she wouldn't be that disgusting. Before her family's downfall, her family looked down on He family and refused to marry her off to him. Now that they were poor, she came clinging to him to avoid poverty. She always played the damsel in distress role, pretended to be sick to gain his attention against his main wife. He disliked her but couldn't ignore her cuz his mother was biased over her. She and his mother (His mother was her aunt so her family was also his mother's family) was lurking He family's money out to support her family. His grandma had to send her far away so that he can get married without trouble. The problem with the cousin only ended when his mother dies and he completely shut her down.
  3. That was true. But bc Shulan (cousin) married down, when she was in trouble, the Sheng family could step up and get a divorce for her. However if she had married up to a more powerful family, there would be nothing that they could do and she would have to keep suffering (like Molan). That's why if the girl was not after status, marrying down was a safer choice than marrying up. Anyway, Rulan chose her husband cuz he loved her with all her flaws, which was very rare. His mother was not that cruel in the drama so she didn't receive any significant punishment. Actually she was not mentioned later in the story. Dr.He didn't reciprocated her feeling, but she and her whole family were a bunch of crazy maniacs clinging to him like leeches. Also his mother was her aunt so she was biased over her. In the end she succeeded in becoming his concubine and his life was also a mess. If the drama follows the book, his stepmom's downfall will be very late. GTY proposed marriage to the Sheng family, not stated clearly which daughter he wanted. Sheng family thought it was the di daughter Rulan and arranged for the marriage with Rulan. However Rulan was secretly seeing her boyfriend (forgot his name). That day she came to the temple to say goodbye to him when GTY arranged for his nanny (not stepmom, according to the book) to catch them redhanded. Bc the Emperor knew about the marriage, Sheng family could not back out so they had no choice but to replace Rulan with ML (ML was technically a di daughter since she was registered under Daniang's name) and married Rulan off to her boyfriend.
  4. Ep 31: OMG the scene between QH and his wife was so forced I felt sorry for him. I wonder if she knew what her mother had done?
  5. I like Rulan both in the drama and in the book. She might look spoilt and shallow but actually she was more mature than what's shown. Like she said women would be very stressful once married, so she just tried to live as carefree and fun as she could while still living with her parents. She was never blinded by the glamour of status and money, she never got jealous of ML bc she was more admired than her, she understood her shortcomings and she was waiting for the one who loved her for who she was. I never imagined a character which I didn't care and kinda dislike at the beginning turned out to be one of those I like most. She had grown so much since she got married and tbh I'm impressed.
  6. She was mean and hateful but she was not evil (her mother was) so that was enough of a punishment. The wedding was just the start. She was married off in a shameful way so her marriage wouldn't be peaceful.
  7. I don't know but I have a feeling that the drama is buffing ML too much. From being in charge of the Sheng family (did not happen i the book and very unreasonable, ML was just a shu daughter) to proposing the divorce of her cousin (did not happen in the book and very unappropriate bc ML was not yet married and just a relative, Shulan grandma was the one who proposed that) and now helping the emperor? She did things that were very unfit to her position and it made everyone around her look useless, thus destroy the logic of the story. But I think maybe bc she is the main lead so the drama has to make things more about her somehow.
  8. I mean a little bit of physical touching was quite enough to do the trick but pregnant? How the hell did she think she could get away with that? She was smarter in the book really.
  9. Besides if Molan really pulled the pregnant con then I have to say she was really stupid. She could just use her looks and sweet talking to gain Liang's son attention, but she chose to be married off in such a shameful way. And actually if Liang family refused to take her (they had a valid reason not to) then she is doomed for sure.
  10. I don't think ML did this since if Molan's name is tainted then both Rulan and ML herself would be ruined too. Molan was lucky Grandma found a way to blackmail the Liang family, otherwise the whole family's reputation was done for. And Molan's virginity was definitely not lost since she knew for sure if she was not a virgin she could never be married off as the main wife. Back then it was really harsh on women. Being hugged was enough to ruin a girl's name.
  11. It's not that serious. Linniang found out where the Liang's son was going so she helped Molan out. Molan pretended to fall into the water and Liang's son saved her. Back then when a girl was hugged by a man (and her clothes was wet and see-through), her virtue was considered lost to him. So she had to be married off to his family or become a nun. Liang family refused to take Molan bc Mama Liang was aiming for ML and she didn't like Molan's personality, but Sheng family couldn't accept that bc if Molan's name was ruined then it would affect the marriage of the other 2 daughters, so Grandma literary blackmailed Liang family to take her. Linniang was cast out by Sheng Hong bc she risked sabotaging the whole family's reputation so that Molan could marry to a noble. She was taken far away to a family cottage in the suburb and never returned.
  12. Manniang was not a concubine but after the main wife was married into the family, she (the main wife) would become very dependent on her husband and if pressured she might have to agree to make her the official concubine or agree to let the children be registered under her name (which made them official). Also after the main wife was married off she might not get the attention from her husband since he already had a close, intimate relationship with another woman. It was a risk and whether to take it or not depended on the woman's family. Yanran's grandfather, who cared about her, refused the offer, while Yanhong's parents agreed to it to climb the social ladder (The Yu family is way below GTY's family). Obviously their calculations were dead wrong. Mama Liang's father-in-law is a marquis so her family was also far above ML's family. Of course she likes ML but there was also the fact that her son already had a pregnant concubine who was his beloved cousin. So they had to resort to marrying below and choose ML who was a shu daughter. If they had asked for a di daughter (like Rulan) they would be rejected due to their son's situation although he is a di son from a noble family. In that time period, women were dependent on their husbands but men also wanted to gain help from their in-laws. Also they wanted to marry some from the same or higher status to maintain their families' position. So a man with dignity (and ambition) would not allow illegitimate children before marriage since it would narrow their choices and might leave many bad consequences. I didn't say having children would make GTY a bad person (MN tricked him into it so it was not his fault) but it would make him look bad (really!) in the marriage market. Also the fact that he showed to much care for his children and concubine might sound responsible from his POV, but it will increase the risk from his potential wife's POV. Later he returned to be an eligible bachelor bc he was the new Emperor's favourite. So families wanting to marry off their daughters to him were just after his power, not bc they thought he would be a good spouse. Even then the Sheng family were still below his status, but ML's father was still reluctant in marry off Rulan to him. ML's grandma didn't care about his status so she didn't accept.
  13. Yes men in that period could have many women even before marriage, but you can see from the drama that none of them had illegitimate children before getting married, to be exact none of them had eldest children born from a concubine. That was considered shameful and will lessen his marriage potential to a woman with status. Moreover when GTY was looking for a wife earlier in the drama, his goal was to find someone who would treat his concubine right. He had no rights to ask such a thing from his main wife and her family. He was selfish, disrespect, ignorant and shameless. That was no action coming from a gentlemen with dignity, nor it was fit for someone of his education background and his status of aristocracy. The fact that that girl was not the main lead didn't stop me from feeling angry for her. He left a very bad first impression so no wonder he is being criticized by viewers.
  14. Yeah I don't like the cocky rich guy type either. I prefer the gentle passionate type. Maybe that's why I like QH (Also bc ZYL is super handsome) but his mother is a total let down. I wouldn't marry him either. Anyway QH's life was not that bad. He succeeded in his career, had 2 sons and a few grandchildren. He was just lonely and loveless that's all. You don't die bc of that, people die for much worse reasons. There's no honor in dying just bc you don't get the girl. He was the only son, he had a whole family to take care of so despite how unhappy he was, he just gotta man up and take the responsibility he had to take. It's sad but in that time period that was how it was. If he had died just bc he couldn't be with ML then I would despise him very much.
  15. Yes it's a little bit too modern but not impossible. In later dynasties of China (the Ming and the Qing), the women were very restricted and they were not allowed to have any interaction with non-family men. But in the previous periods (Song and earlier) things were more relaxed. Women were still bound to their family and didn't have a say in marriage, but they were allowed to socialize more and they could interact with other men as long as there was an elder/ a male family member/ a maid presented. We see in the drama many scene in which ML met in private with QH and it was okay cuz it happened in a public place and both their maid/servant were there. Also the class they were attending was technically family-owned. It means they invited a professor to their home to teach their children, and both of the brothers were always there, QH and GTY could come bc they had a close relationship to the family, and there were a curtain to separate male/female student, so it was totally possible.
  16. @Golden Flower Yes I also agree with you on GTY. I see many people criticize him from being not "pure" enough for ML. I think that bc ML is the main lead, viewers are defending her too much. Remember that in a society based on status, ML is just a daughter of a concubine of a mid-rank official, while GTY is a legitimate son of a Marquis. Moreover, his eldest brother is seriously ill with no heir and he is bound to inherit the title. So in normal circumstances, there's no chance he would set eyes on ML and even if he did, things would just turn out like with QH. The author gave him a bad reputation and illegitimate children to lower his marriage potential, only then someone of ML's status could be fitting to him. He had to also cut ties with his family so that he could decide who to marry and not relying on his parents. His marriage with ML is not just a journey of love, but a result of many different elements combined together. All of his flaws are there for a reason and without them he could never be with ML. So to say when I read the book I only started to like him a little bit in later in the story. The first 1/3 he was kinda... not there. The second 2/3 he was so full of himself and annoying. The third he was rather okay, but that's it. I guess he's not my style.
  17. To previous post who said QH shouldn't help ML in the polo match, QH was in love with ML, ML was in a tough situation. So should he be like: "No worries, somebody else is gonna help her, I should just stay out of it"? That is not something a man in love would think. QH's action is logical and true to his character, maybe not very smart in viewer's opinion, but that's what he was supposed to do. I see many have said that QH should have understood ML's situation instead of being selfish and causing her trouble. Imagine a 15 yr old boy growing up in a pink world, one day he fell in love and suddenly everyone said "No you 2 can't be together" and expected him to just give up? He loved her so he had to go for her. What's wrong with that? After he knew that his action would bring her trouble he tried to be more discreet, but there were moments he couldn't control himself and that was totally normal. He was young, naive, passionate and sometimes a bit less thoughtful, but that was who he is. Viewers sometimes expect him to do things or to not do things that are completely out of his character. QH is not GTY, their backgrounds, situations and personalities are totally different. He is gentle, kind and his way of thinking is straightfoward. He wanted to marry ML so he did it the official way, asking his parents to propose for him. It might not a very smart move but that was how far his mind could go. If he wanted to get married he had to have his parents' approval so he couldn't think of any other way. He wouldn't con or trick his way through bc that was wrong to him. QH refused GTY's help bc the solution he proposed was devious and QH, who lived by his moral code, could not approve. He didn't mess up everything, the situation was already messed up itself. He was cornered and had no other choice but to give ML up. At least he knew when to give up and he only gave up after trying everything he could. If he had 7-8 more yrs of life experience, when he was at GTY's age now he would be perfect for ML, but unfortunately for him ML wouldn't hang around and wait for him forever, so in the end QH and ML just weren't meant for each other. The character QH in the drama was designed very well, from his optimism, to his naivety, to his passion, to his stubbornness. Resulted from his upbringing, his status and his personality, all of his actions till now were reasonable and consistent within the context of the story. After all he's just the second male lead so of course he gotta step back when the lead come on stage.
  18. Yes that's one thing I dislike about him. Even later in the marriage where there are things he does that pissed me off, but I guess it makes him more realistic. Unlike the typical perfect male lead, he's flawed in thoughts and in methods and he keeps learning and changing himself to be a better man throughout the story before and even after marriage. I hope he wouldn't have to trick ML and her family in the drama, cuz unlike the book, he has more interactions with ML so maybe ML will actually accept his proposal and help him persuade her grandma.
  19. I want to explain to you why the fact that GTY already had an eldest son is looking so bad for him. During this time period, normally the family's title and assets would go to the legitimate son. However the eldest son also held certain influence in the household bc he had a few years' advantage and the title 'big brother' (which means he was to be respected by his younger brothers). If the illegitimate eldest son turned out to be a capable man, climbed up in the social ladder he may use his connections and his title as the eldest son to fight for the family title and fortune. That's why in families with status, a concubine would not be allowed to have children before the main wife had produced an heir, or only if the main wife couldn't produce an heir after a few years of marriage. If a man accidentally got his maid pregnant before he got married, the maid would be forced to have an abortion. That's why in the Sheng family, although ML's father favoured Lin concubine, both of his eldest son and daughter were from his main wife. That can also explain why Manniang took the son not the daughter, bc the son was much more important. A man who already had an eldest son would not be able to marry a lady from the same status, since her family would not agree to take that risk. He would have to marry someone from a lower status. It's lucky for GTY later he turned out to become the new Emperor's favourite, or else there's no way his scheme would work.
  20. Both in the book and in the movie, it is clear to this point that GTY aready had eyes on her, but ML still doesn't see him that way. She still considers him an elder that she can respect and be close to. GTY is actually 7-8 yrs older than ML and already had an eldest son from a concubine (which is very disrespecting to his future main wife and her family in that time period) so he is not within the potential husband pool.
  21. If this story happened today, GTY could just get a restriction order, rip her off her custody right and institutionalize her into an asylum, cuz she was clearly fk crazy. Man if only they had a similar system back then.
  22. Well I was the one who posted about Manniang, you can read my post in the last page. I didn't include the whole story cuz it was too long. She is not a gold digger (this part I remembered correctly) and she did everything in the name of love (like she always said) and she was obsessed about an ideal love (the legend) and I think she actually believed that she loved him and was the best match for him (or that's just my impression, but it's still about herself). Yeah I forget about the wanting to be admired thing. Maybe your analyse of her is more correct, or maybe both are right about her, not sure cuz she didn't appear that much.
  23. I don't know if anyone notice this, but every time GTY put on a moustache, his mouth looked so stiff when he talked. Damn it bothers me.
  24. I think it's unfair to argue which one is better. There are limitations to what they can do to transform a written story to a movie, and they did a pretty good job actually, keeping most of important details. Of course they have to change a bit to suit the context. In the book ML was actually a 30ish year old soul from the modern world in a 10ish year old body, so she is much more mature and rational and everything she said and did is calculated carefully. ML in the drama is a normal girl born and raised in that era, so despite being slightly more grown up and smarter than the others in her family, she is still a bit careless and childlike. For example in her relationship with QH. In the book she understand the situation thoroughly so she flat out rejected him, never giving him a single hope. She was fond of him but she never loved him and so she was never heartbroken. ML in the drama is exactly what a 15 yr old girl should be like being in love but trying to restrict herself. There are other changes in personalities of other characters as well but I think it's necessary and reasonable to develop the story. The depiction of Manniang is slightly different in the drama, but most of her actions still stay true to the story, except only her motive, which I really wouldn't mind. I can't say which one is better, I guess it's upon each person's opinion, I can just say that both of them are annoying as hell.
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