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  1. QH suggests the King to investigate those who helped with the rebellion earlier. He wasn't aiming for GTY, he was just doing his job as an official. In the book the investigation also happened however the one who suggested it was never mentioned. The book was written from ML's POV so it was less about the politics cuz she wasn't in a position to observe everything. In the book QH didn't appear much in the story after ML's marriage but QH and GTY are working at the same place so it would be unreasonable if he just disappear. In the book ML only knew what was happening in the government through GTY, so she didn't know about QH, but obviously QH had to be there since he worked there. I guess the screenwriter had his/her own objectives for QH later, but it would be minor. GTY's cousins (and later also half-brother) got caught up in the investigation, bc they were actually involved in the rebellion. GTY is actually secretly happy inside that they were detained since they used to bullied him when he was younger. It's really satisfying for him seeing them drowned in fear and begging him to save them (Although he says they bother him) and later he would use this as a leverage to bring down all his relatives. About QH's wife, not sure how far she would go since her character has already strayed from the book so I can't guess how big her part would be, but to this point she is rather stupid. If I were her, I would wish ML's marriage would be supper happy then ML would never look back to QH again. She got nothing to gain by sabotaging ML's family but a lot to lose were things found out. She's out of her rational mind. QH's mother has really bad eyes in choosing a daughter in law.
  2. I don't feel bad for QH's wife. Marriage with love like ML/GTY was a rare thing back in the days. Most marriages were just like QH's, an arranged marriage where both parties had similar status and they lived together based on a certain set of unspoken rules and etiquette on how to treat each other. QH was the best husband she could have ever dreamed of. Noble, good looking, good career prospect, kind and respect her, dedicated and faithful. After all she was just a complete stranger to him. She maybe the luckiest main wife out there, she just doesn't have his heart, but one can not be too greedy, she's already the one everyone's envious of. We can not use a modern eye to view a marriage in that era. She's got a great catch coming from an arranged marriage.
  3. It's sad but her reasons were justifiable. ML being traumatized is just a part of it, she was being rational too. Her family's status is way below GTY's, so it's true that she doesn't have any kind of leverage against him. She doesn't want to but the fact is that she is dependent and relies on him. All of her happiness now is resulted from his fondness of her and in reality love usually doesn't last forever. If there comes a day when he doesn't love her as much or he is swayed by some other woman, there's nothing she can do and her family couldn't help her at all. So she has to be extra careful not to be arrogant and make a mistake cuz if one day he was not protective of her anymore then everything she has done would be used against her. And as a woman she has a lot more to lose than him. That is one big disadvantage of marrying up. It is pessimistic but it is very true for women from that era. And to fully trust someone who's holding that much power upon herself is not that easy. In a context where everything is decided by the husband, asking the wife to give her all is a little too much.
  4. Thank you! I thought nobody would agree with me. Looking from a modern POV SH was a horrible father but based on the context he was not that bad. He played favorites but he actually never tried to harm nor use ML. Tbh, ML's personality is not the type that evokes a man's pity, unlike Molan. ML is just a shu daughter without a mother to speak for her so she basically didn't appear in his eyes much.. SH is selfish to a point. He of course acts for the family's benefit, but he also did things that would harm the family's reputation on his own interest. For example he favored Lin and let her take control, overpowering Daniang, which is a very disgrace thing in a family with status. Reason was he felt threatened by Daniang, who was from a higher status than himself, and she was stubborn and did not know how to pamper him. But in arranging marriage for his children he was quite a good father. First he didn't try to use any of his children's marriages for money or power (many men did that in the story). Second he didn't leave it for Daniang but took it to his own hands. He tried to choose the best spouses for their own interest. For example Hualan, CB, CF were good matches (all decided by him). Although Molan wanted to marry off to status, he was rational and picked a scholar for her (which was suitable for her position, but later went to Rulan). The thing with Molan, Rulan and ML was out of his control, but he handled it the best he could. In the end all of his children were happy (except for Molan but she got what she wanted). I think ML doesn't hate him bc ML never targeted him. ML's main target earlier were Linniang and Molan and he just got involved in and was used by ML. After that she got nothing to do with him anymore. Even in the poison case she only pressures him to seek justice for Granny bc he doesn't want to make a big deal, when she get want she wants she doesn't touch him at all. If we look at him as a villain then he is a villain with the happiest ending ever. He end up in a high position, all of his children are successful, Sheng family rises in status, what more can there be? So I guess he is not considered a bad guy.
  5. I think ML doesn't hate her father, bc he, after all, is her father who provided for her and raised her. He was biased but he fulfilled his responsibility as a father and he never tried to harm nor use her. She just doesn't like him nor care about him. She enacted a revenge plan with 2 main targets: 1. Linniang's downfall for murdering her mother. 2. Molan cuz she hit her and ML didn't want to marry Liang's son. For achieving this goal she risked the whole Sheng family's reputation and her own future. Sheng Hong was just a collateral damage, she didn't intentionally aim at him as a target, but she didn't try to protect him either cuz she didn't care. SH is a selfish man, all he cares about is himself. He favoured Linniang wasn't all bc he loved her, but bc he was a shu son himself and was treated badly when he was a child. Besides, Linniang knew how to please a man while Daniang was proud and stubborn. SH doesn't truly love anyone, he only did what's best for his own interest (including the matter with ML's mother), so when Linniang started touching his benefit he let her go. He was enraged cuz all this time he thought Linniang loved him while in fact she was after his money and status, thus making him feel like a fool, hurting his man ego. Linniang was definitely not what mattered to him most (actually she didn't even matter that much) and if ML had accused him of her mother's death then his punishment wouldn't be that light. She just used SH to achieve her goal while teaching him a small lesson, that's all. I think the best word to describe ML's feeling towards her father is apathetic.
  6. Actually after ML got married she rarely goes back to her maiden home (it's a normal thing cuz back then women were not supposed to return home often after marriage) so her family doesn't appear much in the story anymore, except for the poison case. She sometimes visits Grandma and her sisters sometimes go visit her but that's it. Sheng Hong plays a very minor part afterwards. Qi Heng doesn't name his kids after Ming Lan. It's a coincidence and misunderstanding from ML.
  7. That's not the case since in the book ML had a younger brother (from her father's concubine) who was addressed as the 4th son, he was the youngest in the family. Besides QH was addressed as Qi's 2nd son cuz he had an older cousin. So I'm sure they didn't count the sons and daughters based on their parents. Maybe Sheng Hong had another brother? Yeah right. I'm not sure if I like CB's drama version as much as in the book. In the book he was like the symbol of righteousness, justice and perfection, the pillar holding the Sheng family. He lived strictly by the code of honor, smart, strong-willed and never made a mistake. Damn he's more reliable than any other characters. I wonder where he got his genes from, cuz I'm sure he was nothing similar to Sheng Hong or Daniang. That scene where he caught Rulan with her suitor kinda destroyed his character. Someone as rational and level-headed as CB should never freak out over sth like that. But he's more sentimental in the drama so maybe they're trying to make him more humane by adding a little clumsiness? I like the book version though, just a personal preference.
  8. Yeah I didn't dislike his dark side either, I'm also not against his plan, I just don't agree when people defend including ML in his scheme. I actually find cunning people very interesting and intriguing, but I really hate being manipulated and lied to, no matter what the reason is, so I guess that's why I was hard on him.
  9. That was I was trying to say. There is no guarantee ML would chose him. If she doesn't want to marry him then it is wrong to force her. Whichever era it is, this is still true. He has no rights to decide what's best for her. His plan was not about her, it was about him getting her. He didn't put her first, he was putting himself first. Had he ever counted in her feelings and her choice (and also her Grandma's)? No, he wanted her, so he just had to have her. I'm not against underhand tactics. I understand that scheming is necessary at some point, but it doesn't mean that it is right. ML is a scheming, manipulative woman, but she understands this, while GTY doesn't. ML actually feels guilty and sad when she has to use people to achieve her goals. I just wanna show anyone who support his method that, if he was okay with being manipulative against ML, then both he and their marriage have issues. I never said GTY was a gentleman, and I also understand his tragedies and experiences in the past which lead to his result-focused methods. I sympathize with him and I'm also excited to see him on his way of improving himself, seeing ML and GTY bonding after marriage and resolve their issues. I just don't know why many don't realize that his method and his current way of thinking have problems?
  10. She accepted him but it doesn't mean that her doubt is gone. She accepted him for 2 reasons: 1. She liked him, 2. She understood that he was a suitable match for her. ML and Grandma was okay with it cuz they're both rational people, they knew the situation was set so they try to be the most okay that they could. However she doesn't fully trusts him and that issue lies with them for a long time. I understand that it was an era that you have to be manipulative to succeed, but you can not be all manipulative, especially when it comes to the one you love. For example before when ML included her brother CB in one of her schemes, she cried and drown in guilt although she had no other choice and Grandma supported her. What I don't agree about him is that he thinks of his schemes as a very casual thing and he doesn't show any sense of guilt at all. It's okay to be scheming under certain situations, but when you think scheming is the norm then it's not okay anymore. If he had told ML beforehand (or just hinted that he was actually planning to marry her) then I would have no problems with him at all. And it is not just my opinion, bc the problem of him not being sincere and truthful enough exists in the book.
  11. I have to say again that I agree with most of GTY's plan, including the Dr. He's cousin, cuz he was just saving ML from having to deal with her after marriage, but I disagree with him on 2 things: 1. He asked for Rulan instead of ML. Rulan was already in love with someone. If he was afraid that Daniang would not be happy with him bypassing her daughter, he could have just exposed Rulan's scandal first then ask for ML after Rulan was already betrothed. If ML didn't want to marry him then he was forcing her against her will. If ML actually liked him then she would be very sad. Although he explained later that sad period could not be undone. 2. He waited until everything was done to tell ML. I understand he wanted to ensure the result but sometimes a man's gotta do the right thing even if it would bring him more difficulties. He could just scheme and calculate everyone cuz they don't matter, but that doesn't include ML. You don't do such things to the one you want to marry. Imagine one day you fiance telling you: "Hey I lied to you and tricked you on this and that but it was for your own good and now I tell you the truth so don't hold a grudge?". Moreover, ML is a smart, strong independent woman, so GTY was actually risking the trust between them. If I was in ML's shoes, then yes I would be happy there's a great guy going through such length to get me. But there will always be that uneasy feeling of being manipulated and lied to. I see a lot of people trying to defend him, giving him lots of excuses, but his method, albeit effective, was wrong and although it succeeded, it set a few unpleasant stones in their marriage. He could have succeeded doing it the straight way, but he chose not to. Actually this was a major part of the story when they try to resolve this issue. He never realized his fault and blaming ML until ML has to clarify it for him.
  12. Yeah but that was his past life. Wouldn't asking for ML, a shu daughter, prove that his view on status has changed? Instead of asking for the di daughter and get the shu daughter as a replacement? Maybe ML and Grandma now knows that he really wanted ML but others don't, so wouldn't that kinda cheapen ML's value?
  13. One thing I'm wondering is Why GTY had to scheme to get ML in the drama? He had to do it in the book cuz no one was on his side and ML barely knew him, but in the drama, he and ML had many interactions with each other. He was in a position where Sheng family would be happy marrying ML off to him. The only obstacle may be Grandma but if ML told her how he had helped her several time she would have accepted him. Besides, ML actually was fond of him this time. Why couldn't he just ask for ML's hand directly so that she could be proud and high. Instead everybody is thinking ML was just a replacement for Rulan. Why didn't he think that honesty and sincerity would work? He was in a very advantageous position yet he still had to use such underhanded method? And he wasn't being honest with ML either. He only told her when everything was already done. What? He didn't think that ML would accept him? It never crossed his mind that maybe it was against her will? At least he could have hinted to her what he was gonna do beforehand.
  14. Yeah, imagine just getting rid of a crazy maniac of a wife you were forced to marry, now you are ready to go back to the love of your life and all the conditions are met. But suddenly you hear that your friend (who kinda used to be your wing man) is engaged with her. Also he was originally after her sister, and her family just kinda switched her in after her sister got into a scandal. If it were someone else or the situation didn't look that messed up maybe QH wouldn't be that enraged.
  15. I'm not sure how much later is that scene in the preview, but due to the book troubles with concubines arised twice. First was right after marriage, stepmom called the pair over and gave them 2 women. They were all GTY's women before ML. One of them was GTY's tongfang maid. In families with status, when a boy came of age, their mother (or grandmother) would send them maids to teach them about s*x. Those maids later would become their concubines after they got married. Those maids were called tongfang maids. The other one was a concubine that GTY's first wife took in on behalf of him. These 2 women took care of Rong'er when she was staying at the Gu family. But there are no first wife and Rong'er doesn't live with Gu family in the drama so I'm not sure if they would keep this scene. Second time was when GTY was away on the battlefield, ML was pregnant. Stepmom didn't want GTY to have an heir, so she push ML to receive a concubine, trying to shock her into premature birth. But that doesn't seem to fit the scene either. Maybe drama would make a change here and go through with the plot you predicted. It's more common in this type of drama.
  16. Families usually had one same word given to all children of the same generation. For example Sheng family daughters had Lan, sons had Chang (Chang Bai, Chang Feng), Gu family sons had Ting (Gu Ting Ye, Gu Ting Wei...)
  17. Why QH said those things to GTY: - Nobody knows GTY was aiming for ML, on the outside ML was just a replacement for Rulan - People knows that GTY once said he would only marry a di daughter => it's reasonable to assume he doesn't want ML - GTY still has very bad reputation and now he's more popular just bc people are after his power and influence. Viewers are supporting GTY bc we knows what is actually happening but from QH (and everyone else in the drama)'s POV, GTY doesn't love ML, is not a good future husband and is marrying ML by chance. Meanwhile QH loves her and his family has his back this time. So his conclusion and demand is justifiable. As long as ML is not married, the fight is still on.
  18. Actually ML's dowry was mentioned in the book. Bc the Sheng family used ML to replace Rulan (they didn't know about GTY'con) also they wanted to kiss GTY's richard simmons, they gave Rulan and ML the same amount of dowry, Grandma also gave most of her personal assets to ML, so ML was married off with a hefty sum of money. I too hope the drama won't destroy QH character. Despite how much I like him, his role ends at ML's wedding and he shouldn't appear much in ML's life after that, maybe okay sometimes as guest. But if ML is not yet married then he's free to try. Linniand doesn't own farmland from he main wife's dowry. They were some of Sheng family assets given to her by Sheng Hong when he still favoured her. She was mentioning Daniang to give Molan a big dowry when marrying her off. In that time period, a women's dowry came from 4 main source: part of her father's family assets, part of her birth mother's dowry (optional), part of the main wife's dowry and some extra gifts from loving elders in the family (optional). According to the rule, the main wife was the official mother of all of her husband's children. A child had the responsibility to be filial to his/her father's main wife first, and their birth mother came second. Normally, concubines were not allowed to raise their own children but the main wife would. In Sheng family, CF and Molan could live with Linniang cuz Sheng Hong favoured her and he worried Daniang wouldn't take good care of them (this was against etiquette). So it's was the main's wife duty to prepare all dowries and betrothed gifts for all sons and daughters, although of course shu children would get less than di children, and give them a small part of her dowry. So Daniang was obliged to give parts of her dowry to all 3 daughters, but bc she hated Molan, she only gave her very little while ML got the same amount as Rulan. Back then, children were valued very much based on who raised them. For example, ML was the least favoured daughter in the Sheng family, however when seeking marriage, she would have a higher status than Molan, cuz she was raised by Grandma, who is a respectable noble women, while Molan was raised by a concubine. Concubines were considered low status, so daughters who were raised by them were not really highly regarded. Linniang was a narrow-minded women trying to keep her children instead of giving them to Daniang, thus ruined their marriage prospect. Maybe Linniang was so pampered by Sheng Hong so she felt so powerful in the house, but from an outsider's POV, she was just a lowly concubines while Daniang was the main wife coming from a family with status, thus Daniang was more connected within the circle. If Molan had been raised by Daniang then her chance in marriage would have raised significantly.
  19. I think both of ML and GTY are fond of each other (GTY likes her a little bit more, maybe in early stages of falling in love). But neither of them are in love yet to the point it would be heartbroken without the other. So I think ML is not putting up a face, she is actually okay with GTY marrying Rulan, maybe only a bit sad.
  20. @ForgottenSoulx I think you and me have different ideas. To you if he did it wrong and failed then it's worthless. Only when he succeeds will it count. To me an effort is an effort and it counts whether it succeeds or fails. But I won't argue with you about him anymore since I think you are somehow very biased against him.
  21. GTY was intentionally leading him on by not saying clearly which one he wants 1. There were no sign that GTY was after ML prior to the proposal 2. With GTY's status, he couldn't have wanted a shu daughter, and earlier in the drama GTY had said once that he would only marry a di daughter. 3. 'The prettier one' is actually a vague description => CB's conclusion is understandable He knows Grandma would approve of him so he wants to put Sheng family in a situation they can't back out. CB is the character I like most in the book (also in the drama) Most impressive was when he decided the punishment for his mother in the attempt to poison grandma. Man I worship him since then. I never feel pity for Linniang. She committed murder so there's nothing to defend her. Molan, on the other hand was a result of her upbringing and the society around her. I think she deserved any consequences coming from her wrongdoings, but I still pity her. Saying it's a waste of time it's unfair to QH. He had 3 short-lived arranged marriages so he didn't actually get the chance to get over ML to move on with someone else. For some people they only fall in love once. Guess QH was that type. Beside, he didn't bother ML after she got married with GTY so I see no problems. I'm not sure but I think the drama never showed how Grandma negotiated for the marriage. In which part was the dowry thing mentioned? @gleek49 @artbox @darkphoenix123 I never thought that QH was more deserving of ML or anything. Clearly GTY was more suitable and QH's method was ineffective. I just don't like people criticizing him, assuming things about him, giving him names, etc., which was really unfair to him, also saying he should have known this, he should have been like that... I'm sure he did what he thought would get him ML and if only he had known which one was the best way, he would definitely have tried it. Like people (viewers and GTY in the drama) accusing him of being indecisive, he was waiting for the right moment to maximize his chance. He couldn't have known about the princess Jajing thing prior to that. Aren't GTY doing the same? He's leaving ML when she is in the middle of arranging marriage and there are a few good suitors and ML could be taken away any time. But nobody's criticizing him cuz everyone knows he is the one in the end. It's like bc QH lost all of his effort was belittled, and bc GTY win all of his actions are rationalized. It seems so wrong to me. Tbh, GTY never moved me as much as QH. Even when QH still loves her for the rest of his life, people still criticize him for that. I mean, is there anything he did that people are not criticizing? To love someone or to forget someone is not something he can choose, bc I'm sure he doesn't want to be lonely all his life. At least he fulfills his responsibility to his family well and he never bothers ML with his love anymore. No one could have done it better.
  22. I didn't say GTY didn't suffer, it just wasn't for ML. All of QH's suffering and awakening till now was for ML. Basically ML was the reason for his growing up. ML had more influence on QH than GTY. ML now was just a small part in GTY's life and she didn't affect him that much. Their fates only start to intertwine after marriage when he's already mature and successful. So the earlier miserable part of his life has nothing to do with ML.
  23. I see many have posted that QH didn't understand ML, I think that's debatable. First, QH never stated why he liked ML and viewers just assumed that he loved her bc he thought she was a kind-hearted innocent girl. Remember he grew up in a aristocrat household (with all its dark side, like Sheng family), he was sheltered so that he didn't encounter any significant hardships, which lead to his optimism, but it doesn't mean that he was blinded and couldn't see through people. On the contrary, I think he had good eyes in seeing people. Evidence: he never got swayed by Molan or any other girls with both beauty and status around him (he WAS the most wanted man, lots of temptation). I believe he set eyes on ML cuz he felt something different in her, he might not know everything about her right now, but he definitely got a general idea. Proof: later he knows everything and still loves her (and he's not surprised at all). So it's unfair to assume things about him that wasn't shown. Second, some says he wasn't thinking about her safety when declaring his love for her. I disagree. Actually there were no actual danger ML has encountered from now came from QH. Tbh, before the things with princess Jiajing, there were no problems at all. Of course his mother was a cunning women, but aside from not accepting ML, she never did anything to her. His relationship with her was just a problem between the Sheng and Qi family and was never made official or public, so ML's reputation was not at real risk (as seen later it didn't affect her marriage potential). When she was actually in danger bc of princess Jiajing, he did what he had to do and gave her up, so I really didn't know what everyone is so stressed and criticizing about? Based on effort alone, GTY can never compare to QH. Cuz he never suffers, sacrifices or risking that much for ML. And he gave her up in a situation where (everyone has to agree) there were no other way out (and please with GTY's solution, it was ridiculous and would place everyone in a greater danger). Unlike what most viewers think from the conversation between QH and GTY, I think QH did the right thing while GTY was being unreasonable and impulsive. After all GTY didn't get her fair and square either. QH just didn't figure out the right method, but he had good intentions. QH failed, doesn't mean he was all wrong, GTY succeeded, doesn't mean he was all right (in their relationships with ML). I have to say the author made it pretty easy for him in getting ML.
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