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  1. Aunti Kang short biography: Back then when Aunti Kang and Wang Daniang were still single. For various reasons, Daniang was brought up by their grandparents while Aunti Kang grew up with their mother. Therefore, she was like their mother's precious daughter while Daniang and mother weren't very close. Aunti Kang grew up pampered by their mother and brothers to be a spoilt child. She believed she should have the best things in the world, everyone should revolve around her and she secretly looked down on her sister, considering her sister stupid and lowly. Then there were two men came to propose marriage to Wang family. Aunti Kang was the favoured one so she was allowed to choose first. Of course she chose the high status son of a Marquis, and Daniang was married off to Sheng Hong, who was just a low-level official at the time. Aunti Kang was very proud of her status and marriage. However, as time went by, the Marquis proved himself to be an extreme playboy. While being an useless man in his career, having no real influence in the government, he was very good at sweeping up girls and producing babies. Marquis Kang didn't care nor respect her at all. Aunti Kang had to deal with her husband's many shu children, using her own dowry to support them when they got married. She despised his concubines and shu children, treating them badly, coming up with any scheme necessary to get rid of them. Marquis Kang was also a despicable selfish man. He didn't care one bit about his women or children and pretty much just let Aunti Kang got her way. She married off most of the shu daughters to be concubines of old powerful men, sometimes in exchange for certain benefits, sometimes just to ruin them. Aunti Kang has become quite a sadistic distorted person who is jealous with anyone else's happiness. She especially hates low status people, concubines and shu children. She advises and supports her lady friends to use underhanded methods against the concubines. She holds petty grudges and will try to harm anyone who dares to oppose her (or not give a damn about her, she considers it a form of disrespect, she's a VIP). Back to Daniang. When they were just married, Sheng Hong actually treated her well, respected her. She had quite a happy marriage. Aunti Kang was furious. She was jealous and she thought Daniang was not supposed to be better than her in any way. So she started whispering into Daniang's ears, encouraging her to interfere into SH's career. Daniang, proven to be a stupid and easy to be manipulated woman, lost SH's favor, that's when Concubine Lin came into the picture. She then encouraged Daniang to fight off CL, however, CL was also a cunning woman. Result: Daniang completely lost SH's trust and fell in power. Til then Daniang still didn't realize she should stay away from Aunti Kang. How stupid is this Daniang anyway? Aunti Kang, although having no blood connection with Sheng family, considered herself an elder of the family and wanted everyone to respect and obey her. When Grandma told Daniang to stay away from her, she took that as an offense and kept score. She despised all shu children, especially ML, who was raised by Grandma. However, ML was married off to a Marquis-to-be general, who was a better catch than any of her own daughters could have. She was filled with rage and jealousy. She couldn't accept the fact that someone so lowly as ML will now have the same rank as her. From her POV, ML should know her place and bow down to her instead of standing so high and mighty. She hates ML and will jump at any opportunity to harm her. And that's all the reasons behind Aunti Kang's actions. There's no logic at all in this crazy woman. She is just a malicious self-centered maniac whose only joy is to watch people suffer.
  2. Even right now there are similar places somewhere around the world. Jackpot or not, it depends. For example, rich countries have higher suicide rate than third world countries. A large proportion of the elites have mental problems, depression from light to clinical. It depends on each individual's perspective and expectation of life. Having it easier doesn't equal satisfaction, the pressure is high. Not every heart and mind is equally strong. But of course it's an era when happiness is a luxurious gift.
  3. Isn't the son drop dead already or I'm missing something? There's a misunderstanding between them and they need to talk it out. But I doubt even if GTY speaks out loud that he loves her and will protect her through anything, ML still can not fully let herself loose. A man's promise on loving forever is the last thing to trust. However, ML can be more natural and comfortable in front of GTY. It's the problem of that era. No women want to share their husband but they had to pretend to be happy otherwise bad reputation for being jealousy (Jealousy is one of women's 7 great sins and a man can divorce his wife if she got jealous and forbid him to have concubine). All the women know that. All the men know that but pretend not to. It was a distorted time.
  4. It's being brought up again cuz new details keep appearing and people are disagreeing with each other and the other characters are not controversial enough. There's nothing much to debate about someone that everyone hates or loves. Otherwise this thread will just be like "Oh this person is so evil I hate her", "so do I", "This one is great I love him", "I agree", "I'm so eager to see the next episode" etc
  5. If he did mean to come up with another plan then he should have just said so. He laid out an impossible plan that would bring danger to everyone including QH's family and ML, and then blaming QH for not taking it. I don't think he didn't know that there was no way QH could have taken it. He was not testing QH. He was just pushing QH more towards the hard truth of his situation in order for QH to give up. He wanted to prove that he was trying to help while he wasn't. The fact that QH and ML was not in a relationship after he got married, and it was QH's fault for being late in proposing to ML after the first wife's death, and if GTY wants to blame QH he can just use that. However QH was not to blame for refusing GTY's plan, but he keeps bring it up. Maybe it'd bc QH was in a position similar to GTY's father when he decided to marry his mother, that's why GTY was angry at QH for his choice, bc he still resents his father for that. GTY's late brother used to ask GTY if he would divorce ML to save his family, GTY avoided that question indicates he was not affirmed himself. He was angry cuz he was not sure if he could make a difference if he was in QH's shoes. Whatever reason it is, he shouldn't bring that up bc through all the way it was the one time that QH made the right decision and not screwed things up. It's not GTY's fault that QH lost ML, QH has to see through that. However, GTY did go behind QH's back and GTY also has to see through that. He was not wrong for fighting for the woman he wants but then he shouldn't expect QH to be okay with him. If he was just some random guy then it would be different, QH wouldn't be that angry if ML married Dr. He. GTY was pretending to be on QH's side then BOOM stabbed him in the back. If it's not betrayal I don't know what it is. QH was indeed at fault with ML, but he doesn't owe GTY anything. True QH was petty using his position to turn against GTY, but he didn't do anything out of his jurisdiction. GTY let his weaknesses exposed then don't blame QH for using it. After all they're rivals now.
  6. Honestly I was a little disappointed with ML and GTY's fighting scene. I was hoping for it since the beginning and I expected it to be more serious and heart broken. In the book it happened when they were alone in the room when ML was looking out of the window and cried. It was very intense while ML poured her heart out for the first time. Instead in the drama it happened while they were walking in open space with a trail of maids behind them, which made the atmosphere more relaxing. And especially the way ZLY walked and talked (adorable like a baby girl compared to FSF) made the fight way less serious. I wonder if it's done intentionally to ease thing out but I prefer the book version.
  7. Yeah and one thing I don't like in GTY is that he keeps telling QH he was genuine in helping him before, and blaming him for not accepting his proposal to kidnap the princess. Like hell anyone in the right mind would accept to that. I feel that if GTY was not genuine in helping QH, it's still okay since he also had eyes on ML and he had every right to fight for love, underhandedly or not. However, although he easily resorts to scheming, he keeps playing the innocent game against QH and repeats this to QH every time they confront. It's like telling QH "Hey we both know I cheated but you have no proof and I won so I will use this to mock at you often". GTY knows his methods were not honorable, he knows ML wasn't in love with him when she decided to marry him. ML's actions after getting married make him more insecure. It's like QH is releasing his anger on GTY while in fact it was QH's fault for being too late, GTY is also releasing his anger on QH believing it would cover his insecurity.
  8. Let's not talk about whether QH and GTY were close before. Let'a assume they were just casual friends. Fact that GTY snatched the girl that QH loves. Let's not discussing who's at fault here since they are both flawed characters and they have reasons to defend their actions, it's just difference in characteristics and world view. But if I were a guy and some other guy married the girl I love then I deemed to resent him. There's no right and wrong here. It's about feelings. GTY and QH were rivals in love so no matter whether GTY is a good husband or not, QH would still hate him. It's a natural thing. QH hates GTY now and GTY is not the nicest guy in the capital. He has bad reputation, many weaknesses that he doesn't even try to cover at all (Gu family matters and MN). Also the way he acts doesn't seem to prove his innocence at all (trying to bargain with the family in court for his relatives, letting MN loose spreading rumors everywhere) and what a coincidence, QH works for the disciplinary department and his job is to report misdemeanors. GTY basically left his weaknesses open for people to strike on. If GTY was clean then there's nothing to worry about, but he's not so he is bound to receive attack from outsiders. In this situation, if QH was an easygoing guy or were close with GTY, he may just turn a blind eye, but he is not on GTY's side now so why does he has to let GTY go? Why would QH want to make life easier for GTY? GTY fk married the girl QH loves. They can never get along again. And when people don't get along in the government, they will try to make it hard for their opponents. About ML, I think what QH has for her now is not just love anymore. It's love mixed with a bit of regret, anger and resentment. QH is not blaming ML, it's the pain that changed him. He is trying to get her attention, be a part of her life for better of for worse. He's not aiming to achieve any goal in doing this, not trying to separate ML and GTY, nor trying to win her back. Psychologically, he's going through 5 stages of grieving: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I think he's somewhere between anger and bargaining right now, when he get to acceptance then he'll be fine. This is a little bit irrelevant but I so fk love seeing QH cry. There's something about him that makes me want to see him in pain. He's so much more beautiful when he's miserable. I actually like QH more now than before when he was still naive and nice. He's exactly the type of character that I love to watch and he is going down the path I prefer. The kind and gentle QH is great though but it was a bit monotonous. The QH right now is more interesting. I always wanting to see a guy who originally was as bright and warm as the sun then got struck by the cruelty of reality, see him suffer and devastated, drowned in pain and tainted with darkness. I want to see devil grow in his heart, on his anger and resentment, he does things that betray his code of honor, but he still manages to hold his ground. I want to see him struggle, fall apart, remorse and get back up again. GTY's battle is a battle against the world, while QH's battle is a battle against himself, and QH intrigues me more than GTY as a character.
  9. @ForgottenSoulx I didn't try to analyze if they are good or not, cuz they are clearly not good people, so you can't use the morally correct standard to judge them. I'm trying to analyze if they are acceptable or not and I based it on whether they have broken the rules, breached the law or committed a crime in the context of that era, which they have not. For example if someone is in danger, a good person will save them, but if he doesn't, that's not considered a crime. That's why I said I watched with neutral eyes, while you think people have to do what's right, otherwise they are bad. Take SH for instance. SH is not police, he is not the symbol of justice. He may have suspected that ML's mother was murdered but decided not to investigate. He wasn't morally correct, however he did not breach the law. In the drama, we have seen many maids ordered to be beaten to death but no one seek justice for them, bc they were just lowly women. To SH, Weiniang's status may be higher than a maid only a little bit. After all a concubine's life basically belong to the house head. From SH's POV, Weiniang was just not worth it. The drama make a fuss about her cuz she was ML's mother, if she was just some no-name concubine then this was no big deal at all. It is ML's duty to avenge her mother, not SH's. Daniang is still in charge of the house. He just gave Linniang more power than a concubine should have. He's the head of the household, he can promote anyone he favors. GTY's brother is the same. Is he a good guy? Absolutely not. And he has already known for a while that stepmom tricked him, he's still jealous of GTY. Did he attempt to commit a crime? Also no, all he has done is framing GTY of some misdemeanor not even worth prosecuted. So is the stepmom. The whole pampering so that he become arrogant thing is not wrong. She isn't his mother, she has no obligations to raise him well or worry about his reputation and future. It's his dad's job (this I blame his dad). In fact it's a social norm for a main wife to do that to her husband's other children in that era. So that action alone is within the acceptable zone. However her other evil deeds are not. Oh yeah and QH absolutely hates GTY, and he doesn't need the rights to hate, it's his inner feeling and he can hate as much as he wants (I kinda like him that way, more humane, with hatred and jealousy) and he can despise, detest GTY as much as he wants. It's his personal problem. However, he does not try to get back at GTY, and does not intentionally use his job against GTY. So what if he still holds grudges and regrets? I have no problems with him being emotionally unstable. He's married, he respects his wife and he is not aiming to get her back. People are good when they do what's right, but they are still acceptable if they only barely abide by the law.
  10. Actually people are blaming QH but there's no proof that he's trying to get back at GTY. He suggested the emperor to investigate the rebellion, which was the right thing to do (whether or not QH has taken a side is questionable, maybe it's just his integrity, and it accidentally benefits the ED). He might have not known Gu family was a part of it. Even if he had known, was he supposed to drop the case to show that he is not holding a grudge? QH criticized GTY in court bc GTY was making an unreasonable request about his cousins on the case that QH was in charge of. After everything that happened, QH and GTY are not friends anymore and QH doesn't have to show a friendly face in front of GTY. QH is trying to climb the ladder and unlike generals who got their titles from the battlefields, officials tend to ascend very slowly unless they won a big case. The rebellion case is a chance for QH to step up his game. Loving ML or not, he doesn't have to back down just bc GTY suddenly decides to protect his relatives (which everybody knows he hates). GTY was arrogant to ask the emperor to let his cousins go and QH was right to criticize him. GTY was reckless, arrogant, disrespect the law and now people blame QH for holding a grudge? It's like, he's the lead so whatever he does, people should stay out of his way or they'll become detestable characters. (I'm not discussing what happens in the preview until it's official) P/S: Having parties is not a crime so even if arrested, CF would still be okay. Gu family however was involved.
  11. This is just a personal opinion but I think viewers have really low tolerance of scheming against the main couple. I am not that invested in the main couple so I watch the drama with pretty neutral eyes and I find lots of things that people are deeming "evil" rather okay. For example Sheng Hong. Except for the poison case, everything he does is within the acceptable zone, even in the issue with ML's mother. He didn't mean nor directly caused her death and he had no responsibilities to seek justice for her. After all she's merely a lowly concubines he didn't favor much. GTY' older brother is totally fine with me. After all, GTY's mother was married off into the family in a shady situation where she might indirectly have caused his mother's death (also from stepmom's influence). He grew up sick all his life and he knew the title would go to GTY after he died, GTY was perfectly healthy and had a bright future. In that kind of context it's natural that he hated GTY. What he did to GTY was not excessive at all. Stepmom, if she could have stopped at pampering GTY so he grew up to be arrogant and manipulating his father into disliking him, then it's actually acceptable. GTY was standing between her son and the noble title, what, do you expect she can really be nice to him? She just started to go overboard since the father's death. I also find QH and his wife's action totally okay. Everybody is allowed to be selfish to a point. QH's wife has no reasons to be nice to ML. No matter if she actually meant ill will against ML when she talked to 5th aunt about Dr.He, she spoke the truth. She didn't make anything up, ML really was in a kinda relationship with Dr.He when she suddenly got married to GTY. The thing is, if something happened, you can't forbid people talking about it. But her action was not very smart, that's all. Nothing to gain from it. QH is the same. He is now a Yu Shi, so he is kinda working for the disciplinary department, and GTY is the man with the worst reputation in town. He hates GTY now (why not? He's not saint) and he doesn't need to frame GTY or sth, he can do his job fair and square and still get back at GTY a little bit, so it's a great deal for him. Again, why not? If GTY is squeaky clean then QH will have nothing against him. As long as QH does things within his duty and not trying to frame GTY nor break any rules, I say go for it. I know everybody wants our couple to have a smooth easy life, but that's not how it is. Everything they did in the past will leave consequences in the future. Manniang is GTY's past, he got over it but the effect still lasts. He has changed doesn't mean he could get out clean. Any weakness will be used against him, everybody lives for their own benefit and if he let a weakness exposed then others will use it. They are being targeted by everyone but actually in the lives of people with status, everybody is being targeted by everyone, we just don't see it.
  12. I'm really confused about the stepmom's son right now. I read the book before watching drama and in the book he is a villain so since the beginning I always assume he's a bad guy and kinda hate him. Now I'm not sure since he hasn't shown any sign of evil (yet) and the drama seems to derail from the book quite a lot. Did they decide to change his character or what? If they did then I really don't know what to feel. I can say I'm quite prejudiced against him.
  13. I think by now ML knows pretty well what GTY wants, she is just reluctant to give it to him since she knows it would be her weakness once things go wrong. Ep 48: GTY's brother said that GTY was avoiding his question. I think it's true. What do you guys think?
  14. Yes ML definitely feels pressure from status difference, but what I wanted to emphasize more is the inequality between men and women (ML's thoughts were described carefully in the books so it's clearer). Take GTY for instance. He was very protective of Manniang before, even had children with her, but once he shook her off and ascended in his career, he became an eligible bachelor again and his value wasn't affected that much. If GTY were a woman, he would have been hanged or drowned for shaming the family's name (see Molan and Rulan). It's the same in his relationship with ML. He can love her or not love her, faithful to her or not faithful to her, his status and value wouldn't be affected at all, while her consequences would be severe if her reputation as a lenient main wife was lost. ML can never love GTY the way he loves her, not bc she doesn't want to, but bc she doesn't have that luxury. It's normal for a woman to receive noble title according to her husband or son, as long as the man requests it and gets approved by the government. There are occasions when the title is bestowed without being requested for certain political purposes.
  15. I think by now ML knows pretty well what GTY wants, she is just reluctant to give it to him since she knows it would be her weakness once things go wrong.
  16. Yes, the princess actually comes from a low status family, her family recently rose in power due to her bil becoming emperor. She is kind, naive and optimistic, which are good qualities, but she isn't suitable for the life at the capital. It's lucky she was married off into a good family with no inner chick fights. She could be natural with her man cuz that's how things are where she comes from. She's not afraid cuz she doesn't know. There are many reasons to give a man women in that era, not all of them are negative. First, we gotta understand it is normal for men to have multiple women. Men who were faithful to their main wife could sometimes considered weak or scared of their wife. Main wives were supposed to be happy about that or she would be considered not lenient (most women had to pretend they were ok). Elders in families gave male juniors women so the family could have more babies born, or they don't want the wives to have control over their husbands, or they wanted someone on their side to become their juniors' favourites. Women were sometimes exchanged between men as embodiments of their cooperations. They were sometimes be given as gifts from someone at a higher status to men of lower status. These women could be used as spies or could serve many other purposes. Whatever the real purpose was, this action was coated with a pretty name (bestowal) and the recipients had to receive it with gratitude. The empress dowager and GTY are on opposite sides. QH is not that valuable to her that she would do sth for him. GTY is clearly on the Emperor's side so they are enemies, she did it own her own will with bad intentions. Women are not allowed to interfere with government affairs so she is trying to destroy GTY from inside of his home instead. QH is an honorable man and he would not resort to such petty methods to get back at someone.
  17. I'm just saying this is what happens from ML's POV at the moment. Of course they will have happy ending but it takes time and patience. Besides, it's ok for her to loves and trusts GTY but still reserves sth for herself. But that's not how things usually go in romance dramas.
  18. The way ML is acting right now is according to Grandma's teaching and suitable for a main wife at that time. It's not just about SH or QH, bc they are the men representing the era, and that was how most men would act. ML is being realistic. I'm sure at the moment she cares deeply and trust GTY, she just doesn't believe his love could last. And I don't blame her. Anyone could change and any love could fade away. Men can be ruthless when they no longer care. ML and GTY are not in an equal relationship. GTY is the one in power and ML is dependent on him. He could walk away anytime without consequences while ML would lose everything. Even in the modern era I don't believe love could last, not to mention the period when men could have multiple women. I think viewers are romanticized their relationship too much and hoping they would act like in modern times but that is impossible. ML is feeling insecure bc of her status and position and she is basically living under GTY's protection so she's trying not to be demanding of GTY. GTY has big love for her now but she is afraid if she spends it luxuriously it will worn out. Her thoughts are very logical and exactly what I would be thinking if I were her.
  19. The drama bypasses GTY's first wife then the screenwriter will have to change a large part of the plot, since in the book the first wife's family played a big role in the main schemes against ML and GTY in the later part of the story.
  20. In the book, she wasn't originally sent by his stepmom, in the drama not yet mentioned. However, when ML was pregnant and GTY was away, she was called back by stepmom and they worked together against ML. They had the same goal: they didn't want ML's child to be born.
  21. Yeah it is partly bc of political reasons, partly bc he has personal gain out of this, but definitely not bc of any emotional attachment to that family. He hates them to the core.
  22. He already had bad reputation in public eye so if he stayed out when his family is in trouble he would be considered cold blooded. that wouldn't make him look good now he's working for the government. It's a cliche thing but in that era they considered a family as a whole, however bad they are if your family was in trouble you had to help. He has to beg for their lives even if it's just for show and he doesn't want to at all. Besides, he promises to his relatives to spare their lives in exchange for his mother's dowry back. He doesn't clean them off their crime, he just help them avoid death penalty. They still receive heavy punishments. And yeah he also has plans to separate.
  23. GTY couldn't marry his brother's wife. It was against the law. The situation in which his brother asked that question: His brother was trying to explain to GTY why everyone hated GTY's mother. Back then his grandfather was still the Marquis, his father was very much in love with his first wife. His first wife was a fragile woman and was very sick after giving birth to the eldest son (his brother). The Gu family borrowed a hefty sum of money from the treasury (which is normal at the time), but things happened and the emperor suddenly ordered to inspect the treasury. Everyone had a very short amount of time to pay back the money or the title would be ripped off and there would be heavy punishment. GTY's maternal grandfather (Bai family) was a very rich businessman. Back then businessmen had lots of money but low status. And in usual occasions his mother could never be married off to a noble family. However the situation was tight on Gu family so his grandfather wanted his father to divorce his first wife and propose to Bai family. His father didn't want to but his first wife, after knowing this, couldn't stand the mental pressure and died due to sickness. After that the Gu family proposed to Bai family and GTY's mother was married off as the main wife. However his father neglected his mother and she died after childbirth. Right after that his father married his first wife's cousin (who came from the same family) and his second marriage happened when the Gu family was away from the capital, so few people knew about the second wife. His older brother growing up being told by the stepmom that GTY's mother pressured Gu family to marry her, thus leading to his mother's death, resulted in his hatred. Everyone in the Gu family hated her and GTY cuz they reminded them of how shameful they were, having to marry a low status woman into their family for money. And bc of his mother, they considered him lower than them (Ridiculous I know). GTY's brother asked him if he were in his father's situation, would he divorce ML to save his father's life and the whole family. GTY admitted his father did care for him somehow, but he could never forgive how he mistreated his mother and himself. The Gu family basically survived and lived prosperously due to his mother's money, yet they felt shameful of it, looked down on him and tried to erase her existence after she died. GTY was the son who resembled his father most (thus his favourite but he still couldn't like him due to feeling shameful and guilty) so he was strict on him so he can be on his own in the future. GTY was angry as why he had to be on his own while the others could live happily under Gu family's protection, while in fact Gu family owed him.
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