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  1. I just finished watching JSA. It's actually my second time watching the movie. the first time i watched it was in 2007-9. I was very impressed with it. Of course the second time is not as good, but i still find it a very good movie that makes a very deep impression. I didn't understand why LBH's character have to kill himself tho? Was his guilt so powerful that it drove him to kill himself? The matter looked like it would blow over for everyone alive. Also, this is a trivia but I am wondering if LBH had plastic surgery.. very minor alteration to his jaw and cheekbones,,,did he file them down for a slightly less boxy look? I thought initially that maybe it's just cos he lost his baby fat as he grew older. but the more i looked, the more i think his chin and jaw looked a bit more filed in, and so does his cheekbones.. the changes could be skeletal and muscular, not just fat.
  2. Thanks @rubie the link still works! I tried to look for the Sunflower series.. but cannot find any trace of it. Tell you something laughable, I don't download movies. I don't like all the extra stuff that comes with it. My laptop is my livelihood. I cannot take any risk with it, and I am a tech idiot. I wont know what to do if it crashes. So I buy my DVDs. Are there any safe and reliable websites where i can stream old movies and series? I am not a fan of watching them on the small screen tho. Anyway, i am now looking to buy Masquerade and Master. I can't wait for LBH's new projects to be released. Having said this, I must admit that reading about all the negative stuff between 2009 to 2013 has marred my impression of him. They sound very true and i asked a friend who is an entertainment reporter if she believed them, she said yes. So yes, i think he's a great actor, but seems to have a "dark" side in real life! IMO he's one of the best actors in Korea. He is able to play such a range of characters, and his acting is so natural.
  3. I just watched a 2003 movie or mini series that LBH starred in. It;s called Road. Does anyone know about it? I can't find much info about it, except that it's actually listed as a mini series. I found it in a very old two-disc format, so i am not sure if it's a movie or a 2-episode series. If it's a series, are there just two episodes to it?
  4. Thanks @rubie Yes, i just finished watching I Saw The Devil. It's very gory! This is another discussion altogether- but why does Choi Min Sik always play twisted characters? He does it so well that one wonders if he's actually twisted in real life too. I haven't seen Masquerade and Master, but i shall try to get them! Thanks for the recommendation! I just found a 2003 mini series that he acted in - Road, starring So ji Sub and Park Jin Hee.. Looks like the ending for this isn't sad!
  5. His personality offscreen aside, it seems to me that he has played the part of the tragic hero a lot? I just finished Mr Sunshine, and am now watching Iris. I already know he dies at the end. I have noticed that he often plays a beautifully flawed character, with a sad childhood and who doesn't get to be with the girl at the end, cos he dies. Has he played any characters who end well in the show? Please share some titles as I would like to see him in something different. Thank you!
  6. I just watched this movie on Blu-Ray. It's quite good though i feel that no matter how bad he felt about his job and what happened to his clients, he should not have taken his life before seeing his family. He only did after he had died. Where's the sense of responsibility towards his family? And his wife also seemed rather nonchalant about cheating on him! Sure she was upset that he died, but she didn't seem to feel particularly guilty about cheating on him!
  7. Was Kudo Hina wearing a butt pad in the serial? I am just curious as her butt looks very disproportionate to her frame. Was that in vogue for western fashion at that time?
  8. ok, so what's the deal between Goo Dong-mae and Kudo Hina before a budding romance grew as the drama unfolded. Very early on in the series they already showed them being quite intimate and comfortable physically. She was shown in her bath robe in her room while Dong-mae was in an armchair. In another episode, he watched her taking her bath, and she got out naked in front of him. Were they friends with benefits when the story started? I guess we have to guess since the producer and screen writer seemed to like implying sex and passion rather than show it..
  9. Thanks for your input! given the intensity of emotions they must have felt - that Eugene was even willing to die for her, the passion must have been fiery. SO i don't think it's realistic at all for them to have skipped the kiss part. It's not like people didn't have sex in those days. haha. I think especially in times of war and conflict where people could die anytime, they would actually have given in more to passionate impulses.. Well that's what's usually portrayed in movies about freedom fighters and guerillas. I was thinking gosh, does one of them have bad breath or what? yeah, i imagined Ae Shin and Eugene would have shared more passionate moments, except that they were not portrayed Haha.
  10. I am very late to this show. Am now watching it. I have a question. Where are there no kissing scenes at all between the leads? This is a bit too prudish and not realistic at all? Where's the passion? Am already at episode 23.
  11. Thanks, Willenette . I am not able to copy. i am also not able to right click as I am using a Macbook without an external mouse. Boo..
  12. Not about the age.. she had quite a bit of work done. but i guess that's common and acceptable in korea. Dunno how to inset any pics here otherwise i am happy to share that photo
  13. I don't remember where now but i came across a pre-surgery photo of his current gf when i was going through the news reels online yesterday. She had double eyelid and jaw reduction surgery done. Also probably downsized nose a bit.
  14. Does the show just end with the useless emperor dying, and that's it? I have a feeling the episode i watched was truncated. Is there more after this scene?
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