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  1. Thanks, Willenette . I am not able to copy. i am also not able to right click as I am using a Macbook without an external mouse. Boo..
  2. Not about the age.. she had quite a bit of work done. but i guess that's common and acceptable in korea. Dunno how to inset any pics here otherwise i am happy to share that photo
  3. I don't remember where now but i came across a pre-surgery photo of his current gf when i was going through the news reels online yesterday. She had double eyelid and jaw reduction surgery done. Also probably downsized nose a bit.
  4. Does the show just end with the useless emperor dying, and that's it? I have a feeling the episode i watched was truncated. Is there more after this scene?
  5. I am late to this show. I am now at the episode where Seung Nyang's and Wang Yu's son has become older and has been completely brainwashed by the Empress Dowager and her retinue. So he has gone to Koryo to trick his father who doesn't know he is his son, into returning to Yuan court with him. The fact that it's a child asking him to go to Yuan is one thing, given the relationship between Koryo and Yuan and the known fact that Yuan has always wanted to annex Koryo, shouldn't Wang Yu know better than to go? It doesn't make sense.. Its so frustrating. I mean he's supposed to be a good guy, but he's always suffering or getting humiliated in the show. Tragedy upon tragedy keeps befalling on Wang yu, and i can say he could have saved himself from some of these. Others do not operate with the same noble values such as integrity and honour.
  6. I just sent a lady whose username sounds like the real first name of the person i am looking for. FIngers crossed.. BUt even then the last time this person visited was in 2013! Thanks @dotonly, anyway. You are very helpful. So is @sushilicious
  7. Hi I was quite active in Soompi years ago, between 2005 to 2009.. but not as active as another Singaporean Soompi whom i met here. I completely stopped watching Korean shows because I got so busy with work and personal issues. I also lost my mobile phone and changed my number so there's no way i could get in touch with this friend. We used to catch up over lunch at Gangnaroo in Boat Quay and gossiped about serials etc. etc. I kept thinking she has a Bimil in her username but i could have been wrong. She loved the old Bimil show (200) with Kim Min Joong and also Cho Jae-hyun in Piano and Snowman (2001). Her name is Josephine. The bimils i found only just set up their accounts recently and are not active at all.. so it's possible that she's no longer active and her account has got deleted.. but its also possible that she had actually used a different username BUT i forgot what it is. I also couldn;t find the old threads on the above shows where she was extremely active. If anyone knows of these threads, kindly share them.. and i will look there! If you are Josephine or someone who knows who i am talking about reading this thread, please drop me a note. I would really love to reconnect with her. It's not everyday you get to meet someone whom you bond so naturally with. Thank you! Regards, Mavis
  8. I think she may not be active anymore... and her account could have been removed.. Or maybe i even remember the Bimil wrongly She was super active in the past.. So sad i have lost all hopes of reconnecting.. I tried to look for the shows she was super active in like Secret (2000) and Piano (2001) but i couldn't even find these threads anymore. The only they have on Secret is a more recent show. SIGH
  9. I saw in some shots.. the crow's feet were very pronounced in one of them. To me, that was perfectly normal given his age.. (and Asians tend to get crow's feet very easily) and the character he was playing after all. But his skin looks very good in other non-Bad guys shots, even in recent ones. I agree with you that he looks nice. His appeal is manly. And now watching Empress Ki.. i cannot stand the effeminate Yuan emperor.. So i already know Wang yu is not getting back with Seung Nyang.. WHYYYY?
  10. Oh.. The Bimil i knew was extremely active but this was more than 10 years ago. Thanks so much @sushilicious @dotonly... maybe i should try the other bimils.. Did Soompi do a revamp or reboot a few years back and all inactive users (for the last few years) were removed? If that happened, i don't think i would be able to find her anymore then.. btw Sushilicious, how do i check on a user's account to find their posts? Or maybe i remembered wrongly/. She could have been just Bimil, with no suffix
  11. i'll try! Thanks! Sob sob.. i still cannot find.. instead, the results i got are the two posts you wrote with the word "bimil17" What am i doing wrong? Thanks so much for your help and patience.
  12. hi, sorry.. did i do something wrong here.. How do i find the person? I got this instead. Oh, i am not able to insert the screen shot but what i got is the result of your post.. hehe. How do i find the member with the username instead? I think it's bimil 17! please advise? i feel so close to finding her! So excited.. *trembling*
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