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  1. I just watched Hyena and found Kim Hye Soo's performance to be riveting. Does anyone here think she's a strong contender for Best Actress at Baksaeng?
  2. I had goosebumps reading this.. I have not seen Man Standing Next.. will try to find a way to see it!
  3. I totally agree with @PrettyNoona. There's no reason to bring in remarks that reflect ignorance and bigotry. I am not from China but i find remarks like "country of coronavirus" disconcerting. Fortunately there are people who don't think such remarks are ok, because it would be more worrying otherwise.
  4. Hi i hope i won't get lynched for asking some questions which i think i will get lynched for if i were to bring them up in another thread.. I hope I can learn something here. To be honest, I am really quite neutral as to which star SYJ ends up with.. i mean as long as she's happy, that's the most important right? So i am just asking out of curiosity, cos i really don;t know as much as some of you here who have been shipping this couple? It's been at least seven years since KNG and SYJ were paired up as an offscreen couple after their last collaboration, why do you still feel it's possible that they get back together? And that they should.. Thanks for sharing your insights and enlightening me.
  5. Oh man! Talking about Emperor of the Sea.. i watched another drama serial with Song Il Gook...Jumong! I absolutely loved that drama.. but i hated the ending too! Why didn't he get together with Han Hye Jin!
  6. Just came across this trivia. I think HJW just wanted to talk about HB actually.. the rest were extra. What is a "tough and masculine smell"? https://www.yahoo.com/news/thank-you-ha-ji-won-talks-about-smells-100053154.html
  7. I agree.. and they robbed us of a kissing scene..
  8. LBH's childhood photo looks very sad. Looking forward to seeing him in his next role.
  9. I am not sure if you got my point. I understand these are rules ( i didn't read them at first as I didn't have time to read everything.. And i think my original post was written in the right spirit. Whether the rule is fair is moot. I just don't think one can assess related/disputed content in black and white terms. I personally think it's fair enough to bring up exes when discussing their patterns and tastes, in the context of discussing the possibility of them being together. Of course, in the event of doing so, one should not bash anyone. I didn't actively discuss any of their pairings, actually. I just raised the names of the exes, and was thinking out loud. Don't think I was interested in the exes at all, really. Surely people have better things to do than to over-police things here. And which is what some people do, hence causing some members to also point this out and saying this was supposed to be fun, and that the reactions of some posters or whatever you call them (sorry i dunno the proper term as i am not very active) takes the fun out of things, turning them off. Some people really take things too seriously here. They take a simple question as an attack on SYJ because they choose to misconstrue it as implying that SYJ is lacking.... How far it can go amazes me.. And yes, the mods will be super busy if they were to attend to every complaint. and thank goodness, they don't. They have a life. I rest my case here. Have work to do.
  10. Thank you, @DeV. People come to this thread because they are curious about the couple, so they have questions. We are not robots, we all form our own opinions. The purpose of a forum is to discuss, and during discussions, you are supposed to throw up questions and opinions. I ask questions because i think many of the people here have been looking into this more than I have and therefore know more. I don't see why people cannot bring up exes (and some have done so without being penalised) when they are discussing about the possibility of HB and SYJ getting together. We talk about patterns, tastes etc. Exes are highly relevant and crucial to the central theme. The most important thing is the spirit and tone of the comments. What we shouldn't welcome is people who are just coming to stir richard simmons or spread bad vibes because they do not wish the couple (or anyone.. actually, otherwise why would they have so much negativity about people they dunno personally.. haha) happiness..
  11. Ok, i only got onto this. Hope i am not too late. i hope they really are in a relationship and are not just very good friends (which could also be possible). It does look like HB is slightly more into SYJ tho. But it's always better for the guy to be more into the girl. Ahh.. fingers crossed they will get married. HB said before that he wants to get married before he turns 40. Does she? She has also never been admitted to dating anyone - how is that possible right? HB also said he will listen to his parents re his life partner. Hopefully they approve of her. Ok, enough of my musings. Fingers crossed. i am rooting for him. oh btw, Hyunie has grown so much on me! Ahhh. i now have a major crush on him. He never made an impression till now. He definitely looks more manly now - i likey! But i thought his acting was a bit wooden. so i went to watch Memories of Alhambra and found a much wider range of acting there.
  12. I just started on Crash Landing on Monday and i am on episode 13. I am wondering, have Se ri and Jeong Hyeok done it by now? I guess not. It's just really strange for a modern day romance.
  13. And hopefully the Coronavirus epidemic will be quashed soon, so we can go to the cinema! I hope Singapore brings in Next Man Standing. No news yet but i know the cinema is an easy place for infections if someone infected goes..
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