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  1. GeGe said in interview , he use the method acting in other drama but he base on emotions and use the suggestion of director in Minglan.He say all of his acting are base on his emotions and he didn't do purpose .he just follow the his heart .That why he so good in minglan.Even if in a drama , I can't stand to watch his sadness and I want to cry .I'm feel so pity for Qi Heng.
  2. I not interest to watch the whole series of Minglan drama .I only interesting to watch Long Ge's part .His done the his parts very well .Perfect !! When he crying and laughing do the as the same time , I was speak-less and my jaw was drop ...wow such the good acting ...clapping clapping clapping . He is second lead but he can made great review.
  3. his new drama the story of minglan are on air now.They start broadcasting at Christmas .Now , they are reaching ep 17 . He is second lead role .
  4. hello!!! I 'm new member in here.I 'm zhu yi long crazy.I love so much him.i was join here for zhu yi long.I want to know more about him. I want to know all about of him.
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