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  1. Really, can you point which parts? I am trying to find but its difficult because I skip scenes, not interested to watch whole movie?
  2. He attended in a movie called Love Retake 2013, only for one minute from 33:30 He has gone too far from that.
  3. I found this introduction in dramalist: A Chinese variety show, where members must complete tasks together within a certain time limit. At the same time, they are to avoid the "hunters" (men in black) while inside the parameters of the game. In season one, the cast is given a theme or storyline to play along to, and each episode features around 12 guests. The overall, storyline of the season is focused on Kepler, another planet, which is faced with an energy crisis. In order to save the fate of the planet, the players on Earth are put to the test. The purpose of each round (episode) is to remain alive until the last second, and if caught by a hunter, the player will retain one-tenth of their winnings. The amount of points they accumulate throughout each round allows them to move on to the next round, and eventually the final showdown. https://mydramalist.com/26001-run-for-time-season-one
  4. Is he one of the two in red who jump to play basketball in the first minute?
  5. The ending of Guardian, I think they avoid BL therefore the ending can not be the same as in the novel (the boys together as lovers), I am totally empathetic with the script writter. I still love it
  6. My own opinion, his character in Wang Yang Ming (before 2014) looks good. Have no chance watching whole series though.
  7. No no I am not that good to get paid, just put an understandable translation and do it for fun. This below one is quite funny, not sure its available with E sub?
  8. Right. I know how to sub, and although I dont know Chinese but many of the dramas and ZYL's cutscenes are availabe with sub of my language, I can translate from my language into English but subbing takes so much time (I used to do that so I know it) . I thought of subbing some cutscene video but not sure its necessary
  9. That is Granting You a Dreamlike Life , the drama you asked in first post.
  10. That is ZYL's series named Granting you a dreamlike life. About Bai Yu's one, I am not sure, maybe the drama named Memory lost.
  11. This is just my curiousness when I read biography of ZYL: Love Three Lives, which won him the "Most Anticipated Actor" award at the Asian Influence Awards Oriental Ceremony He played the main antagonist, Lian Chengbi. Zhu's performance earned him the Best Supporting Actor award at TVS Award Ceremony Are they very small awards? I really like his acting in the two dramas.
  12. He is kind of introvert, shy person (same as me ) which I think is rare in this industry. I like his straight, kind, gentle personality and his hard, serious work. He deserves much more ☺
  13. Thanks for info. Do you know when it was please? He looked young then.
  14. Anyone knows what is this series, what is this about and when? They have some description there but I dont understand it clearly. https://youtu.be/t-YuHLFyiig
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