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  1. @teachermok Can you add his name and some of his dramas to the tags so this thread can be listed on tag searches? It’s so hard to find. ~ .~” Just wanted to say he will be holding 2 Japan fan concerts coming March in Tokyo and Osaka.
  2. First, I think most devoted foreign fans of any Korean star have gotten used to doing their own google or papago translating. It’s not just hard. It is nearly impossible for natives to translate kdrama and Kpop info because they just don’t know English. It is not their schooled language. And if anyone in Korea is bilingual, chances are it’s Chinese or Japanese. (I do get more information from Chinese sites.) Second part regarding cafes rules, it’s pretty much overall Korean web culture to have information barriers and sense of exclusiveness. Not so much against foreigners (but we certainly have more difficulty overcoming), but to control traffic and prevent malice (bots, antifans, reporters). If you bought the bluray and submitted a screenshot to the appropriate bulletin, the admins will “promote” your member status. If if you think the dvd cafes are difficult, try joining a fan club. You’ll pull off your hair o(^▽^)o
  3. You're welcome. I totally understand that the rules are vague and not many have the time to sort through all the Korean information. I've come a long way since first ordering these directors cut (DOTS) and still have many unanswered questions. FYI, there is currently a poll to vote on the priority of scenes to present to the actors during the commentary recording. If anyone on the thread is interested, voting is not restricted to cafe members (but you will have to translate it on your own). Pick 10 scenes from episodes 1 to 10 and 10 scenes from episodes 11 to 16. This poll will close on the 17th. http://naver.me/GuiIpuP0 The cafe is currently accepting donations to treat the actors to lunch and snacks during the looooong commentary recording (supposedly 9 hours!). I have asked for instructions to contribute for overseas fans. Anyone interested can send me a DM on instagram (@sigpaenida) and I will share that info if they get back to me.
  4. 1) It is only aired by satellite so there are no ratings news. The author did praise the acting and writing. 2) It will not take a full year. More like 6-8 months if the process is not delayed by director and actors' schedule. The commentary is still waiting to be scheduled but the other parts of production is progressing. Yes. There is generally a minimum and it usually starts at 1000, sometimes even 2000 minimum, depending on the distributor's terms. Kdramas used to release DVD regularly but now it only release director's cut on actual demand and the distributor must be partially paid before anything happens. The promotion of preorder is completely fan-driven and thus the cafe collects a lot of fan feedback -- from content bonuses, preorder gifts, commentary questions, down to the color of the box. Unfortunately some great dramas do not have a large (actor) fan base, or an experienced promotion team, so fail to raise the money to make it happen. Sometimes the demand is high but the network refuse to release extra material or the director refuse to take the time to recut, like for Fight My Way . Sometimes the drama has high demand but the director thinks it's not worth a recut (perfect the way it is), so the commentary and bts is released as a special DVD/bluray to the fans -- like Go Back Couple and The King's Face. On very rare occasions, the director wants it just as much as the fans and work with the distributors to make a predetermined count regardless of demand -- when more demand actually doesn't increase production number. An example is Squad 38, where from the start the distributor and director decided they will do make it and it became the first OCN director's cut blu-ray release.
  5. Please do not repost the cafe’s notices or the content that they will share regarding the commentary meetings (pictures and videos of the actors). In the past cafes (like WWWSK’s Director cut) have restricted overseas fans from reading updates due to careless reposts. I don’t want to see that happen for TSHLYE. If you must share, share the link.
  6. That is just an arbitrary date. It will take several months but I don't think it will be Nov. Judging from SKL's similar production timeline, I have a feeling it will be released around July (if without any unexpected delays)
  7. Wow... this thread is depressing. Anyone want to discuss?
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