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  1. @gumtaek @willenette This is my thoughts... I don't know if every celebrity has stirring up / receiving so much attention but from what I observe during PBG's past dramas he has been like this and there is always a lot of buzz about him and his projects. Adding to this - people / fans are all anticipating and waiting for his future projects so the tendency is a high "expectation" from his ends. I think it is so hard for Bogum given all this is happening. The attention this movie is receiving, be in print and telecast and the buzz it is doing in SNS is piling up for a greater expectation. Other celebrities need to guest to many VS to make buzz wd their upcoming show or movie but PBG projects are always highly anticipated by the fans( I think we will see him with GongYoo in many VS to promote the movie. Yeyyy!!! ) Even this Seobok has been in talk for two years is highly anticipated by the fans and always the topic in SNS. However , given the situation of expectation and it is sometimes "suffocating", we know PBG that he is competitive, hardworking and always giving his 101% to every project he is doing. I/We just hope that the shooting will be always in good condition from start to finish with all the cast and the production team and it will be a box office hit given the GumYoo Bromance or Collab. Let us pray/hope/wish for the film all the BEST.
  2. @Boj I love the story how u got immersed with our Bogummy... We all have our own unique stories about how we met Bogum and YES thru his acting with his dramas - we've been kidnapped. We have been kidnapped first because of those roles but we tried to just stay with our kidnapper Bogummy because he is not only handsome but has such an upstanding persona and a very talented actor also. He is truly a rare gem. We always hope for him the BEST in this World.
  3. Joining your conversation --- @rahma92 @gumtaek I think and believe - The fact himself he is "PARK BO GUM" is equalizing to being the top hallyu star. Pointing and emphasizing about "PBG is bigger than his dramas" is I think a correct statement also because based on what we observed even after two years of without drama or movie he still proved himself to be in Korea's Forbes Power Celebrity List because of his full schedule of endorsements and although he became low in standing but still he was there. On the other side @rahma92 about having a big hallyu drama in his pocket is I think and I also believe MDBC is a big hallyu drama in his pocket already . Wiki described it as "domestic and overseas hit" and the press referred to its influence as the "Moonlight Syndrome". When I read the Reception Part of MDBC Wiki it stated all there how it was, I believe became a "top hallyu drama". This drama has branded him as the "Park BoGum genre" or "Park BoGum is a genre" based on Kim PD of MDBC interview with Yonhap (The article is about Park BoGum snapped into role two months into filming: PD said). In terms of rating it has a pretty solid rating although compare to DOTS highest rated episode it is lower but still it has a solid rating. R88 is a big hit also but it has a group casting and a group story. So I think in MDBC as the lead actor he already proved himself as top hallyu star in one way or another. My analysis and observation of your past statements about 'top hallyu drama in a pocket" (correct me if I'm wrong) here is you are eyeing for PBG to be in the list of the renowned Screen Writer Kim Eun Sook. If in the future he will be chosen by this great SW it will be an honor to his part because of the record of KES and since acting is not a problem with him anymore this drama "to be" would be an excellent collaboration between PBG and KES. Who knows, even SJK with DOTS is not the first choice of this project. Lots of great actors declined it already before coming to the hand of Ki. I hope this collaboration will be materialized in the future because we know the caliber of this screen writer. If that collaboration will happen in the future and will become a HIT domestically and Internationally then it will become an ADDED LIST of " top hallyu drama in his pocket " I hope for Bogummy to be recognized in formal award giving body like Baeksang or Blue Dragon not by being popular but because of his excellent acting ability because he has the great potentials and we know that he can do it. He just needs to choose a suitable and challenging projects that would bring him to the stage of recognition.
  4. I understand your feeling but you need to read the whole thread before you give your damn opinion because everyone in this thread is positively loving the drama.If you don't appreciate it and feeling some miscasting about the drama then I must tell you this - you are not welcome here,dear! Create your own thread that will support your sentiments because we enjoy our stay here doing and writing positive comments about our beloved drama and until now to be honest I miss them so much , my JinSoo couple. And if happens someone is dissing it here in their own thread that is created for them then I can't allow that because I can't be able to sleep. It just happened that you dissed my baby drama and I am not allowing it. If those lines u were quoting about the dialogues of Encounter - let me clear about this - lines or dialogues become powerful depending who delivers it and even if those dialogues are delivered million times - PBG ans SHK delivered it differently . They delivered it with perfect portrayal of their roles, and within the context of their roles and scenes. One more thing, if you just watch it you will know that Jin Hyuk is a man in his late 20's and in his early 30's so In sung, Ji Sub and Dong gun is not fitted for the role since they are in their late 30's and early 40's and to say about your so-called chemistry - We all here see, feel and love the "Explosive Chemistry" of Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo. They are the right actor and actress to portray in this drama. Sorry for answering you like this but please don't take down the sanctity of this thread because we love this forum and we only want to spread positive remarks with each other about Encounter. This is my first and last answer about your comment. Sorry Chingus!
  5. The guards are so, so lucky. They got to meet and feel Bogummy so near with them while guarding him. This is the time I want to wish I were a guard. Lol
  6. I was just so fascinated how many faces Bogum has. In the drama his face becomes matured enough, handsome and manly enough in the latter episodes to suit with SHK but when you see him during airport moments or in the concert you would see the cute Bogum... Sometimes,I can't believe and asking myself when browsing twitter - is this the Bogum I watched in his drama Encounter? Was he the Kim Jin-hyuk that kissed Cha Soo-hyeon passionately and intimately? Like what one commenter said "in the drama he was like 30 years old but now he aged backwards" - we have the same observation. He is like a chameleon that has ability to change colors. He fits his face well and style to whomever he is partnered with and that ability is really a skill for an artist...He is a skillful artist. He will be more highly regarded in the future just maintains his attitude towards work but I think he is exhausted this days since it is manifested in his Japan TV appearance/interview that he was so tired. He needs rest.
  7. OMG... The price of being so popular. The bodyguards are always in protective mode. But he is still as polite and courteous as ever. And always waving at the people.
  8. Interview] Park Bo-gom, "I want to spend more in 2019" - "Boyfriend" In this interview, we were able to get a glimpse of not only the actor but also the appearance of human sack sword. In a round interview with Park Bo Sung, conducted on January 29, he was able to get a glimpse of not only actor Park Bo Sung, who can be seen through his male friend 'Jin Jin Hyuk', but also human figure sword. Armed with love and sincerity toward fans, he was more passionate than Kim Jin-hyuk, who was evaluated as unrealistic. He is busy enough in 2018, and he will be more busy in 2019. Q. I was with Pio, how was it at the scene? It was great to meet Ji Hoon Lee. When Ji Hoon appears in the scene, the energy given by his friend is so great that he can tell why he is called "Tablli" and why he is a love dog. I was really happy during my time together, and when I was doing this fan meeting, I was thankful as a guest. It's a friend I want to know for a long time. I will play later, but I hope to see you. Q. I usually go to school during the blank period, but now graduated. What will you do during the future blank? There were a lot of things I realized during this work. Among them, I learned a lot about the preciousness of people next to me and the importance of time. So, the time I interview now is precious to me. I also think that it is very important that the time with someone who loves me, someone who supports me and cares about me is very important. This year, I want to leave my work as my work because I am willing to use my precious and treasured work so that I can use my time. Q. Did this work affect your next work? It is a work that made me experience and realize many things, so I think I can work harder by starting this work. As I live more positively in this way, I feel that my time, my people and my work will be more important. Q. I think I value the moment now. 2018 has passed by me in a moment. It feels more and more bigger to eat one year old and one year old. It's been a while since I graduated. I had a lot of time to write really well. Park also revealed his love for fans during the black interview. Q. I also danced at the fan meeting. Was there much time to practice? I had only two days to practice. I was in the middle of a drama, and I could not afford to have enough room and room to prepare for a fan meeting. I was sorry for my personal preparation in two days, but it was a good day for me because my fans like it and enjoyed it. Q. I saw the fan meeting set list, but there were many stages of dancing and singing. I do not have that kind of mind. I am always thinking with a heartfelt gratitude for the love and care that my fans send me. In fact, thanks to the support and love of my fans, I am here and I have been able to work hard with my strength. It was a stage prepared to return the love of the fans who love and support without condition even though I did not do it. The gratitude was greatest. Q. I participated in the OST in my previous film "Gurmigreen Moonlight", but this time I did not participate. Was not it a shame? I could not afford the time to move around the fat. If there is a good opportunity in the next work, I would like to find you a good song. (no time,super busy ) Q. What is a musical? I would like to challenge the musical once in the audition by chance. Could we do it this year? I hope you do. Q. Have you ever thought about not doing alcohol and smoking and not doing so-called 'bad things' as a stumbling block to acting? I have never thought about it. It is true that it is necessary to have diverse experiences and diverse perspectives in order to perform, but I did not think that I had to do such things unconditionally. Each person has different style, disposition and vision. Those who have more experience than me can think of it as 'not enough' when I see my acting. I do not feel that I can express smoke better by drinking or smoking. It seems to be just a matter of individual taste. Q. Is not the unique 'right living' image burdensome? It would have been burdensome if you had a mind that you should imprint many people with the right image to the public since debut. But since I was a child, I have never felt that I have been so burdened. (If a person is just doing it unnaturally, of course there will always be a bad after effect, since it is really him (BoGum) and it is his natural self so no burden for him at all.) He was busy in 2018, and in 2019 he planned to run even busier. Q. If you have your own plans this year? I have a feeling that I want to leave a film as a personal wind. I also want to directly edit my day's work, schedule, small routine, and interact with my fans on my own account in places like YouTube. I want to acquire qualifications such as skin scuba or study a lot like foreign language. (Q. Seems too busy?) Is not. We have to do it in time. Time is too much. (Yes BoGum, go on a formal study of foreign language like English so you can be able to interact more to your fans. You can do it. You are a hardworking man. Anyway you have the good diction in English already.) Q. Is there any problem with my fitness? I do not have any problem with my fitness because I keep my workout steady. Originally I liked swimming very much, but the elderly people knew when I took a shower. Since then, it seems to have been difficult to go (LOL!!! The price of being so popular.))) Q. What if you have a greedy character or role as an adult character? As it is the first work, it seems to have returned to the original mind of the former. Whatever role you play, "I will work hard" is big. It is a modern drama, and it is also the first melo, and if you give a role to the next, it seems that you can come up with richer emotion than the present evil. I want to be an actor who plays various genres. Q. I can expect other images hidden in the right youth. Many people looked forward to the villain. I remember the drama "I remember you," I have an experience playing a villain, remembering you, the character "Jeong Sun Hee" is a character with a story and reason, so I was also a villain who understood and understood. But, without reason, I am acting to express evil person as soon as I am born, and my heart seems to be so sick. I would like to have a day when I can say hello to such a work even if it is an opportunity. Q. I think there will be some break. What are you planning to do during your break? No, I will not rest in 2019. I took a break enough. Maybe I will have a lot of time to meet my fans through Asian fan meeting tour till April, so I will be busy preparing for it and after that I would like to hear the news soon. Slowly, step by step. But I hope it is not too late. Even after the drama boyfriend ended, he was fully immersed in the role and understanding. In addition, the respect and affection for the person named 'Kim Jin-hyuk' was also revealed. Until the end of the interview time is short, I went on to say harsh words. Even if I was busy, I was hoping that I would be happy to find happiness anywhere. In addition, he said, "Through this work, I became more aware of the importance of the family and the importance of the people who are beside me." He also said, "It seems better to spend time with my family." It is expected that the actor Park Bo-gum will be busy not only outside but also inside. (Daily Rep. Lee Ji-won)Tag출처 : 데일리팝(http://www.dailypop.kr)
  9. I dislike it too but our Bogummy man is just so SMART and so WITTY to answer all their questions. Those answers are not to avoid the questions but answers that will tell them indirectly that I'm smart enough to answer all your unrelated questions and will not fall into your trap but without hurting the reporters'ego (JoongKi related question and SongHyeKyo's romance with him - answering: it is CSH and KJH loves tory not SHK and me) . Those answers he has given reflect on how he is smart and has a broad minded ways on how to deal with everything. Well he graduated in the top of his class. He knows also how to joke with the reporters (joking about how an applicant doesn't even know what the CEO looks like, LOL, I laugh with his answer,just so smart) and set the atmosphere like emphasizing his holding power (questioning the reporter about chemistry). And when he answered about : Aren"t you tired with all the hectic schedules saying and answering it is his time to rest when he meets his fan and gain strength. Awww, just so thoughtful.
  10. The End! Wow! I don't where he found the time to rehearse with the killer filming schedule! Wow!!! Me too how on earth he rehearsed all of those presentations. He is indeed PBG the hardworking man. The first time I saw him was in the movie Blind and I was asking myself who was that young brother of Kim Haneul. The leads then were Haneul and SeungHoo but he really caught my eyes because he was so good looking and those minutes how he acted was eye catching. Then I saw the movie Coin Locker Girl in Red Channel, he was the son of the man that Go Eun neded to collect the money from. And I say to myself, this is the teenager in the movie Blind. Saying to myself wow he is already grown up and the acting skills also improve and the minutes of roles and dialogues. Roaring currents was the last I watched and He was so good in acting there. I cried watching his scene crying with Choi Minsik. After then I watched Reply 1988, LITM and other dramas he was involved with and all of the variety shows he guested in. His eyes are so deep and moving. That is what I observed from Blind until now with the drama Encounter. He is spectacular in every role he portrays. He was also given an assignment that he needed to do like in Naeil's is practicing cello. Though he is good in piano but cello is different. In Reply is playing baduk. He admitted he didn't know how to play it but by earnestly practicing it he learned to play and even the persona of being a player. .Even his coach praised him because he was a fast learner. He made these possible by practicing and rehearsing .He really put an effort in every work he is doing. He is a very pure man. Not pretentious. What you see is what you get. So thoughtful and always grateful with others. In those variety shows and MC jobs he has done you can see the cuteness and rawness of Bogum. I remembered Jun Hyunmoo was teasing him to do these and to do that, they were MC with Suhyeon, was it KBS awards and he did everything Hyunmoo requested him to do with perfection. What can I say he really captivates my heart. I wish him a happy and healthy life with all the hectic schedules he is doing right now. May the Lord bless him more so that he can be a blessing to others.
  11. You should because it is one of the best also... Solid script and solid portrayal of the actors and actresses esp the leads... All elements are also given attention to. Bogum different acting in the drama made it even more appealing plus yoojoong is so good in acting.
  12. It is only him as a guest will have a boost of rating. A big responsibility at his part but he endures it since he is a man who is always thankful and grateful.
  13. Kamsahmidah chingus for never - ending translations, updating, recapping, storytelling, deciphering of symbols, sincere reviews, and for all the pictures, gif, and videos you posted. Most of all for the kindness of everyone to share what is in their minds and in their hearts. We may not that good in English but our hearts understand everything want our minds want to say. I enjoy my stay here and will always be grateful to all of you. I like that everyone here is obedient and helping each other to be reminded of all the rules posted here. I am so happy that our main wish was granted and that is to have a great and happy ending. It is a little saddening but it is bearable because it ended with what we are all hoping for. Gonna miss all of you and hoping to join again the future talk in a more actively manner. Kudos to everyone. We all have one in common - the love for our favorite drama - Encounter/Boyfriend.
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