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  1. our bogum is so loved... fans show him their 100% support... the foods were so great ...i hope he is always healthy super agree with sokcheon that he's adorable and plus a considerate human being... no thread yet for Wonderland? i hope one will make it since news are out there
  2. Hello Bogum's Noonas, Got the time to come here now. So many updates about our Bogum. Every dream he aspires to achieve is happening one by one. He dreamt of a song, now an album, although it's a Japanese album, still fans all over the world keep on supporting him, just like @Sakurafairysaid- the fans will support him in every possible way. I hope his hollywood dream that he mentioned during his Asia Tour or interviews in magazine (cant remember already, sorry) will be accomplished sooner. @gumtaekthanks for always updating this thread, you are Bogum's most loving noona and to all who are contributors here - kamsahamnida. You all make this thread happy and updated Wanna share this qoute. It describes Bogum's personality. He is a silent type and his actions are always louder and giving excellent results. credit to owner
  3. I enjoy seeing, reading and watching all these updates, images, and video clips. Thank you all for your hardworks in giving updates. So happy that even in the middle of this pandemic we are experiencing, The Moment/ Youth Record cast and staff are doing their best to film the drama. I think the shooting set has a positive atmosphere. I see and feel it with how Bogum and Sodam are enjoying their scenes. Let's pray that they'll be safe and healthy until the end of shooting since prominent people around the world are also getting infected with this virus.
  4. @LULUNNAreading all what you posted seems to me that you are really a pessimistic person. Chill chingu. The drama is yet to start so why don't you WISH IT A GOOD VIBES. What if it becomes failure, does it mean the world will go upside down. NO bc It's just a drama. Like @Dreamssaid- watch and enjoy it. Like you said, your bias has films to release yet so no need to worry about. She'll get by whatever happens. PEACE
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