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  1. "your-father-killed-my-father-so-now-I-kill-your-father shtick..." My example was different. You misunderstood me or twisted my words purposely. (?) I meant special cases. Again: How can be the life of the PERVERT, ABUSIVE MURDERER equal to the life of the abused and murdered child? It is just nonsense. Any sane person who has normal sense of justice would think and say the same or similar as me. Every psychopathic murderous filth should be removed from society forever or if when it is necessary it should be destroyed. In the ancient cultures when humanity was UNCORRUPTED the old legal systems were much better in many ways. People were more just and righteous, their sense of justice were better. Today humanity became really devolved and decayed unfortunately. Most of our original spiritual, ethical, and other kinds of knowledge were destroyed or corrupted and also replaced by stupid, useless and often dangerous and harmful dogmas and false ideologies which are all from the enemies of humanity... Because of these stupid and false ideologies and also because of the fake belief systems (so called "religions" which are enemy mind-programs) most of humanity became so domesticated and mind controlled that it resulted such people like you, for example. Who even wants to be controlled by a mere forum. :'D Sorry but this is so funny. And no, there were no proper words instead of bllsh*t. Because this word expressed the best I wanted to refer. And this word was not used on a person. And yes, of course censoring "harsh" words has to do with repression of free speech too. Often disgusting and filthy things are being expressed by harsh or vulgar words. It is normal. Censoring and repressing harsh words are meant to repress one's anger and hatred which is not normal and unhealthy. These are just natural human feelings like love. What is hateful it should be hated, what is disrespectful it should be disrespected, what is really sick, disgusting and filthy it could be represented with such words. Freely. You mentioned there are no perfect man-made systems. Actually there were perfect man-made system on Earth, but that was in the Golden Age and humanity then was not the mind-controlled slaves of alien parasitic filths... I could go on, speak more and expose more but I know there are such sane and rational people who already realized what and who I was talking about here... As for the drama, I always hope there will be justice in these dramas at least but there is not too much justice in them, usually. Eun Ho should not have died I think, (if he died) if not I hope he will survive it. He obviously needs serious help and of course he should get some punishment too but he should receive reduced charges and lesser sentence due to his extenuating circumstances. I qouted but it seems it didn't show. My former comment is for xxPeepsxx user.
  2. I also said that Eun Ho is Red Cry. It could be suspected that Eun Ho was the culprit from the start. Poor thing. It is so brutal, he suffered so much. My heart is aching. He is not a bad person actually. He would deserve to start his life again and he needs help to heal. By the way I think that filthy murderous dog butcher who KILLED his own baby and abused his other child and that pervert abusive head director deserved the death. Of course it is sad that Eun Ho was too weak and he started to kill. He should not have killed at least the others... But it is just a fckn richard simmons that every life would be equal. How can be the life of a sadistic abuser or a psychopath killer would be equal to others? Abusing and killing a child and murdering such abusive killer are just not same... The problem is that most of the humanity today became so domesticated and brainwashed that they stupidly believe that the legal and criminal justice system we were given today is right and normal. When it's not. There are a bunch of problem with it. That is why many times filthy criminals are not caught and punished by the law because there are no evidences on their crimes for example, and they just get away with it freely. Disgusting...
  3. "... It could be anyone who knew of the abuse. But I'm suddenly doubting if it was Red Cry, because if Red Cry knew of it, wouldn't he have punished the director sooner? ..." I also think Red Cry would have punished the head director sooner...but he couldn't punish him...because he is Eun Ho. And it seems he has a kind of Stockholm syndrome or similar. And it is still interesting that Eun Ho has the same sneakers as Red Cry... even if those sneakers are common... Also that scene where Red Cry was drawing lines with crayons on the dog butcher's back... I know that he did it for Ha Na but as we saw him drawing he seemed so childish... And that he uses the good person's face mask is childish too... just like Eun Ho. Poor Eun Ho. I feel sorry for him really.
  4. If Eun Ho was not Red Cry then what would be the sense of this last scene, when he read that very poem which was qouted in the first episode? And there was an other qoute later from another poem but from the same poet, Seo Jeong Ju. It seems Eun Ho used to or had to read these poems to the head director... And yes, it is very possible that Red Cry was abused too that's why he became like this. And this points to Eun Ho again... And again in the next episode he will say: Now I think I can finally do what I really wanted to." What does it mean then? I can't wait to watch it. I am so curious! Also I read some very interesting assumptions about the identity of the green dressed girl here. It was a kind of strange that she appeared next to the stepmother then next to Se Kyung. What is the meaning of it? What if there was a third child and she is that girl? As we already know she was abused too. And what if this little girl is Soo Young? It is not too possible but I remember that Nam Gyu Ri said that her character is a mysterious one. (Hak Yeon said the same about his role...). What is her mistery/secret? I am just not sure if the girl in the green dress would be Woo Kyung...
  5. Eun Ho is Red Cry, I think. It was almost obvious when he read the Leper to the head director. In one of the previous episodes it was mentioned that possibly Red Cry hates poems... as someone supposed here maybe Eun Ho was abused by the head director in that room. And the next episode Eun Ho will say the folliwing: "Now I think I can finally do what I really wanted to." I think this means he wants to stop. That is why Song director was framed as Red Cry. Because actually Red Cry want to stop.
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