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  1. Thanks! the video makes me think they should do a modern drama together. i love the tidbits, so many wonderful moments.
  2. I agree and I think the way he framed his proposal of separation was a clear indication of his state of mind. Gty was devoted to the Imperial family, he said thanks to them he could have Ml and his position, so he put himself as a bait. But I doubt it was a light choice. He couldn’t tell her, but he was broken full of sadness and remorses. He even said that her life would have been better with He and QH. He didn’t want a divorce because he was sure their plan would work but gave her a way to protect herself in a situation that could lead to their ruin and death. I loved this scene because their love shone without talking about feelings, they remembered their past and it was cute how she got him. She guessed he was happy she made a scene and that he wouldn’t separate knowing He was single. for me the drama was good. It was a bit a mess the way they put all the evil characters in the court to accuse gty and some inaccuracies were clear. But even the drum beating made sense. It went back to her promising to risk everything for her mother, her granny and gty. We saw her putting her life on the line for all three. i liked the last scene because it closed the scene on the Sheng family. However I wanted more scenes in the end for gty,ml and their children
  3. Even if it is planned, I guess there are risks for ml. Something unpredictable or not planned could happen. Not every plan goes as planned. And when gty is not there, she will be alone to fight their enemies. She is at the mercy of stepmom and others.
  4. I really like this drama. The otp has great chemistry, the secondary characters are interesting, the production is not bad. The only thing I am not sure about is that they overdid the characters plotting against the main couple. It seems too much. but I am waiting to see the resolution to see if it makes sense. the book wasn’t my cup of tea, so I don’t mind the changes even if I see some plot holes or contrived scenes. However I watch dramas just to relax and to improve my Chinese. .
  5. At this point, I agree that it is a way to tie everything up and solve it in a few episodes. If the Emperor has a plan, he is going to use the death of auntie kang and his coming home without permission granted to demote him. They are excuses but he doesn’t need something serious. Anyway GTY made few mistakes during his period at the Court, so they could explain this as the last straw. if the Emperor hasn’t a plan, I guess he is poisoned and doesn’t trust him anymore. But since it is nothing serious, it’d be easier to forgive him and give him the status back when gty helps him again. however, it is better if the reason is this one because it involves directly ml and it is easier and more natural for her to help. If it were salt corruption, it’d be less believable that ml could help.
  6. The sl of gty returning without permission granted was in the book and it was the first time ml got angry at him. But the Emperor didn’t know about this. it’d make sense to spin it differently. But then the emperor should punish cb too. I am soooo confused. It could be a plan or it could be another strain in their relationship. I hope it’s a plan.
  7. I couldnt agree more . And I still would love an episode calm and happy. It seems instead that until the end in every episode there is a huge problem sigh
  8. She is smart. The women in these drama even the evil ones are generally smarter than men. i wonder if the Empress is going to help ml during the downfall episodes to repay her .
  9. I concur. the Duke and the Duchess of Ying could afford their choice but it was great to see them putting their daughter first, ignoring any practical or formal reason to keep the appearence. I found this couple very moving.
  10. He made some mistakes but I guess he thought that going against his family in a direct way was risky. It could have damaged his position and status and given ammunition to his Enemies. In that society you had to be filial even if the family was a mess. however he seemed sad when he told ml that if he hadn’t married her, she would have had a happy and peaceful life with He. Maybe he felt remorses. This is why I guess he will propose the amiable separation, to give her a peaceful life and not to drag her down with him. IA that in the end he is lucky that ml is a gem,
  11. I guess she picked that moment because he was leaving and he wasn’t even eager. It’s sad his loyalty and gratitude since he is about to get framed. However their conversation in bed after it was so adorable. She wanted him not get mad at her anymore, she was clearly showing her feelings more openly. After that, she even went to see him leaving and shed few tears. And he said he was out of methods with her. So yeah it is again highlighted how they love each other but have communication issues. moose I agree about the concubine. Her story is too perfect. She might be a snake. At this point they are surrounded everywhere.
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