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  1. @gumtaek Done filling up support I cant get over his Manila FM. Look at this boy having his playful side while singing. He is so comfortable and energetic during the FM. But when he was at the airport you can see him a little bit scared and wary. @juliii Hi welcome to PBG soompi thread. He is really adorable and cute on YT Live.
  2. Yes when??? And when will JK himself speak up to appease the fans especially Chinese fans. Just so happy that even the reporters speak up to say that they not believe the rumor.
  3. Hi all especially @gumtaek@rahma92 @autumnight for keeping this thread alive. Hi also to all lurkers Bogum leave a strong impression to Phil. media During Manila FM what I really really love is the Bombastic because its not part of the program but he is willing and game to dance. Second is the Boy with Luv dance since its the first time he do it in FM. And the way he dance so graceful and all smile But the Best is when he sang I Will Be Here. Its my favorite version song of Gary V. The highlights of FM is high five. He is so energetic that I wish we can video our high five with Him. He is like a Kid waving and swaying his hips when I do high five. Just told him PLEASE STAY HEALTHY AND GOD BLESS and He said Thank you. What an unforgettable experience for this Noona who is for the first time in my life follow an actor whom can be my son/nephew/brother/friend. And the best of all is I meet Bogum mutuals who share the same feeling. Who only stan for Bogum like me and kdrama addict also. And for Bogummy thank you for always bringing the BEST in all your FM. Filipino love you very much. Many can’t attend because of financial matter. GOD BLESS and Praying for your continued success in your career and meet the woman of your dream who share Faith and love to God and truly love you
  4. First time to post. Im not an avid fan but I really like SHK. I just want to say please be strong and I will include her in my prayers because its a very difficult for anyone facing a divorce especially to a Alist celebrity. Its unfortunate that he marry an a_ s______.
  5. @gumtaek please include me in your DM your personal experience in Hi Touch I also happen to see him when he go to lower box he is like an angel. I not be able to capture photo because He go first to our area.
  6. Happy Birthday BOGUMMY the man who inspire many. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family. Wishing you good health and more Birthday to come.
  7. Hi All. Supposed to be MAnila FM today and although Its all for the best, I was a little bit sad. Its a good thing that I’m available on June 22 and hopefully and praying no more nature intervention. Although its our company outing on that day (which I already inform the management that I wont participate). Told them I’m not available but they not yet ask the reason ( I don’t know their reaction when I will tell them that my priority is to attend FM of K actor) Thank you all the updates and keeping this thread alive. So busy with works but on Manila FM i will try to updates you and share my experience. So happy to meet new friends because of Bogum local and International fans.
  8. We know JJY commit a crime but he already acknowledged his sin and hopefully He can be a better person at the end. And for KJH and Defcon I admire them because they really a true friend who know all your fault but still love and support a friend who they consider a family. Miss 2D1N!
  9. First time to post here. Really like his character in Your Honor. Need to watch his other drama. What he need right now and all his 1N2D team is praying and strong faith to overcome this challenge. God Bless
  10. I read from twitter that the show is permanently cancelled. So sad. Its only the variety show I watch
  11. @gumtaekThank you for all the updates. Based on all fan meet and the testimony of all who encounter Bo Gum how can we not love you.
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