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  1. Were there other stories posted earlier? I checked kjkintl's story a few minutes ago and they were referring to the comment sominjongkookcouple made. They included a screenshot of the kookmin shipper's comment
  2. spartace_korean_fan did mention it in the comments "I think that...He bought three. He took one and ate it all together, one gave it to his mother, and one gave it to Jihyo." The Korean fan also provided screenshots of SJH's manager(?) holding a green and red thing which is of similar color to the french pie box (similar to the screenshots @elzy posted earlier.) But then again just to remind everyone these are all speculations.
  3. I won't be surprised if HH, JSJ and YJS suddenly decide to give up their privileges for the LA trip so they could ship off SJH with KJK to LA instead lol
  4. Yes I thought I about that as well. It is also likely that she isn't interested in marriage yet, just like what she would usually say when asked about the prospect of marriage.
  5. This could just be me overthinking, but the things that happened between KJK and SJH in the past few weeks seem connected? (Note that this isn't meant to be taken too seriously, just little connections and possible outcomes that I've theorized.) March 11, 2019 (EP 445 Filming) - SJH announces that she and KJK are "Future Couple" to which the members approved without a question. March 29 - 31, 2019 - KJK's fan letter that begins with "To her in the future." (Could also be a coincidence because KJK would often mention that he'd always been longing to finally meet the girl he wants to be with.) March 30, 2019 - SJH's attends a wedding and somehow she is the one assigned to catch the bouquet. If we put Korean wedding traditions into account, it could possibly mean that she going to get married soon. A possible wedding could also justify why she named themselves "Future Couple." With all these coincidences, I feel like the only thing that needs to happen is KJK's departure from MUD. Anyway whether they do end up together or not, I'll continue to support them as individuals. At this point I'm just hoping that they would finally find the person that they would want to cherish forever. Happy shipping everyone
  6. "Future Couple" is an odd choice for a couple name. And I find it suspicious that the members understood and approved of it right away. It seemed like an inside joke between them. Not to be delusional, but is Jihyo hinting that something is going to occur between her and Jongkook in the future? There are two possibilities I can think of regarding Jihyo catching the bouquet: 1. She volunteered to catch the bouquet because she has no interest in getting married soon. 2. She could be already engaged. Which interestingly enough, it kind of lines up with Spartace being "Future Couple".
  7. I find it really cute and funny that Jongkook was being high key paranoid+jealous(?)+stressed out over the possibility of Jihyo and Jaeyoung being the secret couple
  8. "The bride throws the bouquet at the wedding too, but the tradition here is a little different. In America all the single women line up trying to catch the bouquet, because it means that you will be the next to get married. In Korea, if you catch the bouquet and you don't get married within a year, they will not get married for the next 10 years. So.. usually since no one wants to risk this bad luck they choose a friend who is already engaged to catch the bouquet." http://smileyjkl.blogspot.com/2013/04/anatomy-of-typical-korean-wedding.html?m=1 Edit: Anyone knowledgeable about Korean culture who can confirm this?
  9. I could be wrong, but I think I heard Jongkook say 그래 그래 right after Sechan said 예쁘다 그래 (geurae) has several meanings depending on how it was used in a sentence. It could mean "yes" in this context.
  10. I agree! I love how he did not utter a single word, but the smug look on his face when he walked towards Jihyo was practically saying "Honey, let's destroy the other couples together." *excuse my delulu mind*
  11. I agree with you. But what really convinced me that HJY and KJK are only friends was their hug when they won Best Couple last year. It looked like a hug between acquaintances (Arms around each other but their torsos are not in contact)
  12. Honestly, I hope he picks neither, and then we'll just get Jihyo x Jinyoung moments for the rest of the episode
  13. @gnrbbns May I also suggest episode 228? Jihyo and Jongkook ended up playing ice pepero game that episode. The two, including the other members had some interesting reactions. Also thank you again for your analysis. It was a wonderful read.
  14. The way Jongkook and Somin recounted their meeting sounded friendly. Even Somin quickly backed it up by mentioning that Jongkook introduced three handsome male friends to her. I think Haha noticed that Jihyo was a bit quiet while the others were talking about Jongkook+Somin+Kwangsoo meet up so he followed up with SILxBIL cross. Haha is very loyal to us Spartace shippers. He is indeed our captain. I cracked up at the part where Jihyo found Jongkook locked up and tied into a chair. Jongkook wanted her to free him but she was like "no, wait." and quickly shut the door because she was still suspicious of him. Happy shipping everyone!
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