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  1. @TotoroSYTotoroSY is really a photoshop from middle school photos? Thanks~
  2. It is the 1 first week after the finale. And i'm still can't move on their love story.. Not realising i still did visit the episode in netflix and noticing it's already ended last week. I miss them~
  3. You have a point and no doubt there is possibly in the forum about HB's spy. ~~
  4. You mean as where they are acting they look more obvious? So stop acting and act naturally.~~
  5. Yes, good point. To avoid what should be avoided. Once it leaked. They will be attached to the scandal.
  6. Hello everyone, we are hoping for the best for our Loved BinJin couple. Especially to all shippers well wishing them for a romantic relationship. I am looking the other side of it. They are not any more on their 20's but looking to their sweetness gestures. They are all mature enough to deal with it. "What if or if" they are really have a mutual understanding they really not into display of affection rather more on professional gestures. Action speaks louder than words. In my native filipino words "baka maulaw pa" so lets see what will they say soon.. Maybe also one reason to take it slow because of their statue to become high profile couple. They're possibly buying time like baby steps..~~
  7. Hello BinJin Shippers~! I am new here in the thread but I'm one of the fans of CLOY. I am also wishing for them, for what they have and what they will become in the future. BTS of past project and recent CLOY clips shows how perfect there chemistry. My heart flutters too seeing those sweetness and loveliness in the set. So I am wishing them all the best and hoping we could see them again for another wonderful drama as soonest possible time. Good luck to all shippers.~ PS: looking forward for twin girls Mr. Hyun Bin and Ms. Son Ye Jin~