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  1. Hello. Where's everyone. Seems quite around here.
  2. Hi, pardon me to quoting this post @bumbleisbee although its been a long time. Just want to catchup with this article. Could not follow and understand what happened? Thanks!
  3. Hello everybody. It seems quite around here. Also Ms Ashia is been out of IG a week now. Well i miss her too. ❤️
  4. Hello everyone!. Hows everybody? AJ made a stop for a carwash... She has her freetime since the shooting is finish. Ms ashia has a sweet ride and it is a fast car. @nancy131 she has taste of rush and adrenaline. Aston martin but unnie needs extra care while driving. Can i chaffeur her. I can drive her. Anywhere she goes.
  5. Atlast! Promo tour up next. Probably the release date is march i think. So unnie AJ could get some rest as still cold weather in korea. How was AJ. Manager did not post any clear view of AJ is it forbidden to have photo on set? Night everyone...!
  6. Hello everyone. Why seems quite in here. Sunday restday? . Happy good day to all.
  7. @bumbleisbee I just found one. need more words to learn in hangul. Did she made an english version? just played it and it's good. medley is great. Truly Queen AJ is a special and one of a kind person. More to learn from AJ's World.
  8. @bumbleisbee well I admit that i'm a new fan of AJ. Lots to learn from her. Well happy you welcome me here to AJ's World. Will look on to that album. Thanks a lot.
  9. Hello, seems quite. How's everybody? I've just finish the 200 pounds beauty. Just thinking why Queen AJ make new song or album? seems its time to have one again and its too long ago when she sings the OST songs.
  10. Hello Happy Evening everyone!It's getting colder in korea. Our unni AJ must take extra care as she works at night. Stay healthy and have a good time rest. #goodnight
  11. Looking at these photos, Wow! She's stunning. I always say she's pretty, beautiful, etc. But seeing these photos could not get a word to best describe how good she looks on this photoshoots. Truly AJ has a magical charisma not only for fanboy like me but to all of you.
  12. Good morning to all! Happy New Year. Have a prosperous 2019. God bless for AJ and Stay good health!
  13. Hello to all, just got activated. Possibly very new fan here. I'm happy that found this thread. Loved AJ so much. Really like the accidental couple and LUTYN..
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