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  1. I am be like hopelessly wish that Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye could be a real couple in life. But I know that Shin Hye-ssi once told that she always date secretly (except for CTJ, she is forced to admit by his agency in the first place); she will only reveal it if she gets married. 


    I mean both HB and PSH are at such a great age to have a family >___< okay nevermind, I just cant enough of this couple so I went a little bit crazy


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  2. 1 hour ago, katakwasabi said:

    My other question: why or how can HJ talk to Emma? HJ is level 1. Emna will only respond to above level 5 players. Hoho


    I think there are two possibilities I could tell from watching ep13:

    1. The "Healer" Emma did not respond to Hee Ju at all because Hee Joo is at level 1, HJ just said Hello, Emma and later she told JW that "Emma" kept disappearing after only 1 sentence and randomly coming back

    2. The "Emma" in JW apartment is not the one in Alhambra Cafe. She even could have a conversation with the team leader :-?


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  3. 5 minutes ago, siddy09 said:

    I have doubts that Prof Cha had planted her and now when the divorce had finalized, she came running to Prof Cha only to hear that 'it was your own mistake'.


    Half of the film is over and the puzzle pieces are still all over the place now. The writer better off to explain a good story underneath the whole intense game :)) I personally do not like some superpower here and there but JW keep repeating about the "city of magic". I am okay with magic, at least it is logical :> 


    I hope that the director gonna unveil the storyline well in the next 6 episodes (can't believe that only 6 ep left ;_;) and don't forget OTP Magic Couple too :)) 


    I was running out of time with my dissertation but still, manage to pull off to watch this film and joining a forum like this :))) over-addicted to the drama alert :))

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  4. 1 minute ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

    that the child is not his son's child so he got paternity test done..remember Sj said he doesn't hold his grandson.. he got the test done after yura.. and hence the picture of the baby in his office


    is this? cause when CEO Park ask about that story, Prof Cha just stop and talk about he runs a paternity test on his grandson. I mean the writer doesnt include that detail just to be easy explainable like this right. 


    I was thinking that Prof Cha said that to make CEO Park stop asking about the story !__! 

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  5. 17 minutes ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

    i thought he saw seo taking out the lenses.. but you are right.. that is indeed a very very valid point..


    i do want to believe this is a game in game but why would everyone collaborate to pull such a sad hidden camera on him.. e.g HJ n parallel interactions that are happening in real life r real..so these dead bodies are real... they wouldn't all be lying to him to convince him that people died


    I dont think that JW saw Sec Seo took off his lense. By that time he was being ‘busy’ with assassins on the train. And then the train left Granada, he saw Sec Seo was lonely fighting with bunch of NPCs, I am afraid. And then the R&D leader told JW that he could not track Seo, instead of going straight to the quest, JW stop by the cafe to give the mission for three pirates.(And also to see Emme, of course, he misses her hahaa but that confident look after hearing she encourages and believes in him is priceless).


    But does pirate team find Sec Seo and send him to secure JW like he said or they could not find him and Sec Seo just automatically appear to protect JW when he is in critical condition? If yes, it seems like prirates could be the only solution to track down NPC players (even for SJ case). 


    Btw, what is ‘amusing story’ that Yuura told Prof Cha??? 


    It sounds like a hint for the storyline or a dangerous warning for the couple :/? 

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  6. 15 minutes ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

    but now since seo took out the lenses, they can't track NPC seo's wherearounds


    And also, when NPCs are not "existing" .. where are they?


    As I said that we are watching everything from JW view, he is clueless so are we T__T

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    what confuse me alot is till now, it seems like whether you wear the lense or not. You could still automatically log in. The R&D team could only track you if you log in through their lense. If you remove the lense, you are considered to be log out from the system but the game remains continue.


    But how do they track SJ and Marco activity log without the lense? Obviously those two boys dont need any contact lense to play? 


    That detail me confuses me a lot. Like you could not track Sec Seo but still manage to know the last time SJ and Marco log in.


    16 minutes ago, 12blbl said:

    I assumed the light was coming from the security whom HJ called. 

    Don’t tell me JW failed the quest after everything had happened. :crazy:

    I thought users can only be killed by real player, but now Sec Seo can be killed by NPC in the games. In the beginning JW was killed many times by It. So what’s different this time. Did the game become crazier and wreck havoc? The game can temporarily healed JW’s leg ha ^_^

    Shouldn’t they now give us hints of what’s going on with devil game instead threw us more confusing things?

    Can Emma do something more useful rather than just adding experience? Or can we have HJ actively involved in the game. 

    I assume like JW said, Granada is a city of magic. So no wonder that only NPC in this city might be able to kill real player but not other cities such as Seoul, Beijing...


    So far, real player could only kill and be killed by other real players while they are in Granada (For example: Sec Seo feel nothing with NPC until he is attacked by Zombie Cha - which is a NPC was created in Granada). Anyone noticed it???

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  8. 27 minutes ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

    what about sj at the door? what was that

    Just the imagination of HJ in her dream

    Btw chingus,


    I think we not gonna have a kiss scene, I dont know why but couldn’t  stop myself from thinking based on my experience with this writer, we probably will have a pause, silent moment there and there is a cheek kiss. That’s :bawling:

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  9. 5 minutes ago, ned_lee said:

    I really want to stop assuming on this drama it is like preparing for an exam based on yesterdays lesson but your teacher decided to give you a different one :sweatingbullets:

    So true, the preview and hint in last episodes always tell us to think this way. But then when the film is on air, It goes a completely different way. Like last week we assumed that JW saved SJ and be replaced inside the dungeon. However, it turns out that JW is fine and SJ only backs in HJ's dream.

    Feeling like doing the test for real. the teacher taught u 2+2=4 and then the exam be like out of nowhere :cold_sweat:

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