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  1. why why why .......was WB so careless, which has made Min Yu Ra find out that he is Wang Shik ...whae whae whae..!?!?!?....
  2. I wished there would be more fluffy and funny scenes. I did not know Shin Sun Rok could be so funny. And did not know he was so good. He is so spot on with his facial expressions. Is Woo Bin not taking too many risks to have his revenge? It feels like he will be found out anytime soon.
  3. Now when I think of it, I am 99,999 % sure that Min Yu Ra will not come back and stay dead. 2 people who found out Woo Bin is not Woo Bin, died just before they could let other people know about that. 1. Ma Pil Joo 2. the Chief guard, who had to kill himself and nr 3. is Min Yu Ra, because now that she found Dong Shik, she will surely soon find out about Wang Shik/Woo Bin.
  4. sorry, I am very glad MYR is out of the picture please please please do not let her come back she is a major pain in the butt....that is actually an understatement.....she is so evil....I don't think I can take any more of MYR although as @jbeanie1709said, it is a pity that she doesn't know that WB is WS
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