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  1. @selenette Thank you dear chingu for your hardwork in translating his message. *Will update this message later and express my feelings about his message and FGTD as I’m still reading the latest threads. Also just wanna say hi and fighting! Let’s keep supporting him and his future projects!
  2. @gm4queen I’ve seen this video a few weeks back but I can’t finish watching it cuz I might faint I think this was during the time of his movie Runway Cop that’s why he still have the same physique. That movie was so much fun & hilarious and yes he was so sexy there!
  3. @Lawyerh Fangirling I am! I already saw the link to this forum when I was reading the FGTD forum but I had to prepare myself since it’s gonna be a looooong read but unconsciously perhaps was waiting for a warm welcome?? Currently watching Real Men 300 and will start watching Capital Scandal soon in YT. Can i call you chingu? Oh my I don’t mind the long talk haha. I’m glad I met you guys here. I’m so happy we have the same feels/sentiments for this drama I just wanna say hello @angiedramadive and @nohamahamoud2002 warm virtual hugs for y’all!!! Edit: I have watched a few clips since Nov.-Dec. last year of Island Trio on YT which he was a guest. A lot of fun to watch but sadly no eng sub. But still worth seeing his handsomeness *winks
  4. Hello everyone! Happy 2019! I’m new here and I’ve been reading this forum for the past few days. I’m glad I found this site and forum, makes me so happy knowing that there more like me who are a big fan of this drama especially of KJH. I appreciate everything that you’ve shared so far, from photos & posts, opinions and comments. I’m currently re-watching it since I miss them already haha! Taking screenshots of my fave scenes too. Love this drama from beginning to end. I ship BJS/LRD from the very start and I can’t be any happier about the ending. I hope more people will watch FGTD and appreciate how well-made and beautifully written it was. The cast & crew all did an excellent job. I was sad about KJH not getting an award but atleast he was still nominated. Hoping he will feel better soon and accept that he did his best regardless of the ratings. His fans are always here to support him and love him all the more. Looking forward to see his future projects. Fighting!
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