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  1. me me !!! love this drama, on ep 6 now. So sweet. Mu cheng's voice argh..so smooth. Zhang Chao looks like younger and taller Jin Dong, why is he not popular? Bai lin is so cute, she is my fav now. I can watch her skipping around and talking for hours. The actors and actress are normal looking but all the dialogue, storyline, every expressions and acts are on point and just endearing. Remind me of those early 00's taiwanese college romcom movies. Glad i give this a try, this drama is precious.
  2. I am ready to jump back on this drama. I want to start at eps where xiau gong ye is no longer on this drama, which episode would this be?
  3. if you really want spoiler, there is a 36 mins cut of this drama in FB on one of DL fan page, but without english sub. PM me if you want to check it out. It is like watching the entire drama already hehehe so really watch it only if you dont mind the spoiler. I was pleasantly surprised, much better than i thought, a bit melodramatic but not cringey at all and DL actually looks good here. Li yi tong acts really well and quite cute and the main otp definitely has chemistry. My expectation was really low originally knowing this was filmed over 2 yrs ago, earlier than AOL, not using DL original voice and finally republican melodrama these days is not in trend anymore, but i am not worried now, the rating should be okay, prob not a hit, but should not be too shabby either., totally the kind of drama those moms and aunties are interested on. Looking forward to watch this when it finally airs.
  4. Now, i expect it still to air but some audience may have stay away from this drama. The production house or someone behind the scenes have been paying hush money and asking weibo to delete public post regarding this issue, changed the director’s name even thought footage or pictures of director are everywhere during the filming. also, Several YZ fans have been accusing other artists fans for the initial exposed posts and highlighting other taiwanese artist as pro taiwanese independence too like ariel to justify this issue. Ugh, why bring Ariel onto this? This richard simmons me off, i am no longer interested in this drama.
  5. Probably will never air at all. Tonight Rumor is circulating that the true PD for this drama is actually a famous taiwanese director who is pro taiwanese independence. Idk why the production is hiring him when there is so many pds in china and hiding this fact for so long. Well, if it is truly banned, then what a waste
  6. please no!! DL is mine only but truly, solo fan like me, do not like shipping real life otp couple. In the drama or movie, yes okay to ship the characters for the storyline but in real life, no... there are just too many reasons to list, but the fact is currently this couple China OTP fans are super obsessed and causing lots of fighting between DL and YZ solo fans. Most of DL antis are YZ fans and vice versa. DL and YZ in real life are actually not too good of friends, the drama was filmed two years ago and they rarely kept in contact. Both have moved on to other dramas since AOL (DL and YZ filmed like 3-4 other dramas).
  7. yep, agree on slow. I dropped it on first episode because i fell asleep watching it after the first 30 mins. I will probably watching this forum closely and may pick it up once the story starts to get interesting. Honestly, I am actually not expecting Journey of flower or princess agents kind of action, i actually did not finish these two too, too long and overtly stretched. My fav zly drama is actually Shan Shan, rewatched it too many times, she was just too adorable there, not in your face kind of cute, just very natural. I kind of wish she was 5 yrs younger now and can still act in this kind of idol drama.
  8. hopefully you are right that the rating will go up even further after flowing river ends its run. however, there are other 3 dramas doing better than Ming lan tho, even without any promotion, hot searches or big names. It's a long drama, so a lot people probably wait until it finishes and reading reviews before they want to invest time in watching it. So perhaps online views in later weeks will go higher.
  9. actual tv rating is entirely different story, which is more representable than online rating. Wang Kai's great river is doing amazing on tv rating too (consistently number 1) but Ming Lan is only so-so, like number 5 in the current drama airing with 0.5-0.6% of viewership count (which is low for zly drama). Even the currently airing Tang Yan's 6 years old drama is doing better than this drama and this is considering the amount of money Ming lan is throwing into buying all those weibo hot searches every day for exposures, but people are not tuning in. In coming weeks there would be newer heavily anticipated drama starts airing like Zhou Dong Yi and Ariel's, so I worry the viewership is going to go down even further. Feel bad for zly since this is going to be her last drama before her break with her pregnancy and being a mother. well, no one can hit a jackpot every single time.
  10. this will air in sometime in January both at mango and anhui. How do we get this license at Viki? the latest trailer looks so cute.
  11. he has good chemistry with all his costars, my least fav is actually yz...ugh cant even rewatch AOL because of her now. He just exudes those warm fuzzy feelings on all his shows. The proposal scene from Because of meeting you, watched it at least 20 times and i cried buckets every single time. Funny thing is most of his c-fans actually most envious of his chemistry with Xiau San Cu and the cat in the forbidden city show than any of the ladies.
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