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  1. I skimmed through this finale and sighed from how anti-climatic it was. It ended the way I knew it would. Welp, I survived Moon Lovers and I watched a couple of dramas from this writer so at least I did go in with low expectations with the love line. I'm just going to do what I do best, think of fanfiction AUs to write now...excuse me. *goes back into lurker status*
  2. Yoooooo....this drama is straight up crazy! I will watch this again with subs because context, but what was that ending?! Seems like we have two more episodes as the finale next week, still no reveal for the Island (can we please get that tomorrow??!!) And writernim should have just made this drama 30 something episodes since she likes doing all these 'twists' and dragging storylines out. This is why I was hoping she wouldn't constantly flip-flop how she wrote LH, since redemption seems even more unlikely now. (unless there's some 00.01% chance SN actually returns that kiss and doesn't throw him over her petite shoulder tomorrow...) I wanted a consistent, ruthless, smart and charismatic emperor that I could hate with all my heart and root for the empress to take him down with the sexy bodyguard...but no, he can't even be smart, he's just dumb, I had thought maybe it was a bit of willful ignorance but no, he's really not that bright. I I just want this to end now, don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying every minute of this show while lmao at the same time because I can't keep up with this writer's unpredictability. I just want it to end with Sunny coming up on top. Can't wait for tomorrow's episode it's going to be even more cray.
  3. I said I wasn't but I lied, this drama...yo I've been doing nothing but lmao! Sunny is wrecking Empress Dowager with grace and style and I'm living for it! XD Sunny just playing 'the game of thrones' and winning is just awesome. Augh, off topic but i cannot wait for the last season of got, *mentally preparing myself to witness all my fav characters dying cause GRRM is a sadist and i'm a masochist XD Mother Dearest has the funniest facial expressions I have ever seen. Shin Eun Kyung and Shin Sung Rok were cast perfectly as mother and son their facial expressions, I can't! Lee Hyuk is cray cray for realz, omg I'll be disappointed if SSR doesn't become a lead a rom com. But for real though, why did this crazy nut come out of the car, popping off guns at the paparazzi? LOL What?! Also writers stop showing poor baby Lee Hyuk, he's still cray-cray even though your trying to make my heart clench at the abuse, at the neglect. TT_TT I'mma need Nanny Seo to back off! Sunny isn't that type of woman, if she was she would have already shown signs of mistreating Ari like that, she's not you! Don't play with my baby princess' heart like that. Srsly, I petition for Sunny to adopt Ari at this point. Dad is either going to end up dead or in an asylum and mom is getting life with no parole. She can take Dong Shik too, giving guard Kang never recovers from the trauma he was put through BTW, I hope it was the guard that witness Nanny Seo killing So Hyun. I wonder if Sunny is going to step in and save Woo Bin from Lee Hyuk again? Ahh and crazy LH is back again, XD For real tho...Woo Bin, my dude you have to tone down the heart eyes for the Empress until she's single again. Lee Hyuk desperate to keep Sunny by his side....wow...I have no words for this...I want to say deluded but I think he's just blindly pretending to not acknowledge that Sunny might have developed feelings for Woo Bin and vice versa, he at least is self aware that her attempts at being nice is not because she really means it and that she hates him 5ever, prob with a dash of pity. But desperation can make people do crazy things so... The dynamic between this trio is going to be interesting to watch next week. I want to feel bad for Yu Ra but bish is crazy too and her treatment of Dong Shik is the worst. Sunny and her family being savage towards the emperor, yass!! Ehh, writers the whole 'WB has 3 months or less to live' better be for drama sake. Like you better not kill him off or people will riot, just saying. I mean I have always been a lover of foeyay/enemy, immoral and crack ships but I'm still here for the good healthy slow burn that is Woo Bin/Sunny or Bunny as I like to call them XD. I'll be fine if Sunny doesn't end up with anyone but I don't want WB dying, like, come on! I think that's it. I'm not making anymore speculations as I'm watching this as the drama unfolds I'm just hoping for a happy ending that's all.
  4. Just signed in to say; I trust nothing! Other then, they sure know how to create buzz with this latest preview! XD I think a lot of it, is going to turn out being just as unpredictable as everything else. I have some speculations but...in another 8 or so hrs, Miss Writernim will most likely dash every one of them so /shrugs Not going to watch it, still waiting for the show to finish so I can binge watch the rest of it. The only thing I like of the preview were the few sec glimpses of more Mommy!Sunny with Ari :3 I've never had high expectations of a prominent romance, but I will cling to any interaction between WB/SN that I get. XD And yea, as long as no one dies, I'm kosher.
  5. ....Nice! Another desperate fan, that wonders if you're going to continue? Yeah, i know canon LH/SN is all kinds of ......but i did say it's the appeal, don't judge me!
  6. @triplem @ktcjdrama Oh no, don't get me wrong, I would love to see Lee Hyuk's character redeemed, like I really would and I want to hope he feels some sort of remorse, I want to believe he can and has but than his character does a 180 and I'm like, why??? I know a lot of his issues stem from manipulation by mommy dearest and MYR to an extent, but he also had a choice of whether to follow along with whatever MYR said or not. Again, if the writer is going for some sort of redemption, I would like it to be consistent in showing that. I just don't like being invested in a character's development only for the writer to never take it anywhere. I just hope the writer doesn't continue with the constant back and forth of will LH be redeemed or not, until the very last episode. If he's due to be reformed, now is the time to begin showing that and not drag it out until the end, otherwise it's going to be really hard for me to buy his redemption. (if one is planned) I'm just looking at it from the perspective of having low expectations, so if he doesn't get redeemed my hopes for a redemption arc aren't too high.
  7. @stroppyse Thanks, I tend to get really invested when I come across shows I really enjoy XD. Oh thank god, I'm glad I wasn't the only one who went dude?! srsly?! at what LH was implying. I said before and I'll say it again, no amount of pity points is going to make me jump ship or root for LH to change because he takes one step forward, several steps back. I never saw his love as real love for Sunny but as an obsession and I predicted that in order for love line to happen between Sunny and Wang Shik, Lee Hyuk was going to order his bodyguard to get close to her while the two plot together to take that family down. And as soon as LH started to see Yu Ra's true colors he was going to get jealous and start finding someone else to fill the void, that person of course being Sunny. It was the only thing that made sense to me, writing wise...I just never thought the writer would actually go in this drama XD At least the writer is staying consistent with LH's character in showing how he goes from one extreme to the next, so kudos for that. I know people want to see him redeemed but...his character has never tried to be remorseful since ep.1 his solution to the ever widening divide between him and sunny is not wanting to take blame or wanting the truth to be hidden. And it'll be really cheap and a sad cop out if he's suddenly remorseful at the end. Nah ah, If he had been upfront about the car accident from jump street he would've been absolved and we would be dealing with a different kind of character, one who knows and understands morals and ethics and one I would really feel sorry for, for being surrounded by people who use him. Like, I can't even take his conviction to want to protect Sunny seriously because, not only does Sunny need protection from Dowager Kang, she also needs protection from her husband. *shrugs* Ehh, we'll see where this story goes towards the end but I'm not holding my breath. I worry because now that the previous chief guard is helping Yu Ra, they are so going to spill the beans to LH who is already being driven stir crazy with hallucinations about Wang Shik. That WB is WS...WB asked for LH to cash in on his promise (to try to save Sunny but I also know he feels for her too). I will say, Lee Hyuk will at first until he finds out that WB is WS, if his obsession for Sunny is going to get worse...and it will, now that he's intelligent enough to know she ain't having it, he probably forces her to stay by his side to spare WB's life. If he can use her family against her to sign divorce papers, he'll use her feelings for WB to keep her close. Or, or Sunny gets smart and placates him to not go on killing sprees every time someone 'wrongs him' and also so he doesn't sabotage their plans. I'll be surprise if none of this happens but...it makes sense from a writing perspective. I'm just sayin. And like you, since we've known about the inheritance, I've been hoping that Sunny finds out about the inheritance like next week, takes down the monarchy and the people choose her to be their acting empress while the nation transitions into a republic. Yea, I'm sure Yoon would make a half decent Monarch but if this show is literally going in the direction of taking down the royal family, it would make sense to end with Sunny. Besides, Yoon seems too ashamed and looks to not want to have anything to do with that seat. Once all the dirty laundry gets aired out, the public might be a bit judgmental and wary and see him 'guilty by association'. Better to have the woman who took them down stay in power than risk someone from the family to take the throne *shrugs* I know I can get passionate about the ships (because CJH/JNR) but i really don't mind the romance not being very prominent. If I can get one or two kisses I"m STRAIGHT I just really, REALLY, hope for 3 things; 1. Woo Bin doesn't die 2. the ending isn't rushed 3. Sunny becomes Empress regent and she adopts Ari. And i'm really done now XD
  8. Ya'll already know, the rookie likes to rant and make insane theories, everything is full game until otherwise debunked. XD
  9. ...Writernim is starting to get into 'good guy idiot syndrome' with the being honest and telling what they're gonna do...to the bad guys willing to kill for what they want? Okay, here is where I will break from this drama now until it's over. And we were doing soo well. Why??? Hopefully when i return to binge watch, It won't be Moon Lovers all over again. By moon lovers, I mean one half of my otp dying..... And then there's the love triangle...imma keep it at that. Peace
  10. I quickly watched the raws waiting for subs (even after i said i was going to wait until this show finished to binge watch the rest, but its so addicting XD) but....
  11. So, I watched the short preview again and it looks like Sunny got hurt, you can see there's a bandage on her neck while she's sleeping in the same clothes from the previous episode. My question is; who did it? Does Lee Hyuk try to do something to Sunny that she didn't like at the beginning? Is it the result of Empress Dowager trying to over work her? Did Nanny finally show her claws to Sunny and tried to harm her? Whatever happened, I'm guessing Woo Bin wasn't around to protect her because he looks hella sad/guilty (hence why the hesitation to want to touch her) Gah! I'm nervous, wtf happened! I need the next Episode nowww! XD
  12. *Finally watches ep. 14* Ah, finally subs so things can be put into context! All my thoughts are a jumble mess of crazy in no particular order XD
  13. Empress Dowager, this woman is something else, i swear she's annoying me. Was it really necessary to belittle Sunny's upbringing because of how she's living inside her chambers?? Uhh, 1. It's still her room, she can do whatever the hell she wants and 2. You basically told her to fend for herself...what do you want from her?! Yeah i can't wait to know what's up with that Island. It does sound like a place she sends the unwanted...hmm, that human trafficking mother's for breastmilk might not be so farfetched. *gross* And that scene totally took me by surprise, i was like...girlfriend really trying to get the D! It's the modern era, I'm sure no one's checking to see if the ED, who is single and widowed is trying to get some play but did she really have to be all weird about it? See, its weird stuff like this that made me question if Lee Hyuk was her biological child in the very beginning. Yeah, I really thought she was a clingy overbearing step mom into younger guys at first because of the way they portrayed her relationship with LH. I know some mothers can be smothering but her whole vibe was hella odd to me. She never seemed to want her son to remarry either. (LH could've found a woman of 'proper breeding' and i bet she still would find something wrong with the girl) And now I'm back to wondering if there's a darn birth secret or what type of relationship she had with her husband. God this drama has me thinking of so many crazy scenarios. Okay I'm done writing essays until ep 14 XD
  14. I know I said I feel confident that the writer knows what they're doing...but it's bugging me how Sunny went about revealing who poisoned Grandmama. I'm sure ED just can't outright try to kill her since it'll def raise suspicion if Sunny misses her morning live broadcast with the public (and god its the smartest thing I've ever seen a character do in a revenge drama) but why would you not informed the police??? I'm hoping it's one of those, she already handled it with Byun and his lil organization off camera and we just aren't aware yet XD. I sometimes forget about his headquarters when there's so much going on. The love triangle...oh god, it truly is a hot awkward, hilarious mess. If the preview for ep14 is anything to go by, I knew LH was going to start making himself the uncomfortable 3rd wheel nobody asked for. I guess his thing now is stalking Sunny with WB, to her rooms, while trying to justify his reasons for seeing her in the 1st place. While also trying to find a reason to continue hating her XD. He knows without a reason, Sunny ain't trying to see or visit him and her no longer fawning over him is driving him mad lol. The best part is, Sunny is being herself and has no idea he's being annoying because he's tottes crushing on her. XD However, I get the feeling Woo Bin is picking up on that and going to take advantage, he, himself is interested in Sunny. I keep replaying that catch scene, and you cannot tell me, WB didn't purposely push the Emperor out the way, dude was perfectly in place to catch Sunny. But then the expression on WB's face...LMAO But I still worry for Sunny cause LH's...interest in his Empress will likely escalate the more he thinks she's into WB or deluding himself into thinking she's playing hard to get.*sighs* Sunny's choices are a hot-headed Tsundere fueled by wrathful vengeance and a Yandere with a WELL bucket of issues... Ehh, a positive to take from this? They're both sexy XD
  15. I'm always surprised with every new episode. I can no longer try to predict what will happen! The torture scenes didn't bother me too much, it seems fitting when you remember the royal family is supposed to be a bit archaic in it's ways, even if their practices are outdated in the modern era. And I think people tend to forget that this show plays out in a lot of ways like a historical drama just in the present era. I get the feeling, it's not so much the torture scenes themselves that bother people but rather how it casts Woo Bin's character. Being extremely cruel when he feels betrayed or throwing a tantrum is just another Tuesday for Lee Hyuk, but WB seemingly looking unaffected at Yu Ra's torture makes him seem too cruel for his revenge and feeling he might become too involved with his revenge it consumes him, making him unredeemable, thus leaves no room for romance...XD People are thirsty for the love line XD ...But...like, he does seem put off with the extreme methods LH's using to torture Yu Ra and showing concern or even suggesting the Emperor tone it down, might make LH suspicious??? Yea, he also wants her to suffer (this is a revenge drama) too...IDK, i suppose it's a matter of perspective in this regard. For me, Woo Bin is being fueled by his anger right now but he hasn't gone too far...yet. I want romance as much as the next person but, I knew from ep 1 it would take a back seat to everything else. And even if it becomes more prominent later on, depending on where the writer is going with this story, they might have to keep it on the low to avoid another scandal??? And then there's Lee Hyuk...*sighs* who seems hellbent on acting like a child who complains over another kid liking the toy he discarded but now wants back. XD His facial expressions I can't! Dude doesn't even realize he likes Sunny XD, it's hilarious and sad. Though I hope Sunny exposing ED too soon doesn't end up foiling her plans, like, I don't want ED getting any headway in trying to weasel her way out of paying for her misdeeds. With how this show has been written and the pacing of things getting revealed, I do feel confident that writernim has something bigger in store. Again, whatever happens I'm here for it! Just hope Yu Ra doesn't reveal WB is WS if she does find out in tonight's/tomorrow's episode. O.o
  16. Thx for the welcome @philosophie yeah, i rly tend to theorize the most crazy stuff when it comes to k-dramas, they tend to follow a predictable formula. XD so i wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that there's more birth secrets in the near future. I haven't seen everything made by this writer but I did watch, Jang Bo Ri and Geum Sa Wol and I noticed this particular writer loves to give her female leads modest backgrounds only for it to be revealed later that bam! They actually come from influential families XD. As much as I can't stand MYR, I feel it's too soon for her to kick the bucket yet. There's still the mystery of Grandmama's murder and LH still doesn't know the full scope of her involvement with WS's mother's death. If not, then I wonder how the rest of this is going to play out. But if MYR does come back to take revenge on LH i hope they don't do a complete 180 and make her all of a sudden a good guy, it just wouldn't make sense with her character. With the pacing of this drama, I hope this week's episodes shed some light onto the mystery behind that Island. I wasn't expecting to get anything about the argument that led to So Hyun's death this week. So, it's possible we may get a little something about this island. Whatever ED is hiding there might be the very thing to bring the Imperial family down. It's gotta be something more than some hidden slush fund or stolen money. It sounds to hold way too much importance for that. As for this impending love triangle: It's about to be a hot mess! XD But if it plays out the way I think it will, Sunny and Woo Bin got their work cut out for them because Lee Hyuk is so about to be that one crazy friend that doesn't realize he's the awkward 3rd wheel that nobody wants. All in all, I just hope this show doesn't end with WB dying....I did NOT watch this drama to be denied JNR's x CJH's characters not ending up together at the end...AGAIN! Yes, i still feel a bit salty over fated to love you. XD
  17. Hello! Long time lurker, finally decided to make an account to join the discussions on current dramas every now and then. I usually wait for dramas to be completely finished before binge watching them, especially if they're this good! But I when I heard that I would see JNR and CJH star in a new drama I HAD to watch this! I needed something new to obsess over since I binged watched 100 Days my Prince and waiting for full eng subs of Love Alert. I usually stick to tumblr to rant about my love of this drama but tumblr has been a real pain to deal with and I'm tired of not seeing my posts appear in the tags over there. Ugh.. So I tend to write...ALOT when I'm gushing/ranting and making way out there theories for shows I like, so to not blind you guys with my wall of text everything is in a spoiler/cut tag. XD Remember my out there, i doubt will come true theory is a theory! But it's a theory based on the usual trope of the birth secret that's always relevant to k-dramas when wealth and inheritances play a major part of the plot.
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