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  1. What I want to say i LOVE this drama so much. A lot of lesson.Every single scene and character gives u special feeling, view and perception.Like Hari said decision you make not for other people to judge it right or wrong. You go through it and take lesson from it. I just love the relationship.between H and Y is so matured. In reality it must be so hard to face the society even your close family. Even Euddeum shows maturity towards his feeling. Either you are single ( young or middle age), couple with no intention to have kids, couple with kids, career women or single father/mother have different journey and challenge. Ep. 12 for me has various feeling in it..i cried and laughed like crazy. I think finally jaeyoung will slowly accepted hari's feeling and friend with Yisang.
  2. This is my fav too When I heard this song the most memorable scene when yisang going to the urologist at ep 6..the feel And the second scene i like the most with this song..when yisang with his monologue during firework on ep. 8..LOVEE
  3. I love the lesson from this drama wrote up by her! Every single event happen in our life give different lesson to us at any stages or age. Different people have different acceptance towards the event, in this drama every character shows it.
  4. One thing to notice the cinematography of this drama is beautifully awesome especially when the scene involved Hari-Yisang. Hopefully someone can make the collection of all their scene so far @Ameera Ali hehe
  5. Ep 7 shows a tense moment between Hari and Isang. I feel so sad for both. Hopefully the writer will bring the plot to Hari's feeling vs her need urgency for baby and fold.it properly. When watching this drama i'm keep thinking sometimes we tend to think marriage, kids, career is always the ultimate goal of life, however god always plan the best for you, HE didnt gives you what you need but what is necessary for you I loveeee episode 8 The scene where the infertile couple received a good news feels so significant to Hari- Isang. Hopefully the plot wil bring us to that point and shows the journey in a good way even realistically it is painful. Surrounding with friends counter with the infertility issues..i think this drama is a good rare to shows such awareness.
  6. Last week episode also funny and hilarious..i thought the flour game will be bored..i laughed a lot at that game
  7. I just love how this drama play with people perception. We always see what we need sometimes we forget to see what others facing in their life. EMPATHY! I love how the writer reveal slowly yi sang's problem which hopefully the direction will be opened to Ha Ri for them to face it together. Finally love life is about complement for each other.
  8. I just love this dram..it is light in drama way but the insight is heavy
  9. This week episode agais is funny and hilarious..really love the plot twist for the sleeping order. I loved when they took the test..its funny..still remember last season when joo hyuk was still there..they took the exam too
  10. I just love this week episode..long time not to betrayal last season we have Kim Junho. The plot twist at the voting part make me laugh the whole time Now seems everyone have gel to each other.
  11. This week for video making..it was so funny..they seems.so comfortable with each other now..cant wait.for next week
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