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  1. I'm out..feel like been betray by the writernim-.. For me i'm invested to this drama due to their initial synopsis.
  2. Love this scene.. how loyal is WS character..such a short scene but it gives a lot of value.
  3. What I like about Sunny-WS relationship, they never declared loudly on their feeling. Their relationship is just lingering between their inner feeling. They realised their feeling is forbidden at this stage. Their characters shows a lot of WHAT does it mean by emotion CONTROL. Since Sunny still an empress, this situation will not be labelled as Sunny as the culprit in LH-Sunny marriage. Writer still preserve the pride of Sunny as empress and a good side of a good woman. Compared to LH which obviously has forbidden relationships while still in marriage.
  4. Agree with you! People keep asking to give LH a chance. A few chances have been given, but seems LH didnt feel remorseful at all. The focus of this drama is on the top people always manipulate the people at the bottom! Even LH has a bad upbringing history still he is the emperor, I just hope that one second he really has a firm stand and not influence by his surroundings (Then you are a good leader). Lets just finish this drama to the end..next week is final week! Lets enjoy the ride Even my dissappointment on CJH - JN loveline caused it seems blurry (As my initial intention watching this drama is because of them)
  5. Watch all the scenes of LH and sunny from last week episode..seems people is ignoring the message from sunny dialogue.. 1. When they having camping..LH says this is like honey moon..but sunny says their honeymoon have been destroyed right after the crane incident..sunny said " you cant delete the moment" 2. When sunny met LH in his room after LH cried alone..she said he believed him..however during the BACKHUG sunny said "stay silence is also a crime" There are more a few dialogues like writer wants to convey through sunny behind the one side lovey dovey scene between sunny and LH but this 2 are my favourite
  6. NEW OST PART 5 The song feels .....is so sad.. it feels like represent CWB/OSN love story! https://youtu.be/KTjsBk2Q_Gs
  7. In real life, I prefer this kind of character, you feel safe around this kind of man If too loud, too funny, too animated, for the beginning it will be nice, for the longer time it will be irritating plus if that person doesn't have firm stand
  8. Im also wondering when LH said to sunny @laivla..if she knows the truth..she will leave him..there is still a lot to be revealed on all the murder cases.. Even the revelation of KH as a murderer is not from the view of witness or someone confession. About sunny feeling towards wb/ws it still doesnt show much..mayb after she knows the bomb ticking of WS then she will realise her real feeling.
  9. Woobin deserves happy ending.. For the first time im crying at the part when WB send sunny to her room after the harsh training.. How hard it is for him to keep all his feeling by himself..i believed so hyun's farther knows that NWS already fall in love with sunny based on their conversation after the met with the doctor. NWS doesnt have any freedom since his mom was dead..he cant show his feeling towards DS and sunny freely At least for sunny she still has her farther and sister..
  10. https://youtu.be/Bxeoz6Gg5IE Latest OST 4 by jimin for TLE..i dont have the lyric translation yet..seems from the video..emphasis the sadness of Sunny and WB
  11. There was interview of fated to love you..CJH told the reporter..CJH and JNR friends with park kyung lim since before CJH debut..PKL brought CJH to JNR house even played go stop together with her mother..JNR mother called CJH gi stop boy when she saw CJH in Gu family book drama ..hehe
  12. Of course JNR and CJH seems close as they have been friend for almost 10 years before CJH debut..CJH has mentioned about this from a few interviews Both of them close with park kyung lim. Even PKL sent coffee truck during this shooting to both of them.
  13. @jbeanie1709 yes i agree with.you with NWS character..he.doesnt have so much dialogue..most of the time the character have to deal with inner emotion..only can be done by the eye and facial expression..this obviously can be seen in the first half of the drama..before the dorkiness of LH started. The crying scene when burying his mother such a really sad moment..followed by crying with dongshik huhu but people is blinded with dorkiness of emperor
  14. Agree.Then this is right away like in the synopsis, Sunny will find TRUE LOVE!
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