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  1. I'm pretty sure they didn't end up finding out his true identify. His daughter did try to seduce him in the movie so I imagine her finding out his true identify would be incredibly awkward. We don't have that issue in this kdrama so I think they will find out. Especially since Jiho just realized that Wooyoung and SiA's dad look and act exactly the same.
  2. I'm suffering from Once Again withdrawals and decided to sub Lee Cho Hee and Lee Sang Yi's radio interview with Kim Young Chul. Click English-United States CC for the subs. Highlights include Cho Hee singing Hug Me by 10cm, DaJae couple cuteness and a reenactment of Jae Seok serenading Da Hee with Little Star. I will be translating their other radio show soon so stay tuned :))
  3. I was considering picking this drama back up again after episode 100 but judging from the comments, I think I'd rather not. What a pity.
  4. I respect that. I'm not surprised that they shut that possiblity down so as to not cause any rumours between them. Oh well :)) hope to see them in more commercials and tv shows in the future
  5. I had a passing thought today about how I was looking forward to a Once Again episode after a full day of uni work. Then quickly had the sad realization that the show's over :(( I do know that there's a show replacing it (Starring Jin Ki Joo who I loved in Secret Life of My Secretary.) But will probably wait for it to air for a couple weeks first before getting invested in another 50 ep drama haha it really is a marathon.
  6. Looks like KBS1 is broadcasting a typhoon update tonight instead of Brilliant Heritage
  7. I'm looking forward to seeing Ga On and GGO spending quality time together in tomorrow's episode. From the preview, it seems like Meghan runs into GGO waiting for Ga On at her school and is just plain rude to the both of them. No surprise here. Judging from her scream of frustration, it won't go as planned and Ga On will reject her mom and hang out with GGO instead.
  8. rough subs as I don't have much time today :(( SA: you should've told me when GO went to you! what did you tell her? Meg: the truth SA: what? Meg: she should know the truth. SA, we should take responsibility for GO together. its been 15 years that you've lived as GO's dad, it shouldn't just be your responsibility SA: what are you saying? Meg: I ran into GGO near the entrance of your house waiting for GO. She's the person you have in your heart, right? SA: yes, that's right Meg: how long has it been? what sort of relationship is it that she waits for GO? she said that their relati
  9. SA: How did you find out? GO: It must be true. SA: What? GO: I made it all up. I thought it might be a possibility but it was true! It was true! That dad, you are not my real dad! SA: Ga On-ah GO: When people said that you and I looked nothing alike, I just ignored their words thinking that it was nonsense. No matter how I think about it, if you weren't my dad then why did you raise me? I was scared thinking about it. If it is true, what am I to do? If you aren't my dad, what am I to do? Why did you keep this hidden from me until now? SA: Ga-On ah! Look at me/believe me (?) SA: Ga On-ah! Wh
  10. Am I the only one losing interest in this drama? I stopped watching full episodes once Secretary Ha got hit by the car. I still watch a few random clips on YT and might come back to it later if the writer manages to somehow pull off this makjang plot. But at the moment, 1 daily drama (Brilliant Heritage) is enough for me haha
  11. SA: Yes? GO: Dad, Mom she.. SA: What about your mom? GO: Mom sent me gifts and a letter SA: Oh. And? GO: Shall I read it to you? Ga On-ah, it's Mom. Mom has missed you so much. You don't know how happy I was to meet you. However Ga On-ah, there is a secret you need to know... SA: Ga On-ah! GO: ...to tell you the truth, the person whom you call your dad now... SA: Ga On-ah! GO: .... is not your biological father! SA: How did you find out? GO: It must be true. SA: What? GO: The fact that I
  12. I think the family is under the impression that she is his daughter but certainly have their suspicions, with her not looking much like SA. Rough trans of what Ga On overheard Ae Ri and GG saying: AR: She (Meghan) looks like GO. GG: Of course! Ga On doesn't look like SA so she must look like her mom. AR: But, is SA really her biological dad? No matter how I think about it, SA is not the type of person to have an accident like that. GG: If SA isn't her father, then who is? I still can't wrap my head around it (I think he is referri
  13. Rough trans of ep 93's synopsis Gaon, who spoke to Seorak with a fake letter, runs out of the house unable to process the shocking truth. Meanwhile, Jung Geon is with Minjoo and gets caught by traffic control. He is asked for an ID... 미리보기 가짜 편지로 설악을 떠본 가온은 충격적인 사실을 견디지 못하고 집을 박차고 나간다. 한편 정건은 민주와 함께 있다가 교통단속에 걸려 신분증을 요구받게 되는데...
  14. The actors and actresses who play Ga Hee, Hyo Shin, Jae Seok and Da Hee will be appearing on Knowing Brothers! The episode will be taped on 10 Sept with the broadcast date scheduled for 19 Sept. Finally! More variety appearances for this cast! :)) https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/609/0000318085
  15. That kiss was pathetic on SA's behalf, thank goodness there was not much reciprocation on GGO's part. She did a good job standing up for herself and making the boundaries clear between them instead of having a wishy washy "some" not here nor there. Now that Ga On has found out about her mom, hopefully the sooner Megan can go back to where she came from. Her story is so extremely fishy, at this point I really cannot feel sympathy for her. Honestly, I feel so exhausted with these daily dramas (Brilliant Heritage and Mom has an Affair), I don't have the energy to keep up.
  16. BTS for the last 2 episodes. I really want to know what Sang Yi and Cho Hee were talking about in the last part haha
  17. Nahee's mother annoys me, I disliked her when she only thought about herself and gave Nahee the cold shoulder for way more time than necessary. She knew that her daughter had a miscarriage and needed emotional support but chose to selfishly torture her daughter. Use your words for heaven's sakes. I feel like the actress also overacts in some scenes. Gyujin's mom's reaction fits with her overbearing, overly emotional character. I liked how they showed how conflicted she was in accepting Dahee with her holding the handkerchief and crying at the table padding/dinner Dahee made.
  18. maybe EJ pays off the doctor to say that SH is infertile when it's really her who can't have kids. but SH and his mom know it is bull because he fathered Min Ho
  19. I just wanted to say that I'm really loving the OST for this drama, from the more upbeat intro songs to the ballads. All so catchy and such easy listening. My favorites are J-Cera - 아름다운 구속 (Beautiful Redemption), Shin Ji Hoon - 내 사랑 내 곁에 (My Love by My Side), Song I Han - 괜찮지가 않아 (It's Not Okay), Coda Bridge - 그대만 보여요 (I Only See You) and Han Kyung Il - 지금 만나러 갑니다 (I'm Going To See You Now). What about you all?
  20. Cheong Ah chose the wrong strategy. The way she tried to approach him and "seduce" him in the pool scene was just so uncalled for and left a bad taste in my mouth. She should've showed up and thanked SA for taking care of her kid first. And then tried to get close to Ga On and really bond with her. Then SA would be more likely to be open to her for the sake of making a family for Ga On even though he isn't her real dad. Her character looked so innocent in the flashbacks, I wonder what happened to her. However, the more annoying she gets the better for GGO/SA/GO so that she dis
  21. I agree with you @dramaninja, I think it was a good idea for PJ to cover for EJ. If she told SH the truth, EJ would've still tried to make her life miserable and get her mom to fire her. It makes no difference. At least now PJ has something to hold over EJ's head.
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