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  1. Congrats to our Once Again crew! Just translated another radio interview of Lee Sangyi and Lee Chohee if anyone's interested in reminiscing after seeing them win all those awards:)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cdx6eMJFxC0 They are so giggly in this one and give some great song recs too!
  2. I'm pretty sure they didn't end up finding out his true identify. His daughter did try to seduce him in the movie so I imagine her finding out his true identify would be incredibly awkward. We don't have that issue in this kdrama so I think they will find out. Especially since Jiho just realized that Wooyoung and SiA's dad look and act exactly the same.
  3. I'm suffering from Once Again withdrawals and decided to sub Lee Cho Hee and Lee Sang Yi's radio interview with Kim Young Chul. Click English-United States CC for the subs. Highlights include Cho Hee singing Hug Me by 10cm, DaJae couple cuteness and a reenactment of Jae Seok serenading Da Hee with Little Star. I will be translating their other radio show soon so stay tuned :))
  4. I was considering picking this drama back up again after episode 100 but judging from the comments, I think I'd rather not. What a pity.
  5. I respect that. I'm not surprised that they shut that possiblity down so as to not cause any rumours between them. Oh well :)) hope to see them in more commercials and tv shows in the future
  6. I had a passing thought today about how I was looking forward to a Once Again episode after a full day of uni work. Then quickly had the sad realization that the show's over :(( I do know that there's a show replacing it (Starring Jin Ki Joo who I loved in Secret Life of My Secretary.) But will probably wait for it to air for a couple weeks first before getting invested in another 50 ep drama haha it really is a marathon.
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