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  1. This would give us more ground on how Dr. Yoon would confidently know the family secret. But then again, even Sekyung doesn't seem to know what exactly the secret is. She just knows she doesn't remember their "birth" mother either and that the stepmom hated her.
  2. Yes, I posted about this too. It is possible that Dr. Yoon knew how Jiheon had been treating Eunho.. Also I'm rewatching ep 13 (25-26) right now and I just realized something. I think it might not have been Eunho who framed Director Song. If one of the earlier posts was correct, Eunho did not see the director as a bad person and understood that he turned out that way bec he was also physically abused as a child. He was indeed heartbroken when he realized the director threw him under the bus, but was he really plotting against the director? I think it might have been Dr. Yoon who framed him as Red Cry as revenge for letting Eunho be framed in his place. When Jiheon was getting the CCTV, Eunho was straight up answering his questions that the director can't be red cry bec he's lazy and he knew it wouldn't be believable. Now as for the leak of the news, I'm not sure if it was purely Dr. Yoon or they planned it both together. But it would make sense Eunho would want the center to fall, yet it was likely that Dr. Yoon thought of leaving out details about the victims being child abusers. aksdjkadklahf even with Eunho gone, I still can't stop analyzing things askjdakldjah help
  3. I'm still not fully convinced. I don't think WK lied bec that's must have been what she saw in that moment in Eunho's eyes. Maybe I'm in denial, but in my mind, I believe Eunho did intend to kill her and save her from misery at first, but that moment of hesitation when WK said she's Eunseo's mother and killing her would make him a murderer in Eunseo's eyes, and kept talking about how their situation is really what misery means, Eunho lowered his rifle. I think at that moment, he may have changed his mind and then just went on with his suicide by cop. Although at the same time, I think he probably would have shot her somewhere less fatal, with both a chance to live and a chance to die. My heart just hurts that it had to be Jiheon who shot him. Now I'm afraid if in the final episode, it is likely Dr. Yoon could release the grudge on Jiheon for killing his (alleged) brother. Ofc Dr. Yoon being the brain would make a lot of sense, tho I'm also under the impression that they're almost equally planning things together. Eunho would have told Dr. Yoon about the dead bird bec it would have bothered him like it bother WK. That, together with WK's reports and Hana's session with him would have uncovered Hana's secret. Both Eunho and Dr. Yoon are also familiar with Siwan. Dr. Yoon would be more knowledgeable about everything, figuring things out from a doctor's perspective, while Eunho would be giving him more from the abused/victim's perspective and probably if anything was enough to judge and kill the parent. Since Sora's mom was in contact with Red Cry through the black chat, she was probably speaking to Dr. Yoon instead of Eunho, which was why the murder of the husband was so clever was almost immediately closed as a suicide tho it was Eunho who did the act. I was a little hesitant whether Eunho could have fought and won Hana's dad barehand, but given that the dad was drunk and Eunho did seem to serve his duty in the army (thus having rifle specialty), yeah, I think he would have. Dr. Yoon does physically seem stronger than Eunho but he doesn't look like he would be as brutal as Eunho who was indeed broken as a person and had so much grudge against abusive parents. - Which now makes me wonder if he was also the one who killed Siwan's dad? Could it be the mom? I just saw the teaser for the next ep OMG finally Sooyoung's backstory. I really deeply wish she wasn't sexually abused too. >_<
  4. Can I just say I am amazed at how so many of the theories thrown in here turned out to be correct lol I unsubscribed to this forum to avoid major spoilers but now I have watched the most recent ep. First off, Okay my heart aches for both Eunho and Jiheon T__T And truthfully, Jiheon may be right that no matter how many times he replayed the scene in his head, Eunho may never have shot Wookyung. But thank god for Wookyung comforting him and thanking him for saving her life. That must have eased him up a little bit. Now we go to Red Cry and omg I got confused for a bit and was so upset bec I thought Eunho just stupidly covered everything up to protect someone if he wasn't the real culprit. But he was the culprit and it was all true. Eunho was Red Cry, the very person who was killing and leaving lines of poetry everywhere. It could have only been him. Except he was not alone. I do not want to think that Dr. Yoon was manipulating him, esp since we now know they're most likely brothers (AND HE SHED TEARS FOR EUNHO). Rather, they were accomplices. Eunho was the one chatting through the secret website (hey, that's hakyeon's hands for sure!) But he wasn't the one using the Black Chat, took the envelop and beat up Jiheon. I don't think we can doubt Eunho's role in all this. He is Red Cry but he is not the only Red Cry. (Then again we still have two more eps and I'd be really frustrated if we get played again.) Truthfully, after last week, I was afraid I would lose interest if we were only left with the mystery of the green dress, but now I am excited again. And very much interested too, seeing as Dr. Yoon has a varied approach. He looked at Seokwoo's mom as someone he could heal, but he was all murderous with Siwan's Dad. Is it bad that I want us to have another case despite only having 2 eps left? Now for the GGD, I think we can all agree that CWK is the real CWK. The real SK died, and then they brought in the stepmom's daughter who had been left to her grandma to make her the new SK. The only question now is why. Who abused the real SK? Was it the dad? the birth mom? the stepmom? or WK?
  5. Oooh this makes so much sense! I was honestly thinking why he did not plan to kill the director too, but you are right. He told Wookyung that there is more to his relationship with him, and that was that they were both physically abused. He understood why the director turned out to have anger management issues same as how he turned out to be a vigilante bec of the abuse they suffered. Thank you for helping me make sense of it.
  6. I don't blame people for expecting more plot twists, but I stand by what I said before that honestly, I think the plot twist to Red Cry is that the writer made it so obvious that we wouldn't believe it's Eunho. We've seen Eunho lie plenty of times before, like not seeing bit na, not knowing about hana's sibling, etc. pretending he didn't know the dead body was a woman could also be just a lie, bec even if he wasn't the real Red Cry, there was no way REd Cry would even have heard of Hana's case if Eunho did not tell him. Eunho was the only person who could have seen Hana and her mom at the center and would know that they were living in it. He was the only one who had seen them rammaging the garbage for food. If he wasn't the culprit, he would have been at least the person who posted it on the secret website. But he is the culprit. He could still be in touch with Kim Min Ki (another lie i suppose he told jiheon) or Dr. Park/someone else must have said the same thing Wookyung said before. But I really believe it was all Eunho. He wasn't alone being the mastermind. He was with Dr. Park and Min Ha Jung. But he definitely was the hooded person and the one behind the black chat. With th remaining three eps, I am hoping to tie some loose ends like if the accident of Seok Woo's mom was still part of it, Jiheon and Sooyoung's backstory, and of course the girl in the green dress. I'm still waiting for the reveal of Jiheon's ex, if she had a miscarriage or if Jiheon wanted her to get abortion, because that would definitely heighten the charavter development jiheon had throughout the drama. I am also re-thinking that Mr. Yoon's case was indeed in the judement room and Eunho purposely set it up for the Director to kill him, because now we know that he didn't just have issues about abuse but also abandonment. He maybe wasn't sure that the Director would have killed Mr. Yoon, but maybe he thought that if he did end up dying, he would deserve it for cancelling the adoption of his kid. I don't doubt that the pain he showed us when he was arrested was true, buuuut do note that he had been letting the director take loans and he knew of all the transactions which would eventually lead to the downfall of the center. Maybe he didn't have the guts to kill them directly so soon, but he had been planning to take his revenge way longer than we thought.
  7. Honestly, knowing that the writer of this drama was also the one behind Achiara was the reason why I was so sure Eunho would be Red Cry. Lmao I mean it's great writing and I also had my doubts from time to time, but I remember Achiara doing something like making viewers want to think that this person was innocent only for him to br the culprit in the end. But now we talk about the Episode god I have legit tears in my eyes right as I am typing this. My heart still aches for Eunho. ㅠㅠ When he was ripping the poetry book pages jisoos christ. And the poetic justice of his revenge on the head director just gave me goosebumps. <Hakyeon I am so proud of you> That said, even when he said he was really gonna kill wookyung for her own sake, it was pretty obvious he wanted the police to kill him there, and it was just heartbreaking >_< he said he needed Wookyung's help after all, and let himself be tracked. Can I also just say, god the way Jiheon looks at Eunho changed so much after the previous night's ep and even when he found out Eunho was Red Cry and shot Eunho, Jiheon looked at him with warmth, worry, sympathy. He wasn't so much looking at things as black and white as before with murder just being murder, because now we see him looking at a murderer with pain and compassion ans wanting him to live. I would definitely say it was more than just about catching a criminal to put in jail. He knew of Eunho's abusive past and he understands the motive, regardless of the horrible crimes he committed. Aaaahhhh we still have three episodes. I hope even if Eunho would die in the end, we would still get some time with him in the coming eps. I want to see more of Jiheon and Eunho's conversations. I want to hear how this case changed Jiheon's views and for Eunho to be able to know it but also get to understand why his way of "saving the children" could still not be considered heroic. Although of course I would want him to live. Serve his sentence and turn his life around. Idk he probably wouldnt get paroled bec of the number of murders, but I badly want him to live.
  8. Okay, going back and reading this, now I think it would definitely make me sad if Eunho really is Red Cry and Jiheon would go back to prove his initial bias against him. While it is true that Jiheon started suspecting him bec of the circumstances and not bec if his background, Jiheon had been learning to question his first impressions and prejudice against the people around him and it would indeed be pointless if he had been right all along. Although on the other hand, given that Jiheon himself had also changed, as we see him wishing death on Hana's dad as well as saying it's good that he died, and now also learning about Eumho's backstory, it could be that even as he catch Red Cry, whether it's Eunho or not, he would not see things as black and white as he first did. He would always do the right thing and would always believe that murder is murder, but maybe he would now understand the reasons behind a person's actions and would not only blame the culprit but the people and the society who made the criminal the way he is. I am still leaning towards Eunho being Red Cry but really, anything could happen. Besides, if Eunho had no proper education, wpuld he have been able to hack/facilitate the secret site? I am also hoping we would get to see Kim Min Gi in the show. Can't wait for the next ep!
  9. Ahahaha I made the same mistake too. I was only going to check Haebin's new OST but was like, well, since the ep was about Eunho, I.should listen to Hakyeon's song again... And it just... Made me cry aksgskahakahakam
  10. I thought about this for a moment too, while watching that scene. "I survived" because she convinced him to confess or because she was a tool used to escape detection? Ahh I would also like to add to my previous post, that if the director was pinned as Red Cry and Jiheon knows that the head director was abusive, then they wouldn't be surprised if the head director ever gets judged. Albeit, Director is still in prison, they could take it as a case where in the punishment was executed by one of the other members on the site somehow.
  11. HMMMMMM... Okay. I just finished watching the episode and now I am torn. Ever since I saw the teaser up to when I was watching Eunho's backstory, I was thinking oh, okay, now maybe I can cross him out from being Red Cry. God my heart ached for him (also kudos to hakyeon for a good performance). It's not because he was still being abused, but because of his conversation with Wookyung, telling her not to step in, and also trying so hard to protect the director. He endured the abuse no matter how many people told him to get away. Also that person who told him he was being used and brainwashed by the father and son made me think he was also being urged by Red Cry to fight back. However, by the last 5 minutes of the episode, I was confused again and kinda going back to Team Eunho is Red Cry. A part of me thinks that Eunho was judging the other abusers and saving the children on behalf of himself who cannot get away from his abusers. He knew in his head that he was being abused but his heart was clinging on to the hope that the Songs were his family. So instead of punishing them, he was seeking out justice for other kids who need help. The person who told him he was being brainwashed might be Kim Min Gi for all we know. It could be anyone who knew of the abuse. But I'm suddenly doubting if it was Red Cry, because if Red Cry knew of it, wouldn't he have punished the director sooner? If he knew Eunho was being brainwashed, wouldn't he have done something to convince him? This could be an overreach, but what if Eunho planned it all? Director Song said Mr. Yoon was "threatening to tell his father" (of embezzlement) which led to accidentally killing him, but he went to beat up Eunho for "stabbing him at the back and telling his father". What if Eunho told the head director of his son's gambling and put the blame on Mr. Yoon, knowing the director had anger management issues. OOORRR say, Eunho only found out about the murder as he said, after picking up the director's laundry from the shop and getting the sd card for the CCTV. He could have been ready to take the blame for his so-called family, but then during Wookyung's visit, he realized just how much he was being used by the director. Ggoddamn you can see on his face the exact moment his heart broke when he realized Director wanted him to keep taking the blame. And after that it was like ahhhh, it's the last straw. And when he revealed the truth, he was even harassed with a rifle by the head director, and finally, he decided he would punish them. Yes, he cared for them and treated them as family, but maybe this case was his final trial before judging them? Truth be told, I got creeps when he was talking on the phone with Wookyung while watching the director walk. If that was the case, it then makes more sense to me that he would frame the director of being Red Cry. Remember that PJH was burned like her child was burned. Seokwoo's mom was hit by a truck like her son died of car accident (though she survived it). Now Director Song was being framed, like Eunho had been wrongly accused. And then Eunho being Red Cry would also give sense to him reading Leper while facing his very own abuser. "When the moon rises above the barley fields, a child gets eaten" referring to the act of abuse - it was like he was finally acknowledging all those years of torment that he endured. And the line that he could finally do what he wanted to do meant that he can finally see things clearly and can pass his judgement to his abusers. Thoughts? hahaha But still, because my heart aches for him, if he does turn out to be Red Cry, I might rip my hair off. Dr. Yoon still isn't off my radar, but if he was Red Cry, what role does he play on Eunho's case?
  12. HOLY SHAHSHSGJSSHJAHAGAGA AAAAHHHHHHHH Well, we already guessed the Director would be abusive towards Eunho... And I had a feeling Red Cry would go after him later on, but... Now I'm curious how it happened and if it would really be Eunho or Red Cry <or both, in case they're the same person>. Since Red Cry is acting a little more violent and the crimes seem a little less planned lately, I wonder if he's killing on a whim now without masking it anymore as suicide or covered crimes. And if it's really Eunho who did it, I wonder if Red Cry pushed him to do it like they have pushed PYT and MHJ to execute the punishments. I feel bad that 3 cases have involved Eunho now tho. Jiheon won't let him off now akdhsjhsjsshja
  13. I just thought of something. Remember when Siwan asked Eunho what happened to the girl who used to draw with him? I wouldn't be surprised if Eunho lied about not knowing Hana, but Hana seemed to genuinely know him as just the sand man. What if the girl in the red dress was not Siwan's sister? What if it was another girl who lived in the center and used to color with Eunho? As for the BTS, Rovix posts quite a few but they are of course focused on Hakyeon. You can check @/Realvixx on twitter if you want. Hakyeon and Yi Kyung are so cute together lol There's also Kim Sun Ah and Hakyeon dancing together ajdhsjshjs https://twitter.com/hakyeonsvixxen/status/1079033635091603456?s=19
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