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  1. Hello Everyone! Today December 20-26 2018 I have watched "Pretty Man" on netflix. Yes, I finished 28 episodes within 6 Days cuz I'm such an addict for telenovelas in Korean, Chinese and Japanese! It is a beautiful show it also has nice songs my favorite song was sung by Li XiRui & Xiong Zi Qi So I would totally recomend this show to you because it is such a beautiful show that I hoped there will be a Season 2/Part 2 of it cuz in the last episode its seems like Xiangsi is carrying Jiamu's baby and she was just pretending that she's married and got pregnant by another man. As for Anhao/QiaoQiao and Jinnian in the ending Ruchu asked Anhao to deliver the milk to Jinnian's mom and I think it has sleeping pills on it. For people/s who lived in China kindly inform me if there is a season 2 of Pretty Man coming. Thank you!! It would be my pleasure to thank you if yo informed me about it. -A fan from Philippines
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