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  1. Saw a clip on insta, Kjk is locked inside a glass box, Jsm is teasing Kjk and he's smiling looking at her
  2. In this episode, before they start the last game, Kjk is tapping his stomach a few times and Jsm turns to him and slightly strokes his upper arm. Maybe he wasn't 100% fit that day?
  3. Haters went to Kingkong's insta to leave their crazy comments on the post of Somin's photoshoot
  4. I want to know what Korean fans think about kookmin. A few days ago on Jsm's post, a Korean fan tagged Kjk and asked him to comment.
  5. Saw some kookmin moments on insta but can't embed insta links now
  6. Last two days we got many kookmin feels. Their moments on the show and oppa liked Jsm's 2 recents posts. Finally after 2 months not seeing kookmin direct interactions on the show they gave us sone heart fluttering moments Btw Jsm got a new nickname from Kjk, doctor Jeon lol. But why tho? He also called her dr. Romantic lol.
  7. Kjk has liked one of Jsm's new posts, the movie one. Maybe he likes the movie too. Can i be delulu and think they were watching it together?
  8. The way he grabbed her hand looks so natural
  9. Sorry didn't see if someone has posted it
  10. She must have went hiking with Wookmin. His phone is black too. The song is sad tho. Sounds like a breakup song.
  11. That spartace page deleted comments and blocked people who confronted them. A friend told me they disabled the comment section under that post after someone asked them what they would say about Lks pulled Jk's pants down or when he stripped Jk down and left him naked on camera. But we know Ks is not a bad person. Although Jk must have been feeling embarrassed those times but they are still good friends until now. That account said that Jk is their bias but we know that who their real bias is. When I read comments under that spartace post (before the comment section got closed) I saw a Jk fanpage also diss Jsm. But I'm questioning if they are really Jk's fan tho. That fanpage follows more 7012, sjh and spartace accounts that Kjk fan accounts
  12. Shy shy shy Jsm's version lol I think Kjk likes her version
  13. I can't help thinking that they met up yesterday