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  1. Couldn't find jongkook_somin1 but there's jongkook_somin10 just like a poster above said i think they changed their username. This account reminds me of sominjongkookcouple which is known for their over the top captions and comments too. Jsm's fans have shown their dislike towards thst sominjongkookcouple and think that's jsm's hater This jongkook_somin10 is using jsm's picture as their profile picture. All the kookmin accounts use kookmin pictures for their profile pictures. I can't tell what their intentions are but jsm and her fans will be the ones get the hate
  2. Hi fellow Somin's fans if you have instagram please show some love and support for Somin by writing nice things on her instagram. The haters are really trying hard to bring her down. What we should do those trash? Trigger warning!!!!
  3. As a Jsm's fan myself i'm sorry to say this to you but you are getting annoying. I'm sorry for being harsh. You can ship Jsm with anyone you like but this thread is for Kookmin!!!! You can create your own thread for other Jsm ships you want.
  4. Thanks to Kjk I know that : 1. Jsm watched and liked Be Melodramatic. And I think he watched it too cause he knew Doyeon was just in a drama. Here is the made up conversation I have in my mind between kookmin. Kjk " somina what are you doing? " Jsm " watching a drama oppa" Kjk " which one? " Jsm " be Melodramatic " Kjk " is it good? " Jsm " yes oppa. I like it. Oppa should watch it" Kjk "ok I will" Once again i'm being delulu 2. Jsm lives in Yongsan, near Sookmyung Women University. There are many waffle stores near her ho
  5. My delulu mind wants to think the same but the dates of the pictures were taken are not the same.
  6. Too bad some haters were present during her live tho But she didn't seem affected. Hoping she has a good rest and beautiful dreams
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