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  1. I don't know if it has been posted on here before or not, so i decided to post it. tvN posted it 2 months ago so it's not new. But they didn't upload it on YouTube. I think this clip is beautiful. And i really really like the song. They picked a beautiful song for this clip
  2. Found this on YouTube, a collection of our fave drama OSTs and background music. It's still so hard to move on
  3. I'm still feeling a bit emotional right now. This drama was the only show i was looking forward to every week. But i'm glad that everyone lived a happy life in the end, not just our OTP. MD found love, teacher and doctors got back together again, grandma with dementia found strength and support from people around her and DM got a friend someone his age. That boy must have felt so lonely without any friends to play with. This is how a drama is supposed to end. Everyone gets their happy ending. Thank you to everyone on this thread. I loved reading all your posts. Reading your posts made the waiting for a new episode every week less annoying and hard. Thanks a lot to @joonminfan and @stroppyse for doing the translations for us.
  4. Less than 4 hours to go. Can't believe we are saying goodbye to our beloved SoonBaek couple tonight Is anyone doing the live recap?
  5. She could just call him oppa. Why doesnt she just call him oppa? I remember DaDa still called JaeIn JaeIn-ssi even after they got married lol. Maybe KS will continue calling YB top star ssi even after they get married ( if we're lucky enough to get to see them get married on the show)
  6. YB was sitting on the left facing the window when they were having that long deep kiss but when he gave KS those sweet cute pecks he was on the right with the window behind him. Ehm so maybe that hot kiss led to something? And that scene with dozens of pecks happened after that? Ok that's only my imagination lol
  7. Have been replaying the last kiss scene 123 times lol. I love how the long deep kiss ended with a hundred of light yet cute and sweet kisses. He just couldn't get enough of her Now i'm going back to watch my most favorite scene so far for the 124th time lol
  8. The title of the article "..... and blow it" Blow it? Blow what?? Lol I think maybe the reason grandma is opposing to their union is because she doesn't want KS to leave her and move to Seoul. That's why we see KS is crying in the preview , it's because her grandma doesnt approve of her relationship with YB.
  9. NJ has said it " it's true love " . Finally YB knows how it feels to be in love and to be loved. He grew up without his father and his mother, we know what kind of mother she was. He had never received love before he met KS. In KS he finds love and peace. That scene where he was sleeping in pain at KS's hide out and was having a hard time breathing probably because he was having a nightmare, and then KS patted him gently and he was suddenly at ease. How KS's gentle touch could comfort him so much. That's why eventhough she had rejected him a few times he wouldn't give up on her. He finally has someone that loves him genuinely and he truly loves her too. They are just meant to be.
  10. Those two scenes are my favorite too. Oh and the scene where YB hugs KS in front of his manager and NJ. The look on the ceo's and NJ's faces
  11. Isn't this beautiful? Going to watch the kiss scene everyday til next Friday
  12. I'm so happy for our otp and for all us here unless you're on MD team then i'm sorry for you. Saw the clip of the kiss scene and my heart fluttered awww Next week we will see our otp being all lovey dovey and i love that they are too cute
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