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  1. speaking from the drama only, SS despite being highly intelligent just seems a bit naive and acts like a kid, she even says she doesn't like to think. on top of that she looks like a kid too (of course i know that she/they are ~16/17/18). people probably find her boring because her personality is a bit lacking. SYR is much more cute in the behind the scenes vidso imo YHY is probably the most interesting of the 3, because of everything going on around her.
  2. i have a lot of negative things to say about ep 60 , but i will keep them to myself. mostly i am dissapointed at how much cg/green screen the final battle had! but anyways, i thought in the final 5 or so episodes the scenes between NQ and YHY were really sweet i know how you all feel so i'll leave it at that i can't wait for the next season, but it will be weird. if they've only begun filming now, does anyone have any idea about when it will air?
  3. when SS' father asks if he'll take concubines and he says he wants to
  4. can anyone give some insight as to about where (%wise) in the webnovel the 1st season of the drama seems to be?
  5. IMO, yes NQ doesn't know MSS very well, but with MSS since she had a huge crush on him only from seeing his calligraphy, i think in the same way yan se knew immediately the type of person etc NQ was just from seeing him write 1 character in sand ,i feel MSS' crush was much deeper than just surface level looks/an interest in calligraphy. of course i also respect everyone's opinion as well! btw did anyone who didn't read the novel ever ship NQ and 3rd sister early on? lol
  6. oh no, is this forum team SS and viki team MSS? am i in the wrong place ???
  7. IMHO these are common things when it comes to siblings that grow up together without parents, especially when it involves an older brother and a younger sister. in addition to this there was another guy growing up with them, although i'm unsure/forget if they ever mentioned (in the drama) when he set off on his own.
  8. this is interesting, this is the novel? i'm curious to see what happens in the drama i just might! someone also mentioned in this thread they are shamefully promoting the actor who plays MSS... i wonder if that has something to do with it. but regardless, MSS' character in the drama is aside from being beautiful, virtuous and kind, so i was suprised so many people were against her.
  9. unfortunately i did not research before starting this drama, and so i marathon'd it thinking it was finished. now i get withdrawals ,i watch the ep on viki when the subs are ~60%, and then i have to go back and watch it again when they are 90+ i am more used to jdrama, though i watch a lot of kdrama as well. this is only the 3rd cdrama that i've watched more than 1 episode of. the others were nirvana in fire (which i didn't really like, but finished) and eternal love/10 miles of peach blossoms which i dropped at ~50 episodes lol. so far i am enjoying ever night more than those.
  10. yes, this is what i meant. in the drama it also seems like they will be the main couple. i just did not get the impression from the drama that their relationship had ever had romantic feelings at all, but rather (along with the other guy, RIP...) as close siblings, and of course the most important people in eachother's lives.
  11. hello i thought it was funny a few of you talked about how XH and the empress acted like more than siblings. well imo NQ and SS act exactly like siblings!!!!! i had never felt any romantic chemistry at all, which is why i am so suprised at where we are now. one of the reviewers on viki mentioned that in the books it is not this way however, and you can actually tell they might have feelings for one another. so i guess the drama just did a bad job... SS' temper tantrum also made me like her less. i feel so bad for MSS :(((( on top of that SS saved NQs life with the heavenly pill (NQ was somehow so suprised when pipi told him she forcefully took the pill), but MSS saved NQ's life at least twice. on top of that MSS's friend died saving NQ as well. i thought it was kind of weird they didn't really mention that, and it didn't seem like NQ was sorry about it, etc. also i found out CFY is the son of chen kaige, who is one of my favorite filmmakers.
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