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  1. Ahhh I see.. cool hahaha another Malaysian here lol. I'm malay mix chinese but sarawakian malay is the only native language i know the most, arrrrgggh what a waste btw nice to know you, some random malaysian netizen heheeeee..
  2. Thats okay.. because I need to understand and curious of every sentences on what they're saying. But, there's some parts that I just skip it especially song cheng and chu an an part Thanks anyway for the offer. Btw are you a pure Chinese? Where is your origin? I'm just curious.. I wont ask more detail..
  3. It's the end of year 2018, i tot no one will reply my comment. Btw, guess what.. i have to use google translate for the rest of unsubs episodes.. 1 episode it took me 3 @ 4 hours because i need to stop many times.. almost every seconds. At first i dont know both of the lead casts i just watch it because of some videos on youtube cut which is quite fun to watch so many push and pull, really suits my taste and i tot this drama was comedy romance but the ending (eventhough im not finish yet - still on going) And i watch this drama because they're both handsome and pretty... <3 <3 <3 And just 2 days ago i search about gui gui.. and ahhh i remember she was the one in we got married with taecyon 2pm, she is beautiful. And i suddenly fall in love with dai xiang yu his eyes a bit looks like haruma miura "nice". And i guess only gui gui was the only lead actress that suits for him, the other actress hmmm. I cant watch him with other girl.. but im shocked he's a married man now hmmnmmnnmm. Hehhee.. just want to express what's on my mind because a bit stress right now bcause i have to use google translate to understand what are they saying after this LOL
  4. i dont know why im crying right now.. episode 42 doesnt have english subs.. im still not watch the rest of the episode.. i even messaged the kissasian fb page and they said the subber drop this series.. how can that be, i cant accept this and after read all the comments here.. you guys says the ending was crap.. and probably to continue with pearl earrings which is act by different female lead. Ohhh mannn im so sad.. i want gui gui with dai xiang yu again.. there are great together. And now im thinking what should i do.. whether to continue watch this series without english subs or to wait until i learn mandarin myself and im sad gui gui (ruan qing tian) and dai xiang yu (ren hao ming) are not together
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