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  1. I’m really worried we won’t get to see their date in the car, on the beach and the steamy kiss in Cuba in the next episode. I just don’t understand why it was in the BTS? Isn’t that too much of a spoiler? Plus that is meant to be BTS for episode 9 and 10.
  2. @gumtaek Regarding the below, how come I can't find any news media reporting this? I really want to read the whole article in English but can't find the news anywhere. "Park Bo Gum was selected as the "Star Responsible for the Hallyu Wave in 2019" in a poll conducted by AstaTV Magazine, Korea's No.1 Entertainment Magazine"
  3. Just a quick one about rating! I was concerned and disappointed this week and thought I'd better research and see if I should be disappointed about it as I was. It's hard to really judge because of the difference in cable and public ratings and there was a really good post a few pages back that really helped but I still needed real life example to benchmark it against, for my own sanity. So I checked a popular TVN drama from 2018. In summary, I am no longer as sad about the ratings now since Encounter is well above the average! I am just hoping that it bounces back to 9ish or higher! That is what I want for the rest of the series. Please God help us...
  4. @NongpeeP Exactly it is unfair to the story, the characters and us the audience if they can't tell the story properly because the cast is SHK and PBG. It is too late to be worrying about the people that don't want to see a married woman kiss someone else. If the PD had any consideration for this, they should not have casted SHK and PBG. I will be really pissed off if they do not tell this story properly!! Sorry for the mini rant!! I still trust PD nim. Next 2 episodes will show the direction they will be taking on this.
  5. haha.. I think when he said he misses here, it's a sad realisation of missing someone. Something that can't be cured with a mere phone call. He missed her, as in he wants to see her, hold her, kiss her ... haha. Since they spoke on the phone in an earlier scene when he first moved to Sokcho, I think he can call her but looking at the beach at that moment, he missed her deeply and he was sad. Talking on the phone was not going to solve his problem...
  6. I really hope they reveal KJH following SH to the sunset spot! I hope they will show us his prospective as he watched her all the way to the view point and then caught her before she almost fell. That would be epic! What if he also saw her getting rubbed and perhaps ran after the Cuba thefts, perhaps her bag has something to do with the note.My mind is wondering all sorts now. lol
  7. What is the difference between contents power index and buzz worthy ranking? Encounter seem to be ruling CPI but not buzz worthy? Which is more important? What does each one indicate? Thanks in advance
  8. I think they are very equal in that regard! What I love about this drama is that even though the roles / characters are reversed. They still have some important traditional elements!! JH pursues SH and basically courts her! He often takes the lead! Even though it's SH's car, he drives her most of the time! He does a lot of manly things for her! offered to cut her meat (This is a Korean drama thing but I'm classing it under chivalry) Held her hand, back hugged her, pull he in for a kiss! I just love all this manly stuff!
  9. I am seriously looking forward to this part of the drama!! If the writers are as clever as I think they are, we will see massive growth from JH when dealing with this obstacle. Whoever thinks JH has not been manly will and should get a good display of manliness once this situation hits the fan !! I think it was episode 3 in the car when SH asked JH if he was a mummy's boy! I believe he denied it and said he just loves beef! However I think the audience are fully aware that he is a bit of a mama's boy and this will and should play a big part in their relationship! It's the perfect opportunity for JH to show some growth from his usual free spirit, smiley self to a more serious, will stop at nothing to be with his soul mate type of man! I really need to see this growth before the end of the series! As much as I love JH's character and I absolutely love PBG, I did find JH's character a tad too youthful in the first 2-3 episodes but as the episodes progressed, he is becoming more and more manly ! I loved when he got slightly jealous when he was asking SH about Oppa's heart! You can see that he can be serious! I loved when he told HI to back off in episode 4(I think). Again, he seemed strong like he can be in a mature relationship! I really want to see him angry! I need to see that growth in him!! (I keep saying growth... ) What I am trying to say is that I am sold on the free spirited personality of JH but no man or woman is one-dimensional so it is important that we also get to see the other side of him!
  10. I think his mask might represent two characters - Tin man and a knight.
  11. Hi all! I'm new here but I have been reading on Soompi for years but didn't feel compelled enough to sign up and post something until now. It's been amazing reading everyone's commentary and theories about the series and I don't think I have anything new to add but just wanted to say hi and perhaps go through the things I am enjoying about Encounter. - I love PBG and I was sold as soon as it was announced he would be in the drama! I had my reservations too because it was with SHK but that was quickly forgotten because it had been 2 years since MDBC. - I like SHK too but I don't think I have ever finished any of her drama. For all the hype DOTS had, I only lasted until like episode 4 or 5. It takes a really good drama to pull my attention and an even greater drama to keep my attention! - I love, love, love... in case I am being overly subtle about how much I love this drama! "I love Encounter/ Boyfriend"!! - I love it because the storyline is so simple, it actually blows my mind!!! - I love it because they switched the story up but not in a weird way! I am a female but I would not consider myself a feminist as I believe in equality opportunities for both men and women and with a bit of common sense we can all go a long way. So if a drama is trying to pull a radical feminist agenda then I would be out the door. Encounter tells a story of a normal woman who just happens to be a CEO but not just a CEO by entitlement but by hard work! Great learning for all willing to learn from this great example! Guess what all CEO, including women CEO's want and need, someone to love them and actually show that love (Sorry WS, I like him but I will continue to favour him in my imagination, where I have written a beautiful love story for him in which he lived happily ever after with someone that is not SH ). - I also love that Encounter did not make JH weak just to portray SH as a strong competent character instead we have a good looking, strong, manly, bold, brave, lovely, understanding, stubborn and very happy young man with the name of JH! Writer-nim Thank you! Honestly I don't know what else to say to people that can't see how beautiful this drama is? Of course, I have not even mentioned the Cinematography, Arts, Framing of scenes, actually showing us how a romance grows rather than telling us while the couple jumps into their first kiss. A romance, this is something most people have completely forgotten about and what I love the most in a story! I can clearly see why there is a reference to Roman Holiday and fairy tales! Old Classic movies are full of romance. The lead couple might not even share a kiss but you will surely feel the love! People have talked about Notting Hill on this thread; UK movies/drams are typically full of romances, slightly different from US stuff! Since most of their movies/ dramas are from books! Which is why Encounter seems like a book, it builds and draws a vivid picture of the romance for our enjoyment. @gumtaek Thanks you so much for posting the difference between public and cable ratings! I have been so confused for a long time trying to make sense of why a mega popular drama has a lower rating than another drama that is not as popular. It's been a bit of a struggle trying to make sense of it! I finally do! Thanks Ireland says Hi
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