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  1. I love your hashtagssss!!!!! Hahaha. Yah, they still owe us hot kisses after all those back view, zoomed out kisses director gave us.
  2. Waaaaahhhh!!! REUNIONNN!!! The staff and casts seem pretty close. Miss my yoobaek and kangsoon... Are they gearing up for season 2?? Hmmmmm. Trans: Our drama might be over, but our meeting has just started.
  3. I want him to star in an action comedy movie / drama, for a change. He seems the type to suit bad boy roles. Hehe. Back here again. Cause i miss him too much. Clips on YT won't quench my thirst for oppa. It's hard to stan actors, cause we rarely see them unlike idols. Huhu. Tho I want him back on PM, it is also a good time for him to recover and gain some weight. Looks like he lost a lot, we cant see his cheeks anymore.
  4. Agree!! Chemistry is insane! I hope we get to meet these two again in another romcom. They suit this genre the most, probably cause they are both natural comedians. A melo would be nice too, their acting spectrum is wide, nontheless, they can do any genre. It is such a waste the drama only got 2% in ratings. But i never came across a bad review, acting hole controversy, even knets dubbed this as a perfect healing and lovely drama.
  5. Yaaaah. The way she said oppa is the 'sooooo' sexy type is giving me life hihi. Same gurl, saaaame Guyz i just watched a clip of KJS in happy together. It was my biggest mistake of watching it during office hours, it was soooooo funny i cant breatheeeeee, i suddenly laughed out loud, my boss asked me wth is wrong with me. Hopefully KJS, JSM AND LSY would promote the drama together in japan.
  6. Thanks for the trans ever dependable @joonminfan hihi Hii guyzzzzzz. Haha. Ive been binge watching KJS clips on YT for three days now, someone save me. Ugh. Cant resist. He's so cute specially when he's with the PM squad. Love his bromance with Park Kyung and HSJ the most. I think ive watched his ep with PK for celeb bromance three times now. I love his easy going and laid back personality the most, without the suit and yoobaek clothes. AaaahhKJS
  7. Totally! Also love how they are both handling it, in a savage way. Hahahahaha. Love these two cuties. Posted by KJS agency. Looks like the drama will air in japan?! It says the photoshoot is for japanese promotion.
  8. I love how they are officially friendzoning each other immediately after the drama ended. Lol.
  9. My heart is seriosuly broken. Hahahah. Lol Anyway, its good enough to know they are really close friends.
  10. Loool. Even tvn still can't move on. Can they post making vids while they're at it, or is it too much to ask. Still hoping for a kiss scene bts. Hahaha
  11. OKS bts special. Looks like tvn cant move on too. Lol.
  12. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Thanks for dragging me here you two, @triplem @joonminfan Will watch 20thc b&g and rewatch tysb again.
  13. KJS is sooo cool! You can tell how much passion he has for his craft. Is it possible to have season 2? My fave sloooow moooo mehehehe
  14. Hahaha planning to do the same dear. I'm reading comments on naver, everyone's asking for season 2, and hopefully these two will reunite in a drama again. Chemistry is on fiyaaaahhhh!!! I was expecting a looooong hot kiss after the proposal thoooo.
  15. Hhhahahaha. I was laughing so hard when I watched this bts!! Cutiiiiesssss Idk how am I gonna move on guyz. The final ep was too perfect, i was smiling the whole 1 hr 45 min. Thank you for the last 3 months guyz. *sighhhhhhhhh*
  16. The bts with them wearing long coats is heart fluttering too. Aaahhh. 2 hrs to go my dears!!!!!! Wahajaixkeifockkxidjsnbdh
  17. Just want to share this, KJS and JSM actually met before they filmed the drama. HSJ, KJS & JSM attended an event april last year. They also ended up sitting beside each other during the event. ~~~ah my shipping hearteuuuu~~~
  18. Looking forward to this scene too! These two are just tooooo cute. *sighs* I'm back chingus! It's finally fridayyyyy!!!!
  19. My heart, also how they are saying goodbye to each other, the way they are looking at each other. Im meltttiiinnnggg, their eyes, jusssst... Yang se chan cameo! Burst out laughing. Hahaha. Also the bg song. Hahahaha. Too much nostalgia.
  20. I know this is going to be one of my fave kisses. Ugh. Too much cute i cant even. Why do they look so real? Like kangsoon and yoobeak truly exist in this world... Cant wait for friday, but at the same time, i dont want friday to come, its the final ep guyz. Im not sure how am i gonna let go of our soonbaek couple.
  21. Yazz @triplem me too! A selca would be enough for my shipper heart. Hopefully tvn will release something tomorrow. Usually they release bts on weds and thurs. And yay, people still cant move on from the kiss, im reading comments from naver. They all thought how can a kiss be this beautiful, erotic, cute and passionate all at the same time. Lol
  22. TVN giving us the much needed compilation. Lol BTS next please haha
  23. You, me, same sentiments. Huhu. I still love you HSJ, but i seriously fell for KJS. Do you guys know that HSJ and KJS are besties? Haha. and here I am shipping both of them to JSM. Pray for me that I can properly function at work today. I've been replaying the kiss scenes since morning, it is becoming unhealthy. Looooool Be back after 8 hrs chingus. Thank you for the trans @stroppyse Hopefully they will release the bts of the kiss scenessss haha
  24. Cant keep up with our top starsshi. He scored at least 20 kisses. Hahahaha. Ugh. This couple seriously.... *my single self cant relate*
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