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  1. Ahahaha. Lol. Somin and her roleplaying skills!! Next week is going to be soooo much fuuunn!!!! @tibba where u at dearr? Haha
  2. Same gurll!!! Hahaha. I remember the happy together ep. HSJ said KJS and JSM should try dating bec they are compatible. He was so riiiighhht! Watching the livestream a while ago gave me huge butterflies ahhh. These twooo. Their article on naver is trending number 1, btw.
  3. Where do we sign up for such bday present?? Haha. I thought I was gonna cringe hard. I was wrong, I was smiling like their MOM while watching the livestream especially during the telepathy game. Hahaha. So cute these twoooo. And its so nice to know that they are good friends. KJS oppa is so heart flutterrringggg. Ugh.
  4. Cant contain my feelsss guys!! Also when they hugged the moment they saw each other. Cant find the video. Aaahhh. Im so excited for the subbed versionn
  5. No dear, its going to be a continuation!! Hahahahha. My fangirl dreams came true seeing them in one show loolololol
  6. Guyysss next weeek is gonna be chaotic. Ha seok jin will come as a guest alsoo. Looolololololol I CANMNOT WAAAIIOTT
  7. The trans is making my head ache. Loool. They will talk about somin's revelations on happy together. Hahaha. I seriously cant waiiittttt!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Damn, the details thooo. Korean fans are the best! What a cute bday present for KJS and JSM. I miss TSYB so baaaad.
  9. I wonder if this is for a new photoshoot or a tb? Sooo handsommeee hihi Edit Another one from his stylist. Waaaa i wonder what is this for? A magazine shoot?
  10. Yes please. Hope he stays for the whole ep. Although i love me some soonbaek couple moments (been replaying the gif above a hundred times already, just to see his precious smile teheee), praying that they would not drag the loveline thingy the whole ep. Anywaaayy, cant contain my excitemeeeeentttt!! It's jiseok day again tomolooo!
  11. IKR! Also KJS in that dancer outfit. Looooool OPPPPAAAAAAA Was kinda hoping they will not use the loveline card this coming ep. But it will still be fun i guess. I miss TYSB. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  12. Livestreamed RM today just to see the preview. Lol. YOU GUYS I CANTTT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I feel like next week is gonna be super cute and cringyyy. Ahhh cant wait. KJS and JSM are on a DATE while the other rm members are doing separate mission. Edit
  13. Yaaas!! Is it too much to ask for a fanmeet? Not that i'm going..... Hahaha. Anyway, i feel like we will get better kiss scenes once they air the japanese version? Usually some scenes are edited when it's broadcasted on a diff country, to suit the market uknowwhatimsayin. *wishful thinking* The jap version of 1%ofsomething has longer, sweeter, hotter kiss scenes. Lol.
  14. Same guuuurl! Thats why i rewatched last night!! It's funny how these hyungs view him as an airhead/babo/kinda stupid like kwangsoo. Haha. And they even told him his image changed ever since he stopped coming out of variety shows. But look at him now, our sexy brain namja. Lol
  15. Speaking of RM guys, i rewatched his guesting with his angel eyes co stars. Ep 190. I was surprised he was pretty close with most of the casts. He was even teased by them for being the kwangsoo of the entertainment industry 10 yrs ago. Watch it guys he was sooo cute and funny. I guess he knew haha, jongkook, jaesuk and sukjin through xman? Aahhh, im freaking excited for the RM ep! The teasing is going to be wiiiild. Haha.
  16. I livestreamed PM for a while. My internet sucks. Huhu. KJS returned with a bang, lol. He was even picked up by a wedding car on his way to the studio. So handsomeee, he did not lose weight, it was just the angle of the pic i guess.
  17. Ahhhhh!!! Cant wait. Hahahahaha. Yesterdays ep, sangyeob was the guest. Lool. TSYB reunions. Sadly, we will wait another two weeks. This ep will air on april 7. Hehe Ahhhhh cant waiiiiittt im so exciteeedddd
  18. Oppa looks sooo pretty. Looks like he lost a lot of weight again? Or is it just the angle?
  19. Anyone here following the recent scandal in SK? Not to be that one person, but i'm kinda worried for KJS and HSJ oppa, they're kinda close with JJY. He even unfollowed him on insta. Hopefully they will not get involved. Huhu. Anyway so excited for monday! I will livestream PM!
  20. IM BACK GUYSSS. Was soooo freakin busy these past few weeks. I forgot his bday project. Huhu Anyway he posted for the first time in a while im soooo happppyyyyyyyy I wanna hug him so baaaaaaaad. Huhu. Also accdg to his official ig fanpage and my broken korean. He will have a fanmeeting this april 21. Come on and lets fly to korea gaaaallsssss!!! Hahahah IM SO FREAKIN HAPPY. TOO MUCH UPDATE TODAY. FEELS LIKE IM IN AN OASIS YAAAAASSS
  21. Happy Valentine's my deaaars! How's your day so far?? I miss him with a little weight on, his cute cheeks.
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