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  1. Gosh. I'm tempted to edit the hand grabbing pic into them slicing their wedding cake. Lol. Someone stop me
  2. Just jongkook adorably clinging onto somin's standee hahaha I also love how she calls all the members, especially the older ones hahaha
  3. What are we gonne do without our frog for a month? Btw, I started watching again somin's cuts on rm's youtube channel. It's kinda interesting that korean's are binge watching too after the announcement she'll be absent for a month. You will see new comments even from the videos years ago. Haha. So, I am not the only one who's starting to miss her even tho we can still see her this ep. .... This only means we will not see any kookmin moments for a while... Knowing kookie, and kwangsoo, and ofcourse jaesuk, they will still mention her.
  4. Hi. I'm a lurker here ever since the thread started. Hihi. I'm a kookmin shipper since their tofu ep on running man. I just watched JK's my ugly duckling segment ep 178, and I can't help but post my observations. I'm pretty sure kookie is seeing someone right now. Judging by his confidence, that for next chuseok, he will surely bring someone over to meet the in-laws. The only question is whoooo hihi Even his uncle is pretty pleased when he said that because he used to hate the idea of getting married. I am one with you guys in praying for our dearest ship. Who knows it might be actually sailing subtly and peacefully, on their own. Shoutout to @Rida Live, we used to fangurl together on the TSYB thread. Hehe
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