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  1. Oppa talking to jsm on her insta live. He said he gained 7kilos. They were just talking about food lol.


    (He looks much butter with this weight gain, soooo soooo handsome. Missing him more!!!!!) 



    She started talking with oppa's stylist then, Jsm cheered for oppas new drama on the 3 min mark. 


    They started talking at the 9min mark. He types with so much aegyo. Lol

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  2. 5 hours ago, idleee said:

    Seems like JS love to make his gf jealous. Is it me or for some reason on most variety he somehow talks about his love life too?


    Hehe. He seems to be a hopeless romantic also. Buuuut Yoo inyoung and KJS look sooo good together too. Hehe. They always talk about each other whenever they are on variety shows. 


    He's going to be a special dj! And it's bora! Who knows where we can watch live? 


    TSYB japanese version preview!!!! 


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  3. 6 hours ago, triplem said:

    Last night’s PM. Haha had to post when two of them are in the same frame 

    Why do i feel different now whenever I see these two in one frame?! Hahahaha. 


    6 hours ago, triplem said:

    Hmm you gals like with glasses , no glasses ???

    Hmmm. BOTH. Hahaha. Just his mere existence is heart fluttering. Haha.


    And can we talk about that purple suit?! He loooks sooo fine plus the hairstyle. Oppaaaaaa lol


    3 hours ago, tibba said:

    Sequels usually take at least a year to be released right? They never planned for a Season 2 so I don't know what other topics could be explored tbh

    Even if we don't get season 2, i'm crossing my fingers for another project for our YB and KS. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, tibba said:

    . I think he also mentioned in his fanmeeting that he took care of her, but it was probably not up to her standards LOL. Again, this is according to my rubbish Korean. But so sensitive, this man.


    IKR!! Maybe he took it seriously. Lol. Knowing JSM, its for fun and variety only. I wish they could've met and talked about it tho. Haha. What's up with the  random guesting!!! Anyway its a winwin for the both of them. Hahaha. But the shippers have gone wilder than before, his insta is full of JSM's mentions. 


    Also, judging by his comments on his fanmeeting and RM's jenga game (JSM's reasons for picking HSJ were on point, also her, choosing KJS on that two shot question for business purposes lol) I agree with you on them being platonic. *still crosses my finger for these two, coz they look toooo cute* 

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  5. 1 hour ago, tibba said:

    Anyway, I nipped in to the TSYB DC gallery, and apparently KJS talked about his guesting. Here’s where you have to rely on my sketchy understanding… but I believe what was mentioned (please note I’m relying on my rubbish Korean lol) was that he wanted to appear on RM because of what she said about him on Happy Together. I think he also mentioned he wanted to come on right? He must have been stumped but I guess the gist is that he didn’t ignore her and he wanted to speak to her about it? I guess she was just trying to deflect any dating rumours but it came off wrong, maybe? Or he inadvertently ignored her? I think they spoke about this on RM, but it was unfortunately mostly edited out. Can I just say that he got massive response to it though? So many views, likes, upvotes, comments on Naver calling him a sweet guy, he's handsome (how is this news to us? haha) that him and JSM look good together etc. I'm guessing he'll definitely get offers off the back of this guesting (oh hello My Ugly Duckling!) :)


    I missed you gurl!! Where were you?!!!!!


    Hahahaha. But they are both on it though! The moment the drama ended, they were practically friendzoning each other on every interviews. Too savage. Haha. That's why I got too confused during the RM ep. They were so sweeeet and all over each other esp during the tango dance. 




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  6. Such a sweet sweet man. ~~~ and he looks extra cool and handsome with casual clothes on. I love him in his hoodies. Hihihi


    Kang haneul will be taking the lead role. So he's the second lead. Hmmm. Why thooooo.


    Reading comments on naver, they are also asking why is he taking the sublead. Maybe he likes the story and the role fits him perfectly? Let's wait and see. 


    Cant wait for the fanmeettt!!!!! I guess we'll be seeing the problematic men again tomorrow. Haha. 




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  7. 56 minutes ago, triplem said:

    @heyyoooo @joonminfan

    So Min so darn lucky...I am dying to know what So Min chose oppa for.in the 2nd IG...but they are so cute. So Min is living my dream :blush: KJS is excellent for variety. He is full of expressions

    I think the question was, who does look better with somin in the two shot (?) 


    GERL THE BACKHUG WAS EVERYTHING. IT WAS SO NATURAL. SUCH A FLIRT. HAHA. And somin asked the staff to take a picture of her and Jiseok and send it to sechan and kwangsoo. Hahahaha. This giiiiiirrrrrlll

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  8. 10 minutes ago, triplem said:

    He suddenly asked Ha Seok-jin how many kisses he had done. Ha swung at the rally, saying, " We did what wasn't in the script, " while Kim said, " Neither are we. " We seem to have done it about 40 times.

    Haa. Dont you think guys we need to see these kisses? Hahahah


    I watched the livestream. It was a riot!!! Hahahaha. I was laughing so hard esp when KJS is getting jealous.

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  9. @joonminfan ikr. He looks skinnier. And did you guys saw his middle finger, looks like he was injured. I wonder what happened. 


    @triplem Hahaha. Maybe they become too close/familiar with each other that's why.


    Saw these one on ig. They are actually wearing couple clothes. Maybe because their stylists are friends. Lol cutiieesss


    Can't wait for the next ep!

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  10. 27 minutes ago, triplem said:

    And this one I love - her having to use his bathroom on the island & he told her to be careful lest someone else misunderstands


    Hahahaha. Somin is sooo easygoing. 

    How can they be sooo cuttteee together?? Huhu. I'm also so happy that he came as a guest. More and more people are now curious of TSYB. People are saying on naver, their real life chemistry is sooo good they might have to watch TSYB. Lol

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  11. 2 hours ago, triplem said:

    So Min’s reactions are hilarious. They are very comfortable with each other & I think my greatest wish is to see them reunite for another drama 


    That "Sominaaaang~~~" is sooo darn cute. How can he be this cute and sexy at the same time? Hahaha. 


    I'm such a shipper!! They may not end up together, but i'm so happy they are really good friends. That cute high five and hug is everythaaaang. Hahaha. 


    Here is a longer cut in yt with sub. 


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