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  1. Episode 13 : The writer may have some big problems with her own mother... If so, i'm begging you : could you please resolve them before next week ???
  2. @dukesa1122 That's not me. (too busy to read dramabeans). @larrysouth Sorry, i didn't read your comment. But glad to know you felt the same. I've never seen any drama without "too many" coincidences. There wouldn't be any story without them. Moral of Encounter : coincidences don't exist.
  3. True ! But i also believe that Fate is the important point of the story, from the beginning : - the man of the cafe asked KJH to move to another table, and he moved to the one where the car crushed, - the man of the hotel advised her to go to Morro cabana...wishing her to find love. (same man for the note in episode 10. The fact he's the same man, adds something "supernatural" for me...like is he human ?....and that accentuates the power of Fate...a strong spiritual meaning.) Also, i think she felt something about his personality when she woke up after sleeping on his shoulder, same for him , just with their gaze...some say that the eyes are the doors of the soul...and of the heart.
  4. @dukesa1122 Yes but they would have never accepted if they didn't find the story beautiful. They're aware they're taking risks but i believe they think it's worth (otherwise they wouldn't do), and that shows a lot about who they are in real life (even if they're acting here), the values they defend are so beautiful.
  5. @yonaomi123 Thanks ! And yes yes yes !!! exactly !! I felt some "messages" in each episode , not only about Love and some other values (the whole story is already a huge message) but also about the actors themselves because like you said they're famous and that can be such a burden ! yes even them can suffer...i feel they both experimented that . I felt that so much in that line "the words spoken are so sharp..." i think that both were saying that they're aware of people judging and badmouthing , they can't avoid that, but that hurts. KJH was saying that they're not many compared to millions : that's true ! and that's so mature ! I couldn't stop thinking about that when i heard about some fans bashing on her (like KJH and CSH both experiment in the story). And that line was in the episode before the kissing...as if they we saying that they know about the fuss but they're going to it no matter what. Some other "real" lines are more funny (cause bold), and i felt that they're defending Art, their freedom, simplicity, a certain sense of humor, and much more....This drama is already very deep but it goes really far when you pay attention to those parallels...Their pairing have to go through storms in the story as among viewers...they're aware of possible collateral damages but that's not what stops them, thanks God ! i'm optimistic about the happy ending.
  6. 2nd trial....i'll delete if this doesn't work... Source : dc
  7. I really love the subversive but poetic aspect of this show. Maybe because i've always been a rebel (but romantic !) who loves Art....although i don't know anything about it Lol...but i'm sure it is about "feeling". I'm not really surprised by SHK accepting this project as she has some of that in her but i'm really surprised by PBG because from what i understood he has a very traditional education, that's why he gained all my admiration here. (and by saying that i'm also aware of the prejudice of mine). But i admire both of them, they have all my support. Sincerity and true love are important in the story, and maybe this drama is an opportunity to show her the fans who sincerely love her, sincere supporters. Maybe with this project she wanted to defend her freedom and art because that's very restrictive/limiting to be seen mainly as " the wife of " (and him as "the best friend of " ) and not as free individual human beings....I feel lucky that all i see is CSH and KJH when i watch otherwise i would miss all the beauty of the drama. That's interesting (for me), cause Freedom is another important aspect of the story...her character is Cha Soo Hyun... a sad puppet but who's courageous enough to free herself. PBG and SHK are courageous by playing in this show as much as their characters are in the story.. That's why i said that i feel the values (and some lines) of this drama go beyond the frame... i wish i was more fluent in english cause i can't find proper words to explain this feeling. But the more i feel it and the more i understand why they both have accepted this ! Maybe i'm weird to feel that .... I LOVE THIS "SHOW" ! I LOVE JINSOO
  8. Seriously...all men should take note of the books he read about Love...even better if they read them ! Understanding them is another story.... And i'm not talking about any technical books about kissing...obviously he didn't need any !!
  9. Thanks everyone for your comments and gifs ! I can't wait to watch it subbed tonight They're not kissing, they're devouring each other ! and i'm not complaining ! I love the way he uses his hands, his arms, his....well no need to describe.. Definitly in the top 5 of best kissing scènes for me ! When i think they filmed that scene very early, i really admire them, they're so pro ! I can't believe he's the one who looked like an innocent student and even younger in some scenes !!! Daebak how many different men he can be ??? Someone said on Viki that he's all the men....
  10. That painting makes me think they were lovers in some past life , that's why they were fated to encounter ( our "form"/ physical aspect changes in each life - according to his belief in reincarnation), that makes their love even deeper ! an eternal love ... Meaning that separations can't be avoided but in their case they will be temporary (i'm trying to be positive)
  11. Actually i felt they -figuratively- kissed in this hugging scene i find it powerful.
  12. I admire both of them for the risks they are taking, literally and figuratively, knowing they might suffer (because of judgements and their families) but not only, because it goes beyond the movie, that's brilliant (and curiously funny and refreshing, i can't explain..i mean our main leads show maturity and certain sense of humor by choosing this project), and i wouldn't feel that with another pairing. That aspect makes it amazingly deep and unique. I just can't get enough watching their simple but yet mature hugging and kissing scenes, they are true and precious...pure Art. His love is not selfish/ ego-centered (and i'm sure she felt that too ), its sincerity is beautiful but its depth is somehow scary... a sad ending would be just devastating ! and the end of me !
  13. @dukesa1122 ok i've voted just now, thanks for the link in english. ( and i've just read the rules of this forum, i get it now, my apologies....i'll refrain myself
  14. Episode 8 : (i hope i'm not spoiling...i don't know how to "hide"). The ex-husband picked a "good-looking" shiny golden mask for the masquerade ball. KJH didn't think a single second about his "look" when he got out off the car and rushing....only thinking about her. One is concerned about the form and the other one about the substance. Can i just say that i'm in love with KJH ? well i say it.
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