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  1. SJH dress and KJK 2nd attire, the black tux surprisingly match with each other, dont you think?
  2. Well, at first he saw that edited picture of SA having a kisses while playing pepero game. He said he so jealous with KJK. and a bit mad tho Knowing I am a RM fans, he ask me about it. I just said that was an edited pic, but they are so close that we are sure that pic was true. Starting from that, he begin to so called investigate by bugging me everyday, well i am gladly introduce him to our fandom( at time we are only mutual friend and he was a fan of SJH ) I am sure he is here, but I didn't know if he has any acc. And now we together believe that SA truly a relationship. He believe that tiny gesture and off camera interaction are evidence that KJK and SJH are in relationship. he has a theory that all of it begin at MAMA, when two lovebirds going out from their nest, that's the beginning of beautiful relationship. He said.
  3. Hey guys. My greetings to all Spartacer, my friends and fellow. Not a newbie in here, start to follow this forums since 100+ pages, but being a silent lurker since then. So i am a total noob and newb in writing and commenting here Mainly use my sis account in here. I am interested in this questionnaire and decide to fill in myself . So this is my a bit of 2 cent. SPARTACER QUESTIONNAIRE 1. Introduce yourself! Username and a fun fact? As much or as little as you want to say. +Hey. My name is Seroja from Malaysia. Work as an mech engineer. Fun fact: it is really Seroja. Name of a certain flower here in Msia 2. How long have you been watching RM? What got you into the show? +It has been since the earlier year. Starting ep 21. The beginning of SA. i came from mudo. Haha's fan here. Since i am his fan, i start to know KJK in one of Haha's M/V. Knowing him and KJK in the same variety show, I start to watch RM. And then, I intensely watching RM until now. P/s : it's been a pain in the a** on earlier year to get my hands or eyes to watch RM due to lack of links and streams. 3. Who's your favorite RM member(s)? Has this changed over time? +As stated above, I am Haha's fan. Before.Now clearly it change to SA. 4. How long have you been shipping spartace? Do you believe they're dating? What convinced you? +I've been a fan about 7 years now?? I enjoy their interaction in ep 21, which bring my likeness and bias towards them. I do believe they were dating. More evidence and interaction has been collected and shown by you guys, my friends here. Their tiny interaction, and off camera interaction convince me that they are more than close friends ( For a bonus, I also have an SA's fan boyfriend..fiance , so if I feel unconvinced, he will re-convince me and vice versa)(But my boyfriend is a newb, he's been a fan for 3 years and counting. 5. What's your favorite spartace moment(s)? What made your heart race? What made you laugh? What made you think "no way they're not dating"? +My favorite is always been the MAMA attendants. Their matching outfit, their lovely vibe. I love it. Many moments that made my heart racing, if I have to tell you one, the lovely ice pepero game although it was a complete bum, that moment surely give me a heart attack. Also, every bickering moment between them is a laugh stock. You can't denied their bickering is fun and finally, every moment that KJK and SJH denying their relationship always make me think that they are not in any relationship. (but i always have my now fiance to re-convince me) 6. What's your favorite spartace episode(s)? If you had to show a new RM fan some episodes to convince them spartace are dating, what would you show them? +My favourite would be the beginning of SA. ep 21. and the beginning i meant is the beginning of their teamwork.(and relationship LOL) . For me, to show their true closeness and interaction, I will show the off camera interaction. All the video you all compiled are more convincing, but I didn't denied the power of moment in RM which I choose the moment from 2014 above. All their interaction in RM since then are worth to believe 7. Which RM member is really the president of the spartace ship? And who's the VP and who's the treasurer? +Mr President JSJ , Mr VP Haha and the treasurer LKS 8. What's your favorite spartace fan video? +I love all the video in YT and dailymotion. all video in tagged name of SA are worthy. 9. Any spartace fanfiction recommendations? +Someone has recommend the popular fanfic like Beautiful Secret and its sequel Five words i swear to you. All SA fanfic under karinkirana tags are great and worth to read. Fadeless Memory also a nice story. And lastly, a fanfic of my Japanese friend, under the title of Shining Diamonds. not a well known name, suprisingky her storyline are great and simple but it's on hiatus and unfinished. a great story to begin with, i don't know why she no longer updating. i hope she is fine and start to update again 10. If you had to pick a song that best describes spartace, which song would you choose? +I didnt think about it, but to choose from KJK song, it will be Was So Pretty. (that's a correct title right ) 11. How would you honestly fare in a game of nametag ripping? +I don't know , 0/10 ?? So, for the ending, I appreciated the chances to bring out my opinion here. Hope you guys didn't mad and I am very sorry if any my words above hurt any you guys feeling. Hope we can be friends and yeah... great to know you guys
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