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  1. I don’t really get the political side of the story. Can someone explain a little. Who is this Mr Chai that is GJ adoptive father? Why does it feels like the the king hates LCY? Isn’t he his real son? Are LCY trying to overthrow his father? And if so why? He’s after all the only Prince left in the capital isn’t he? And the only smart on.
  2. Mo Ro Feis father namned him after buqis mother Xue fei. His mother hated it so she call him yi San i think Chang qins more a some kind of title? Not sure.
  3. I’m kind of obsessed with this drama now. Watch all episodes on Viki in three days. And now I have to wait for four days until it’s out. what drama do you guys watch in meantime?
  4. That part I didn’t understand. Can someone please explain? XH said something you learn “something something “ and then I couldn’t hear the rest he said. What did he said and why did she suddenly get up and did the shine thing? I thought Ss would do more magic fighting like moving some big sword on XH with her hand or calling the fish to attack.
  5. What can Sangsang do with her power? So far she only been playing ET. Will she get more powerful then Ningque? I’m I want to see her fight and show some power.
  6. Hello everybody! I’ve been lurking this topic for a long time now and it’s so interesting to read about all your opinions. so I decided to sign up. Just Want to say Hi! Im currently on episode 38 but I’ve seen the latest episodes just because I want to see the reunion of Ningque and Sangsang am I the only one that thinks the empress is a interesting person? I’ve been shimmering the novel but can’t figure it out. Is she good person or bad? She seems good. And what does “Richard Simmons” means?
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