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  1. @raziela you know I'm the happiest posting anything related to NingSang and my faves DiRen haha. @angelangie thanks for posting
  2. They sure look adorable together. The chemistry is definitely there and I am so excited to see them as NingSang! My babies
  3. So we can expect it to be on Netflix soon then? I'm happy to hear this because I watched the drama raw but I need subs. Lol.
  4. Hello guy. Sorry been mia. Just wanted to share the latest NingSang still with you guys. I love it!
  5. Hello. Watching this drama raw just for Yiren haha. It's nice and I like the chemistry between Qi Ying and Lu Xia. A bit behind though. Barely watched episode 13. Hoping subs will be released soon.
  6. Just noticed that. I don't know what's going on.
  7. I noticed how she was listed 4th but honestly I think she is listed like that because Haotian is an important role. After all SS is part of her. In my opinion filming 14 days doesn't equal to major screen time considering they filmed for 4 months. I think it's because YCY is so "popular" so they promote her a lot. Especially since her girl band comes from Tencent. YBY as MSS doesn't have that much screen time either if they follow the novel. I think the most important characters were Eldest bro, Jun Mo, 3rd sister, LQ and Ye Hongyu. They didn't even list them as main cast which I thought was crazy. LQ is one of the villains. I don't know what they are thinking anymore. All I ask.is for the series to end with NQ and Yiren as Haotian SS that's it. I'm not asking for much lol. If Yiren was going to completely disappear as SS then they wouldn't have her wearing the white Haotian dress as well. Right? It still gives me hope she will stay as Haotian permanently.
  8. So I was thinking about how they are going to do the whole SS/ Haotian thing on the drama. From what we can see on the teaser SS is there on the scenes with Haotian. So maybe they will show both of them in all scenes? Or alternate between them? Wondering if NQ always just sees his SS. Or maybe he just sees Haotian when she is torturing him? On some scenes SS is wearing different clothes while Haotian is in white. Then there are other scenes with both of them in white. Which makes me think that SS is there as Haotian's conscience trying come back and protecting NQ as well. Could it be that we start seeing our SS dress in white until she's starting to come back? I really hope that SS beats Haotian and that's when she returns and we get to see her as Haotian and YCY's Haotian completely disappears. What do you think? @Snow Guardian @UnniSarah @angelangie @raziela @pad-hari @kiara_bleu @thartie @epinklyn
  9. @raziela well from what I know YCY only filmed for 10-14 days. Now that doesn't mean she necessarily filmed all day. During her last 4 days of filming she was spotted site seeing so I doubt she was filming all day since she had time for that. Based on the photos I think she was just there to film when SS became Haotian and fought FuZi since Adam was there as well. I think we all love SYR and are here for her as well. I love my Didi too but you guys know that lol. Yes that is my Twitter account. I do have to deal with haters. I just try to ignore them and ne happy with my two favorites being good friends lol. Because of my account name they think I ship them. They don't get that I love Didi/SYR which is why I use DiRen. Oh well I don't owe anyone explanations haha.
  10. @raziela your welcome. Yes a little more of Sang Sang please. Yes the last person is YCY as Haotian. Can't wait for s2 full trailer
  11. @Snow Guardian Hello. Yes there was chaos for no good reason haha. Yiren and Didi are close friends and people can't accept it. Best to ignore those crazy people.
  12. Guys check this out @Snow Guardian @pad-hari @UnniSarah @angelangie @raziela
  13. Welcome to the forum @Bouhoub. Yes YCY only filmed 14 days but we don't know how many scenes she will be in. From what I've heard Yiren has always been there when YCY was filming. They may be doing a few scenes with YCY to show she looks different but maybe NQ sees her like SS all the time. Or they switch back and forth between them. Or YCY Haotian disappears completely after a few scenes and SS Haotian remains. We will have to wait and see. Honestly, it would be unwise to completely replace Yiren. Fans won't accept that kind off change imo.
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