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  1. SPARTACER QUESTIONNAIRE 1. Introduce yourself! Username and a fun fact? As much or as little as you want to say. I'm Hazim. My username is kakitido which means person who sleep all the time. Fun fact, I was born 1 year after KJK debut. I have the same height as him, I'm a gym freak and I happen to be an ameteur boxing athlete. I also went to all-boys school and my personality happen to be similar as him.(Awkward with girls) 2. How long have you been watching RM? What got you into the show? Maybe around 2013 when SNSD guested the show.(My sisters are obsessed with them.) After the first episode I watch, I immediately got hooked to it. 3. Who's your favorite RM member(s)? Has this changed over time? KJK has always been my favorite. 4. How long have you been shipping spartace? Do you believe they're dating? What convinced you? Around 2015. I don't think they're dating. 5. What's your favorite spartace moment(s)? What made your heart race? What made you laugh? What made you think "no way they're not dating"? The one where KJK push JH towards his back when a guest appeared on a platform. And also the moment when JS tease by pushing JH towards KJK. I've always loved the interaction between the two. 6. What's your favorite spartace episode(s)? If you had to show a new RM fan some episodes to convince them spartace are dating, what would you show them? The episode when KJK feel guilty after betraying JH and grab his hair furiously. And later said to change his name to Song Jong Kook. 7. Which RM member is really the president of the spartace ship? And who's the VP and who's the treasurer? JS as a president, Haha VP, JSJ the treasurer. 8. What's your favorite spartace fan video? There are so many I lost count. 9. Any spartace fan fiction recommendations? I don't read fan fiction. 10. If you had to pick a song that best describes spartace, which song would you choose? 'Words I want to say to you' by KJK and the kids. 11. How would you honestly fare in a game of nametag ripping? Even though I'm an ameteur athlete, I still train everyday. So I'm quite agile. P.S. First time to actually participate. It's nice to meet you guys!
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