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  1. I wonder if PSJ’s friends know Minyoung? They have never interacted before, right? I think love scenes between saeroy and yiseo are coming in IC, are you guys ready? I’m kinda looking forward, so we can compare what about you, guys?
  2. Hello guys, thanks to Flowerone96 I had the idea of making a list of my own of all the ParkPark moments I've bookmarked on Instagram so I can watch them all the time These are definitely my favorite moments/interactions. 1. Bed kiss This scene destroys my heart, it's just too good. Look at PMY's hand, it looks to me she wants to reach PSJ but then she holds back 2. Closet kiss I love PSJ's roaming hands , 3. Wall kiss BTS WHY IS HE DOING THAT? 4. Nose kiss Their kiss was so passionate before, but then he goes and does that, unprompted... i'm speechless 5. WWWSK conference I love the way he looks at her before she even responds, then looks to the reporters as if to see if they noticed, and then his smile listening to her answer... 6. BTS tie moment He looks at her so attentively, if a guy looked at me like that I wouldn't know how to act 7. Wall kiss scene This scene... there are no words... 8. Bed scene kisses 9. BTS chair "kiss" scene 10. Viki Interview WHY DOES SHE LOOK AT HIM LIKE THAT? 11. Beach scene BTS I love their banter so much 12. Viki interview That Viki interview is truly the gift that keeps on giving, it's just too much for me, I love it so much! I'll stop here, I went overboard already Sorry for the formatting. Please share your own favorite moments!
  3. I’ve been thinking about how PSJ has picked no romance focused projects since WWWSK, and I can’t help thinking that it’s for a special reason it’s super dumb, I totally admit and accept it, but I kinda like it specially considering that we ParkPark shippers keep fighting with Labbit shippers imagine if we had another couple for PSJ to worry about You guys think PSJ will return to romantic comedy roles again? He’s kinda transitioning into more complex stories
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