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  1. I find these types of shippers so annoying. I’m so petty that I report those comments as spam
  2. The paparazzi finally caught her at the airport! I’ve been missing her a lot, but photographers make me nervous these days, I don’t know why. I don’t want them to photograph PPC if they don’t want to be photographed.
  3. It’s sounds more serious than that though. I don’t think this person it’s talking about anything work related, but something more personal if you catch my drift I don’t know, I’ve seen fans speak like this when their favorite celebrities get into serious relationships, things like “always by your side/supporting you”.
  4. The whole description of their compatibility is so cute I miss them so much! I’m so bored waiting for MY to publish something, where is she?
  5. Oh my, I forgot about that. So maybe you guys are right, they really will announce their relationship when it’s time to formalize it. Namoo posted this: I think they’re talking about an event soon? I’m not completely sure.
  6. Of course, they definitely know better. But what I mean with the “SSC route” it’s that shippers think the next step for PPC it’s announcing their wedding as opposed to simply announce that they’re dating. SCC set a precedent, I guess, and now shippers think that’s the way it always is, when in reality that was unexpected and shocking.
  7. I know that PSJ has said he wants to get married young, but don’t you guys think that it would be logistically impossible? He’s pretty much in his peak career wise, getting married would make him lose a lot of momentum. I get that shippers are just joking, but sometimes I think they’re serious and really think PPC are going to follow the SSC route.
  8. I don’t know what your opinion is, but I personally think that PMY being touchy with their co stars behind the scenes doesn’t really mean anything. I used to be a changmin shipper because of their interactions, but we all know how nothing came out of it. And honestly? I think the same will happen with PMY and KJW (just a personal opinion, from someone that’s actually watching HPL and enjoying it). i will never stop thinking that the way PMY behaved with PSJ behind the scenes was so drastically different, so unusual of PMY, that this only brought them more attention at the end. My theory is this: if PMY and PSJ behaved with each other the same way they always do during the filming of their drama, they would have received attention, but then they would have been left alone by now. After WWWSK was over, they interviews would have asked if they we’re dating, and they could easily respond “no, just good friends” and that would have been all. I’m sure shippers would be still around, but eventually they would have disappear one by one, just like there’s no many PMY and JCW or others shippers left. We already know some shippers are impatient, some ParkPark shippers have already left because “nothing is happening”. But that’s not what happened, right? Instead, PSJ didn’t directly answer “no” to reporters asking if they’re dating, and PYM straight up said “no comment” one time, something she has never done before and doesn’t really mean “no” either. Their respective agencies are still trying to censor some content from the WWWSK dvd, for reasons they only know, which among shippers only make us speculate more and more. What I'm trying to say is ParkPark behaved in such an unusual and unexpected way, this was telling of something else going on.
  9. When you watch the behavior of shippers of a couple you don’t ship, it seems so bizarre . Seeing some of the new shippers gave me whiplash, I was trying to remember if I was that weird too, and I came to the conclusion that indeed I was, I still am . We ParkPark shippers should pay no mind, really, there’s no use. Weren’t they also some issues with the shippers of PSJ and KJW? Those fights were ugly, I will never forget how some of them insulted PMY I wouldn’t want that anything like that happened again.
  10. Thank you for your explanations, I get the picture now. As much as I enjoyed HPL, I just can’t deny that it performed below expectations, specially after WWWSK. I suppose it’s for the best that HPL is near its ending, I’ve seen some PMY and KJW shippers being weird on PMY Insta, i hate when people do that. i wonder if fans will be ruffled with PSJ new drama as well, I hope not.
  11. I just didn’t know what that list was actually measuring, and besides I have no way of knowing if HPL or PMY was heavily discussed online, I’m not korean. Alright, so solids fans are the ones saying that ParkPark shippers are jealous? Of what? I’m so sorry, don’t want to derail the conversation, I just didn’t realize there were issues between fans.
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