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  1. @liddi Many, many thanks for your detailed and helpful interpretations of this drama. Without english subs it's hard to make sense of the more complex twists. I am still wondering what happening to Ying Wuyi. He escaped after the big battle, despite the prediction that he would fall, but what became of him?
  2. These pouches seem to belong to women - mothers, wives - who give them to their husbands and/or sons. My impression is that the wool pouch belonged to NY's mother -XY observes that NY always had it with him. There's also the scene built around a letter Ning Qi receives in a pouch belonging to his mother.
  3. The blogger thefeastandthefast clarified the wool sachet exchange in a way that makes sense of that scene, as follows: She grabs the wool sachet, he looks at it for a sec then pushes it into her hand towards her chest - finally an acknowledgement of his feelings for her. This is reinforced when Zhiwei uses the sachet during court to talk about intermarriage as one solution to the Dayue problem. And in the beginning, NY uses Gu Yan'swife's sachet as way to reach him emotionally. So the gifting of these sachets seem to carry the meaning of emotional sincerity. It was as if she was asking do you mean this? Or are you just playing around?
  4. It looks to me that they like each other, which is great for their audience - their chemistry is phenomenal. The bts videos show quite a few instances of Ni Ni raining kisses on CK's face or snuggling up to him. There's one long embrace where she seems emotional and he is holding her and whispering advice, also the interview where she's moved to tears speaking of the depth of NY's and FZ's love. CK's weibo posts seem like banter; he's notoriously private about his personal life.
  5. @yshtola I guess I'm unclear that you meant by 'the actual...action.'
  6. Maybe the struggle to unify the three countries will be a thread in season2? I'm feeling quite optimistic about a second season after seeing a photo taken last week of Chen Kun and Ni Ni with one of the writers.
  7. Wait, do you think Jin Siyu actually raped FZ? I don't. He knew who she was and that Helian Zhang was at his gates - also that Ning Yi's army was close by. Crazy as he was, even he realized he'd have to 'marry' her to have his way. I agree with @skibbies that the changes in FZ's behavior and personality made sense given the enormous losses she experienced within a relatively short timeframe. Losing her mother, her brother, her country, her identity and the man she loved amounts to a devastating array of losses. Prior to her arrival at the emperor's court she was inexperienced and idealistic. Much of her strength was based on idealism, which the sequence of events after her arrival at court totally deflated. Even falling for her brother's lies makes sense, given her longing for family and a cause to believe in. All of this makes me feel certain that there will be a second season, in which FZ will rise up (like a phoenix!) and find her strength again.
  8. Love all these story lines! Let's hope some RoTP writers are reading this thread.
  9. RoTP is stronger that GoT in just about every respect I care about. The only character I feel for in GoT is Arya, whereas I find so many of the major and minor characters in RoTP compelling, because their acting is so strong. My guess is that the final season of GoT will be heavy on spectacle, with end-of-the-world type of face-offs between the Night King's evil hordes and Jon Snow and Daenerys's alliance. I'm not counting on a HEA... There are also so many more interesting plot lines in RoTP that would be good to see developed and resolved in a second season. Is Chief Gu the father of Gu Nanyi'? If so, what is GN's story and how will they find each other? What will FZ learn about her father Emperor Ai, her birth mother and her family inheritance and what impact will that have on her sense of self and her ambivalence about NY? Will she recognize and accept that Qui Mingyi was complicated and a murderer? Did Hua Qiong (?) survive her wound and will she and FZ be reunited and have an adventure together? And of course, FZ and NY must find their way back to each other and get married.
  10. The last episode of S1 promised that Gu Nanyi would save or find FZ and I see them traveling together for a while, maybe via Minhai and reuniting old friends on the way. I didn't see anything to make me think FZ and NY slept together in the harem, though, like you, I wish they had. It felt to me that they talked through their anger and reconnected with their love. When they parted, FZ's last little smile made me feel she already had plans that did not include NY. NY will throw himself into bringing order to the empire and I'd like him to have some love in his life. Maybe he'll marry Yao Yanci? I like her for him; she's smart and courageous. But I imagine she wouldn't like court life, or maybe there will be some harem drama - though that's hard to imagine given NY's principles - and they will divorce. He'll eventually abdicate, Ning Ji will become emperor and NY will go off in search of FZ. I watched Painted Skin 2, which was fun and gorgeous to look at - much better than Mulan.
  11. @skibbies S1 ended about halfway through the novel/story it's based on. The second half of the novel follows FZ and Gu Nanyi's adventures and brings FZ and NY back together again - a great story-line for S2 imo.
  12. I read ninjareflection and it gave me hope. What's the point in basing a show on a novel then stopping half-way, with lots of loose ends? The writer probably couldn't say whether or not there will be a season 2, but leaving the ending open is an old trick and indicates that the producers were keeping their options open. Netflix may well commission another season as TROTP has been an international success, though not so much in China...I'm still hoping...
  13. @sonosong The harem scene was weird...I didn't understand why NY ordered ZW to go there - he seemed shocked when she removed her robe. Did he just want to talk to her privately? I was reassured by the way scene ended, with them embracing the way they did after he proposed to her in Minhai. I felt they had rekindled their feeling for each other, even though she looked sad.
  14. @whisper1 Hi everyone, I am thrilled to find this forum...having watch RoTP twice I need to 'talk' with other fans! @whisper1, I suspect Gu Nanyi is Chief Gu's lost son. I love his character, strong, silent, gentle, yet a warrior - he's completely his own person. Chief Gu is rather like that too; he has a great deal of integrity. I want a second season partly to see how GN's story develops. Mama Qui is complicated... I think she does resent FZ somewhat, because her baby died so that FZ could live. Also that oath she demanded of FZ cannot be binding as her soul cannot rest, because she murdered the concubine Yahua.
  15. If Zhiwei fake 'dies' and comes back to life, won't that be another 'lifetime'? Also NY tells her 'don't believe what you see' so many times it seems like a motif in this show foreshadowing something major that we shouldn't believe...like Zhiwei committing suicide by jumping off a cliff.
  16. @Pollen AinneI wonder if NY was Zhuyin's lover...there's a moment when FZ asks Zhuyin about her relationship with him and she looks away and is silent for a moment before explaining that both she and NY had had difficult lives. And then later when NY asks Zhuyin about her plans for the future and suggests she should find a good man and settle down, a tear streams down her face.
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