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  1. On 12/9/2018 at 10:08 PM, bebebisous33 said:

    Out of fun, I would like to analyze the drawings presented in each episode because they can give a lot of clues about the situation of our protagonists.

    In the first episode, I took a picture of this scene because it reveals a lot about CSH.


    She is a princess living in a huge palast. However, when she is introduced, she is alone in a small pavilion next to the castle. Not only she lives far away from the commoners, she is also alone in her castle. Another observation is the size of the princess. While she is wandering alone (yellow arrow), she seems so small compared to the castle and the flying horse. All this outlines not only her powerlessness but her loneliness too. Striking is the color of that scene: this world is so dark underlining the coldness of her world. This is indeed a depressing world, however the action of the princess (leaving the castle and walking alone) reveals one positive aspect: her curiosity and her desire to get close to people. In the beginning of that scene, we saw her looking from her pavilion to the outside word. This really shows how uncomfortable she feels in that huge and cold palace. Everything appears to be so dark, yet on the other side there is this young man living in a multicolored world. After travelling, CSH is able to leave that black world behind and meets our hero on Cuba.


    Striking in this scene is the contrast between the first scene and this one. There are the sun and the moon shining, we can feel the warmth from that drawing. For CSH, this must be quite a happy experience. The other difference is the size of our characters. They are both equally "small" compared to the world (moon, tree, sea, cloud). The equity in size shows that CSH is not different from JH in wealth. Then the "princess" is not just black, there is gold and yellow on her dress. So this illustrates that she is feeling differently from before (first drawing): she is opening up and even warming up. It indicates a happy time for her too.

    credit to @Jemrie 

    In this scene, JH is much smaller than the princess CSH which outlines that their position have changed. This outlines the great gap between her social status and his. Moreover, the rich clothes and ornaments contrast with the simple clothes JH is wearing. This reinforces the great difference in wealth and social position between our protagonists. We can also observe another contrast: JH is the only one who is moving. He is free, unlike CSH who can not move because there is this castle behind her. It looks as if the castle and the princess would be only one body. You can not separate them from each other. In my opinion, our heroine is portrayed  as a imprisoned princess but from JH's perspective, she doesn't seem to be trapped as the castle is behind her.  Another interesting observation is the red shoe. Like I had mentioned it before, red is linked to blood, life and passion. By offering her a shoe, JH is bringing life and light into her "world". With a red shoe, she will feel alive again.

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    Since I have already analysed this fourth drawing in a former post, I won't repeat myself. But I posted it again for another purpose. You will find out it later. In the final drawing from the last episode, we can see another difference between the second and third picture. Our protagonists are together again, yet the distance has been reduced to the point that they are now together. Notice that on Cuba, the distance between them was huge, in the scene where he offers the red shoe, JH is already very close to CSH. He is even "speaking" to her with his gesture. While they were just facing each other (second and third picture), here they are facing their enemies. Now, they are even touching each other, JH is holding CSH's hand. What also caught my attention is that while they are looking at the snakes, it seems that they are acting together without speaking to each other. It was as if JH knew what CSH needs, just like CSH knows what she needs to do. Both are protecting each other without asking each other before.


    This drawing reveals how their relationship has changed. They are no longer strangers, rather quite intimate. Finally, I would like to point out, all these drawing have something in common: the color black. So the viewers can see that this is a rather cold world. Even on Cuba, the tree doesn't look green but dark brown and black which indicates that CSH is not able to leave this dark and cold world behind, even if she left her country/"palace". Remember that she couldn't meet JH at the cafe due to her business with the new hotel. 

    @foolmoondance @alekaonu @USAFarmgirl @icyphoenix


    very impressive. are you a writer?

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