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  1. Isn’t season 1 planned since 2017? Second season production could be lot faster. But with this huge cost and production and a lot of CG I’m guessing it will be aired in 2020
  2. I thought this ended in episode 6. There still more? Episode 6 is soo cliffhanger.
  3. Soo how it ended? Did they got together in the end? I’m kinda dont want to see another heartbreaking drama damn.
  4. So it’s really different from webtoon after all? Glad main character did ended up together. Gonna picked up again then lol.
  5. Okay hopefully the brother suddenly appeared in korea next week. Still doesn’t make it right leaving to Korea without the brother.
  6. Soo Im fine with the plot, but one thing I’m still confused is how come Hee Joo is fine not worying her brother. It’s like her brother should go home a days ago, and her mind is just Hyun Bin. Then in the preview whole family moving back to Korea. Are they gonna leave the brother just like that? still Park Shin Hye is perfect
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