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  1. LOLS! thats very likely!! is there any sites or apps that i can read the novel? i think I need it hahahaha.. i think ill need a short break from the drama... because of my high hopes, i watched all the raws just today and here got broken to the highest level ahahaahha
  2. like "chopping chicken feets" ! thanks for the laugh! ahahahha
  3. thanks!! though ive calmed a bit hahahahahhaha as a non-novel reader. and an opposing team supporter.. its been hard to accept the reality ahhahhahahhahaha!
  4. so.. in order to get rid of this heart broken feeling i should think MSS as a door that leads NQ and SS together.. instead i aggravate my feelings towards what happened in ep 48.. i should see it as an opportunity for NQ and SS to reflect with each other... thanks for this comment.. somehow.. my heart calm down hahaha *self reflecting* still even though with these roller coaster ride, as i non novel reader, i am still looking forward for ep 49 :> the turn around of things is getting real!!
  5. dang the love triangle and ships.. i was so attached to MSS ahahahhaha dang it directors! youve won!!! HAHAHAHAHAA!!!
  6. can i ask what will happen to Ms Mo after ep 48? will they go on separate ways?? huhuhh i got attached too much to MSS although i know in the novel, SS and NQ are meant to be... im.. being speechless after ive watched the raw episode of ep 48 like minutes ago... haha... dang it hurts hahahah <///3
  7. i think.. i an the sole person who likes MSS personally and ship her with NQ .. everyone hating on her?? huhuhuuuhu
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