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  1. I really enjoy this drama. Don’t care about lie as it gives a lot of fun plus this is not a real world, just drama world and chemistry between actors is really good
  2. There is something with hej brother hmmm is he really her brother by blood? Starting to have thoughts
  3. Here they are fighting like a married couple ;-D I still have hopes :-D
  4. And do we know what Ruda said to Kang? I'm not sure if I missed this part or it is something still to discover. Anyway, I hope that she told Kang that she likes BJS ;-)
  5. Not sure if this might be any guideline, but durring conference usually the "end couple" is schowing hearts together. Unfortunaltely BJH and KJH did not show hearts, but BJH showed them when on stage together with GM. So probably BJH&GM are end-game pair, or the only pair altmost till the end (Maybe Ruda will end alone). Still hope for BJH&KJH though.
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